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Welcome to the Mr. Freedom Ninja Steemit blog!

Just call me Mr. Freedom Ninja, but if you keep reading over time I may remove my mask and reveal myself to my readers. For the time being I'll keep the 'ol Mr. Freedom Ninja mask on since I have another job and want to keep this personal endeavor under wraps for now. So, I live in the Big Ol' Great State of Texas with my wonderful wife and am the father of two great gals who currently are in their 20's.

Where to begin...well, I'll actually just start at the beginning. I was born in Oregon in 1972 and stayed there until I entered the US Navy at 17 years old in 1990. With the Navy, I studied nuclear and mechanical engineering and then served aboard a Los Angeles fast attack submarine for about four years. It might be fun to go into further detail about my duty on a submarine, but then black helicopters might come for both of let us just skip those details for now :P.

When I finally got out of the Navy in 1996 it was at the beginning of the crazy internet boom and I quickly found myself working for Hewlett-Packard at their Corvallis, Oregon campus. I ended up working for them for 12 years until the economy went "BOOM!" and I took a paid layoff with hundreds of other people. I quickly decided get an intro into the legal world by completing a two-year associates degree as legal assistant with eyes on going to law school if I liked the field. As it turns out, fate had other things in store for me and I entered into the insurance industry in my father's insurance agency. Needless to say I have worked in that industry ever since and even though it is a good and solid field I have been personally looking to find outlet to pursue some of my passions.

This Steemit blog and my new MrFreedomNinja website, at, is that something...that project or outlet that I have thought of for quite a while. You see, I love to teach and love nerdy topics like money management, philosophy, and organization processes. As a seeker of knowledge and lover of learning, a philomath (Google that's a good one) I guess, what I realize is that all of us need improvement and help improving our lot in life.

So, this Steemit blog and my MrFreedomNinja website will chronicle my journey to explore new tools and methods to help me in life, share what I already know, and try to condense, organize, and share that information with you, the reader of this blog, in a helpful and hopefully easy way. We are going to Find More Time, Money, and Freedom in your and my life...together.


Mr. Freedom Ninja

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Welcome Mr. Freedom Ninja

Welcome to steemit mrfreedomninja. Best of luck to you!

Hello :) from South Korea.
Nice to meet you!
I hope i can make global friendship with you as Mutual followers
I just follow you :)
my introduceyourself
Thank you ^^
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Thank you good sir!

Very good introduction. Welcome.

Thanks cryptofig

Welcome! Greeting from South Korea! I am new to steem as well. Lets enjoy steem world together! Will you be my friend? I will follow you~
I will see you around!

Welcome and thank you!

Hello Mr.Freedom Ninja! Welcome and goodluck :)


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