Hello steemit. Let' me my introducen to day


halo steemit.com introduce my name muhammad fitrah i was born on 27 / 11.1997

i was born in indonesia-aceh
my current position is as a student who is in polytechnic lhokseumawe

on this campus I majored in electrical engineering
I am the first child of 6 siblings

so many of my thanks

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Hello Muhammad :) Are you good in electronics? If you have some time - say - would you consider making network of followers and upvoters with me? If yes, please write how many minutes a day you have for steemit and I will put you in an certain group accordingly. It will take few days probably as I am new, but you can do the same.

hello fitrah selamat bergabung di steemit ya semoga karirmu mantap nanti kedepanya

Awesome! I can see that this is a recent account so I wanted to make this post. Have one upvote from me and I hope to read more from you in the future!
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