Welcome to my introduction post. I am very excited to be here and share my story with you 😁🌍

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Hey Steemit community!

Sunny summer day in Helsinki calls for standing paddling.


I am @mrclave71 but you can call me Marco , a 28 years old Business Psychologist student from Italy but I was born in Germany and for the past 11 years I have lived in Finland. It took me some time to create my profile and start my own personal blog that I, want to share with you. A big thank you to @redtravels who has introduced me to this platform and has told me how great and supportive this community is. I have grown to very much dislike the monotony of the current social media platforms, but Steemit brings a fresh new air of innovation where people care about the community.

As mentioned before, I lived 11 years in Finland but currently I am back in Germany to complete my double bachelor’s degree in business psychology. So, what can you expect from my blog? Well, I want to share my personal experience from three different countries I have lived in and show you all the beauties they possess. Furthermore, I want to also share my love for sports, psychology and of course innovation like the blockchain, in other words my interests are quite diverse.

Kickboxing is my passion when it comes to sports and I am usually there when I am not in University.


I also very much like photography, but I am nowhere close to some of the people here when it comes to taking pictures. I do enjoy capturing a beautiful moment. That being said, I will share pictures I have taken while traveling.

On a little side note, I have a cute cat called Leo and occasionally I shall post videos or pictures of his adventures too as he is quite the funny character.


Thank you for letting me be part of this great community
Looking forward to a good time.

P.s: Falls interesse besteht kann Ich ja das ganze auch auf Deutsch schreiben in der Zukunft :).

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Thank you! Excited to be part of the Steemit community and thank you for your input. Great video btw, very informative. Maybe we shall face off in steemmonsters someday 😝


Hello! Thank you very much.
Looking forward to have fun and be part of the steemit community.

Oh my goodness! I love that your cat is taking a selfie! Haha. I laughed so hard at this.

Anyway, welcome to the world of SteemIt. We have a lot of great photographers here on the blockchain, but I don't think there are many who do sports. I can't wait to see what you have for us!

One of the things that will help you grow here in the world of SteemIt is to remember that community is the reason this is such an amazing place to be. To get involved in that community you want to read what everyone is writing and you want to comment, sincerely comment on what you have read. This helps to get your name out there and helps people get to know you in addition to your blog posts and videos. Comment, comment, comment is what we encourage to grow in this community. However, being new you probably have a low Steem Power (SP) which means you will have a voting power and low resource credits. (You can find that information here: https://steemd.com/@yournameHERE). The key is, while you are so low in SP, to keep your Resource Credit number to about 80%. Here's a great article by @welcomewagon to explain why: https://steemit.com/welcomewagon/@welcomewagon/80-why-you-need-to-know-it

The same is with your voting power. If you are like we were when we began, we thought the "upvote" was like Facebook's "like" button. It is, but it holds a lot more weight because you are actually paying someone Steem (money) for their work. Because of that, you don't want to push the vote button for every post you read; only vote if it really is good quality and content you truly enjoyed. Here is a video by @sethlinson that might help explain it a bit better:

We hope this helps you get around easier. You are always welcomed to ask us questions and if we don't know the answer, we will get you to someone who can. Welcome to the SteemIt Community and can't wait to see what you have in store for us all!

First of all thank you. The guide will surely help me on how to use my votes wisely as you mentioned. Yeah, my cat is a funny character :D. I really appreciate your help, so thank you again.
I will try to post as much as I can when I can. Yes there are some great photographers in this community.

Looking forward to be part of the community.
Have a nice day.


Some of the tags you might want to use are things like #photographyfeed and #photographycircle. If you are doing any photos that deal with a place, take a look at @steemitworldmap. You go to https://www.steemitworldmap.com/ and find the place the photo was taken. Then click "code" at the bottom of the page. You will click the location and a bit of code will come up. Highlight and copy that code, then put it in your post (make sure to have an empty line above and click enter twice). It should not show up in your posted post and will show up on the map! It's amazing how addicting it is. Most of the Oklahoma photos are from us so far. haha.

Also, there are a lot of photography contests you might enjoy posting. @swmchallenge and @travelfeed (this one if for travel and landscape photography)

Good luck!


Thank you very much for the guidance. I shall try my best


I do hope it works out for you! If you ever have any questions, let us know.


Danke! Freue mich jetzt schon ein Teil der community zu sein :)

Hallo @mrclave71, herzlich willkommen auf Steemit.

Wenn Du Fragen zu Steemit hast, oder Dich mit anderen „Steemians“ austauschen magst, schau einfach mal auf unserem Discord-Chat unter https://discord.gg/g6ktN45 vorbei. Mehr Informationen über den deutschsprachigen Discord-Chat findest Du in diesem Beitrag.

