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RE: Steem Ninja: Account Sign UPs With Credit Card & Referral Reward System!

Awesome tool, I will check it out. Probably off topic, but I would also like to see a feature or interface where large SP holders can claim new accounts with the new RC system. Are there any plans in establishing such a feature in the future?

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Check out from @pharesim

Thats right! on you are able to claim the Accounts and Invite new User with E-Mail / Link to join the Blockchain.

Great thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out!

The below is for your account. Don't click the link as it is missing the []'s when you do that. Copy and paste into the browser. This is what I use, it fails when you don't have enough RC's and so don't worry about draining them all.[]

When using this line of code, does it use up your RC temporarily and then the RC regenerates so that ultimately the new account costs nothing? I suppose the recovery contact is then the person creating the new account?

Try it and watch or somewhere where you can see your RCs :)

The transaction will fail if you don't have enough.

+1 is added to a field next to your account called pending_account_claims

I suppose the recovery contact is then the person creating the new account?

Yes I believe so, looking at the accounts created via a claim token.

Trying it without knowing exactly how many RC are required is rather dangerous. It could take a week to recover if my RC is exactly the amount taken away. I can't miss even a day because people rely on my responses to my games.

By the way, you can also claim accounts through Steemworld's interface.

Today it costs about 10 gazillion SP, and it needs to be your account, not delegated and so you are 60% short.

If your RCs went to 0, it would take a couple of minutes before you could comment again - words are cheap, apparently :)

Yes i have seen, steemchiller is working on keychain and steemconnect authentication. when (which could be now as I have not checked) that's in place, i shall give it a go :)

OK, thanks for that information.

Keychain has been in place for probably over a week. Steemconnect before that.

After reading the linked page, I think I may have got the order backwards; and my guess of time is terrible.

abh12345 had a post ages ago where he gives the info and link for doing it in seconds. Just search it out and you will be able to do it quick and easy.

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Hi :) You can use to claim accounts with RC :)

Thanks for that, had same question for long time already!

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Thanks for that, had same question for long time already!

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Not sure if Steemworld uses SteemConnect, try this:[]

Copy and paste the link into the browser (when clicked it doesn't include the []'s)

Good luck!

Hey, thanks!! I did the suggested and get "operation succeeded". That seems to be it, what is the next step? Did i have to put the new account name between the brackets or something?

No worries :)

This is just a placeholder for a new account.

I've not seen a method that you can then create them via SteemConnect, but there are numerous other options.

@pharesim runs steeminvite, which looks a good option:

Cheers :)

Oh cool didn't know that. I will check it out!


thanks for your feedback! It's highly appreciated. We will soon integrate an option to buy gift codes for accounts. You can then give this gift code to a friend.

That sounds awesome!