Hi Steemians! Let's begin the journey!! :)

I’d like to introduce myself:

My name is Mauro and actually 31 yr old. Since last year I'm a member of the amazing crypto community :-)
The conclusion of course is... be a member of Steemit!

I was born 1986 in Portugal, but I live and work in Germany since many years. Of course, I'm proud to be from this small european country with football-star Cristiano Ronaldo #CR7 or Luis Figo ... the love to my roots is at any time there ;-) ... and so I spend holidays in Portugal as much as I can !

I work as a hardware developer in the nice Black Forest in Germany - the name of the company is #Dunkermotoren:
"Dunkermotoren offers innovative, economic and high-quality drive technology from 1 up to 2600 Watts output power."
The short version: we integrate the whole electronics into the motor for a compact and efficient design. Dunkermotoren is the biggest part within #AMETEK group. We offer a wide diversity of motors, gears, brakes, encoders, etc. which you can combine together.

On Steemit, I will share some interesting things about Crypto, but I want also share with you some posts with nice moments/pictures from my holiday trips and other occassions. The posts will be mainly held in english, but german and portuguese is also possible.

If you wish some more information about holidays in Portugal or Germany, you're welcome to ask me :)

Sand City in Portugal... http://www.fiesa.org/

I wish all the best for Steemit and its users!

Please support me ... and follow me on Steemit :-)


Hello @mdmrecords! Welcome to Steemit and good luck!!

@mdmrecords, congratulations on making your first post! I gave you a $.05 vote!
Will you give me a follow? I'll follow you back in return!

Welcome to Steemit @mdmrecords!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

Yes, I love Crpto too! Lots of detailed analysis on my blog along with some predictions

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Hello and welcome to Steemit! :)

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Hello @mdmrecords, I really appreciate that how much people effort to develop an impressive intro blog on steemit. thats really great. i refer to your blog in my post. please have a look and give me feedback that how you like about my post?

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Hello Mauro !! welcome to steemit!
I'm glad to see your interest in football and its stars!!
in the world cup of 2018 which we are ahead of it in less than 50 days! our teams will have a match! Iran vs Portugal . A repetitive match. because as you may know we had a match in 2006 world cup of Germany. Which finished with a 2-0 wining for Portugal! Young CR7 ( was 21) and Deco scored for Portugal..

I hope we do better this time :-)))))
keep in touch bro, I will follow you and your posts, we will talk much more about football if you don't mind :-)

furthermore I'm embedded designer in a manufacturing company R&D section, so we have another common issue to talk. about electronics!!


yes! Iran will play again against Portugal ;) one of my colleagues is also from iran, so he will look it with me in TV :D we will see how it will be next game ... the last game is some years ago, new teams, new chance!

i love this guys...

source: https://www.soccerladuma.co.za/news/articles/international/categories/messi-ronaldo-neymar-watch-1/luis-figo-cristiano-ronaldo-is-replaceable-at-real-madrid/271786

where do you work and what are your tasks there?

Ohh so you're kinda familiar with Iranian people 😁 yeaa CR7 is great and it would be a fantastic game against him ;) and the Portugal team which Figo used to play in, was the golden generation of Portugal.

I work in Faradid Afzar company, It's a mass productor company. It designs and produces home appliance PCB circuits. Such as Hood , Oven, Autolighting and etc.
I'm an embedded designer in R&D section. I design PCBs and writr C codes and program microcontrollers!

here is the link > Faradid Afzar


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