Wenn fehlende 'Ressource Credits' (kurz 'RC') verhindern, daß du auf Steemit vernünftig interagieren kannst, dann melde Dich einfach mit einer kurzen Beschreibung oder Bewerbung im Channel #Delegationsbewerbung des oben genannten D-A-CH Discord. Dort werden eventuelle Unterstützer schneller auf Dich aufmerksam.

Wenn Du auf Deutsch schreibst, verwende immer #deutsch als einen der 5 Hashtags, um Deine Reichweite zu erhöhen.

Unter dem folgenden Link findest Du einige Anleitungen, die Dir den Einstieg in das Steem-Universum deutlich erleichtern werden: Deutschsprachige Tutorials für Steemit-Neulinge: Ein Überblick


Hallo. Danke für die Tipps. Werde sicherlich die Tage bei discord vorbei schauen.

Freue mich jetzt schon ein Teil der community zu sein.

welcome to Steemit, Marco! Your introduction post is really great! :)


Hey thank you. More to come in the future:)

welcome!!!...i'm actually new myself but i'm sure you will have fun here ;)...was never in germany but i speak the language...also sag ich es auch auf deutsch..willkommen!!! ;)


Dankeschön! I am sure this community will be fun. Naja, Sprachen zu sprechen ist immer ein plus :D


hast recht..um erlich zu sein ich konnte schon deutsch bevor ich richtig meine eigene sprache konnte :D...viel spass bei steemit und ich wünsche dir nen schönen tag!! ;)

Hallo Marco!

Falls interesse besteht kann Ich ja das ganze auch auf Deutsch schreiben in der Zukunft :)

Kleiner Tipp zum Einstieg: Die deutsche/D-A-CH-Community ist sehr groß, auf Englisch hast du aber natürlich mehr Reichweite. Du musst dir also wohl selbst überlegen, wie es für dich am einfachsten handzuhaben ist! (;

In jedem Fall: Willkommen an Board! Hab viel Spaß und eine lehrreiche Zeit! (:

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Hi Marco, herzlich Willkommen und viel Spaß auf Steemit. Liebe Grüße Alexa


Vielen Danke.
Schönen Tag dir noch.


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Thank you!

Welcome to steemit @mrclave71.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

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Thank you very much. Nice being part of the community

Hallo und willkommen Marco,

hier findest du eine kleine Einstiegshilfe.

Beste Grüße und viel Erfolg.


Vielen dank und dankeschön :)

Welcome and enjoy, Marco.


Enjoyment is part of my daily philosophy :) and thank you.

¡Bienvenido! Muy lindo tu gato, pareciera que se toma el mismo una selfie...


Grazie:). My spanish is a bit rusty but yes Leo the cat is super handsome haha and yeah he appreciates technology, hence the selfie :P

Hi mrclave,

This is a lovely introductory post, Thank you for taking the time to write the post and say hello to the community!

I am here to help!

I would encourage you to keep posting and comment on others users content to help make a name for yourself and to get the most out of the platform!

Feel free to comment on my content and I'll up vote your comments! Drop me a follow so you can comment a lot and get a lot of my upvotes!

I have upvoted your post!

@charitycurator :)


Thank you! Great to be part of the community!

Nice to meet you


Nice to meet you too sir :)

nice to meet you marco, I've follow you.
don't forget to follow me back, let's reach 10K followers together marco hahaha,

Willkommen bei Steemit! Ich werde dir wegen Leo folgen ...


Danke. Der Leo is echt ein süßer. Werde in den kommenden Tagen ein post über Leo machen.


We'll be standing by for that... thanks...


aww cute. Yes in the coming days, I shall make about post about Leo.

Hi @mrclave71, Welcome to Steemit
I hope to see your Kickboxing match
Please send my greetings to Leo :)
Currently I & my friend are supporting for the Planktons by our small upvote. You may like it, check my support here & my friend here.
Wish you success with Steemit


Thank you. Really glad to be part of this vibrant community. My kickboxing match will be unfortunately next year only but patience is a virtue :P. He shall receive your greetings.

Have a nice day.


I have waitable as long as you post it on Steemit my friend! :)

Moin Marco, willkommen bei Steemit 👋🏼

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Sers, danke!

Welcome! It seems you have many interesting things to share with us. That would be nice!

Welcome to steemit 100% my voto @rubicoint


Thank you! :) Glad to be here

Very nice introduction post and your cat is gorgeous :)


Thank you. Yeah he truly is :)