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I'm your host @reseller

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Hey @reseller! Thank you so much. I love what I do, and love sharing what I do. I appreciate you featuring me today. Be well.

Have fun in California man! It has been getting cold the last few nights!

Yeah it is 37° now. A bit chilly haha

Wow, haha... Hi @reseller, I was looking at your work and decided to view your profile. I'm Repollo, a Hispanic project... But, there is no obstacle, we want support from people like you to deliver better rewards. We have memberships that allow you to always receive our upvotes, thanks to our Trail with more than 145 users and our 6600 SP... If you want, we can talk in Discord. (Our community has more than 1400 members and we have a Steem Monster Chat)

Sounds cool. Good luck to your project!

I think I'm going to try to go to the steem creators conference in April? How about you?

Yeah, I'm suppose to speak. I'm not much for speaking to be honest!

Give me a script and I'll speak for you. lol

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3rd times the charm. Haha you are such a Dad, it is unBEARable. The puns that must fly at your dinner table lol. Yeah I was going to say, I think the phrase is, "Everything that goes up, must come down."

Today I was a mess, thanks for stopping by. I hope all is getting better in your neck of the woods.

The air is still terrible even tho it looks ok, fires are out near me. South of me not so much.

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@reseller, deep and interest work as always man. You are like the notices here in Dtube and steemit for me, after watch your video i feel pretty well inform for all the day. Thanks for that work i really appreciate that.

Take care of the fire bro, and have a nice week.

Peace and love to you


Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it. Peace and Love to you also.

Hello buddy, such a good thing what dtube is doing, but i think do miss the art section, because i post daily art videos and i don't see any comment or encouraging from anyone :(