GTKM: That Guy with a Girly Name!?

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YES! You read it right fam!

I am called Quinnie Jay from the house of Arevalo. Long time ago when my mother was pregnant, she wishes for a daughter , she did this thing called "palihi" where she ate certain food in order for me to become a female. But the ultra-sound's result wasn't what they were expecting. The doctor said " Mader naa mani dragon(tintin) nga nisiwil" translation:("Madam, there is a dragon(mini penis) between his legs"). That's when they added the "Jay" into my name. It didn't bother me at all since I think it was a unique feature of myself. Everyone calls me "nej" , "quinn" or whatever you wanna call me. But you can call me "tonight" *winks*. But don't do that because I have a girlfriend. 

If I am given a dollar every time they thought I was a woman when they first see me. I'll be damned rich. Or every time I find my list in the class and my name is listed alongside with the girls.


I am a FIL-AM. Half Filipino - Half Amazing. But for real. I am a full born Filipino. As what they've say "If a person have an English name but have Spanish surname. That's probably Filipino.". I am from a small town of Tabango , Leyte. Which is 40mins away from your beloved jewel island. The Kalanggaman.

My main goal in life is to be a well-known cinematographer/photographer/vlogger. I recently started to build my career as a cinematographer/photographer while working a 9-5 hour job. Yes , I am for hire for a lowcost or for FREE! And I am not kidding well as of now though. Just feed me and pay for my fare.

 I will do my best to produce quality content as I still am practicing. :P I believe that if you are willing to follow your passion. Money will come along. But for real though , you can hire me for a low-cost price.

You can contact me here:


Email: [email protected]

No twitter because that's where I post my embarrassing tweets about heartbreaks and stuff.

How the heck did you find steemit Quinn?

Well thanks to @

She's the girl that has opposite name as mine because her name is "Arman" . I happened to be glancing at her screen while I was testing with my teammates. Then I asked, "What is that?" and the rest is history. I was inspired to share my experience in travel and the love of food, while being rewarded!?!?!? I mean come on , who doesn't want that. I get the chance to know many people in this platform. This might be the best thing that will happen to me in 2018.

Now tell me about yourself too :)


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I never thought you're that witty story teller @nejarevalo!

I'd probably be rich by now, too if I would receive a dollar for every person who'd expect that I am a boy before they see me in person. HAHAH Cheers! Hope you'd enjoy it here, and probably you would. HAHHAHA!!

Cheers for our awesome name fam! Hahahahaha. Also , thanks for introducing me in this platform.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ka funny nimo oy! Welcome to Steemit Quinn!!!!!

Thanks ate! Hahaha.

hahah welcome enjoy dri!

Welcome aboard and hello from the United States.

Thanks! I can't wait for some new experience!

Welcome, welcome! Can't wait to read more, I like your writing style :)

Thank you for appreciating! That is a big help for a beginner like I am.

HAHAHHA! Quinnie Ann ug Arman Jay! Pag exchange na lang mi @namranna. Hahaha! Welcome jay!


HAHAHAHAHAH But I love my name, too 😂

Yeah i love it too! It sounds unique for a chick like you chareeeeet

Hahahaha naanad naman kos akong name. Mahal raba pa change name sa abogado :D

Welcome aboard @nejarevalo, just keep steeming!

Thanks! Can't wait to read yours as well! :)

hahahaha. cge lag kog katawa. hahahaha. kaluoy sa arman uy hahaha @namranna.. anyway, welcome to steemit bro!

Hahahahaha lage @fojrance, mayng pagka opposite

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