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Non-Fiction Life & Times of a Fiction Writer

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Hello Steemies! I’m Marianne, writing in Wellington, New Zealand. A fellow Steemer, AKA Sift has been encouraging me to do some blogging on Steemit for many months - poking me with a stick, actually.


My friend @kiwideb’s posts have been great and also encouraged me, as well as her sister’s, @andysantics48. I kept telling Sift if I had any ideas for short pieces I’d have a crack, and now I do, so here I go. Recently, I had The Worst Date, To Date, which will be ready to Steem soon. Another half a dozen things I mentioned in that story are likely posts of their own.

Along with the stick, Sift added the carrot of earning crypto.


If you know Sift, you’ll see we often disagree. He knows I think he’s full of shit on some stuff, but we’ve worked hard on some important things together over many years, so he’s still my pal :)


I spend my writing time working on my Young Adult fiction series, and earn a living as a natural health practitioner. I’m interested in society, history, health, food, politics & especially food politics. I’ve been ketogenic for over a year now and my health has never been better. My hypoglycemia is gone and my insulin issues are the thing of the past, as evidenced partly with a comfortable 20 kilo weight loss.

I love reading historical fiction, listening to & playing music, great TV series, playing Bananagrams, & the pub quiz, where I like to think I…


I’m also a huge fan of Halloween, it’s a little bit Halloween in our flat year-round.

Witch Family Portrait 2.jpg

Last Halloween was the best one I’ve had in New Zealand because it fell on pub quiz night (two of my favourite things combined!) and the quiz regulars dressed up. New Zealand is a bit new to Halloween & most Kiwis are old-school about costumes, so this was the first time I’ve ever bewitched. This awesome girl sums up my feelings about Halloween:

"It's always Halloween... in my soul."

Please forgive my pot luck of expressions, terms & spellings. I lived in the US for the first half of my life and England, Scotland & New Zealand the second half of my life, so words & terms from all around get in the mix and I often don’t notice if I spell or say something incongruously.

This joke face-plants if you’re in places where it’s called an aubergine.
ps I just discovered that Word’s spellcheck doesn’t think aubergine is a word.
Infer what you will, you people who drive on the left side of the road.

An example of my fruit salad vocabulary was when my friends in different countries started having babies several years back. I could never remember who was shopping for buggies, prams or push chairs.

Below are some possible future blog topics that came up while writing The Worst Date, To Date.

Dating: Tech, Organically Natural, Old School, or Steampunk?
“Semi-Vegetarian” Pick A Lane!
Male Facial Hair is Political & Potentially Sexy
International Flat Sharing: Decades of Food & Language Hilarity
Leg Length Difference and Spischial Shoes: Own Shoe Glue, Will Carry Everywhere
MANY men showing online profiles of their interest in only women younger than themselves

Looking forward to surfing & Steeming with you more!

Image credits:

Marianne Yardley cover image: my own photo
Poking lava with a stick:
Poking Bitcoin with a stick:
I sift through that shit:
Halloween at the pub quiz: my own photo
"It’s always Halloween in my soul" youtube
Prams & buggies:
& Strollers:

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Hi, how are you @marianneyardley? Welcome to steemit anyway I find your introduction interesting and I know writing fiction stories was your passion before and now you have the chance to give it a life and form those ideas again and start writing. =)


Thanks @purepinay! Yes, looking forward to more writing of a kind I haven't done in a long time :)

Welcome to Steemit @marianneyardley!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

Yes, I love Crpto too! Lots of detailed analysis on my blog along with some predictions

Here are some links you might find useful.
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Let me know if I can help.
Many blessings! @bycoleman


thanks very much, @bycoleman! :)


You're very welcome.

BTW: We have a huge writing contest on our blog ... Non fiction, right down your alley.


Oh awesome, @bycoleman! will check it out! Thanks :)

Marianne! Welcome! Great to read about someone so interesting here on steemit. Enjoy this platform!


Thanks very much @yasminep! :)

Welcome to Steemit, and have fun!


Thanks so much @kiwideb , matey!


Oh yes, welcome!
Please do come and join us in the keewee Discord channel crosses fingers. You could bring your eggplant and sit it next to the aubergines. They would have a lot to talk about.
I also love historical fiction, and steampunk. I could introduce you to a wonderful steampunk-related game on Steemit.

The way tech is developing you may well be shopping for Segways for those babies. :D


Thanks very much @ravenruis! Will check you guys out. Will bring a mixed bag of goodies to share. Looking forward to punking some steem witcha :D


Oh, delightful! I shall set out the table with tea & fresh scones. :D

Well hello there @marianneyardley it's certainly good to have you here :) Looks like you are lvl. 10 memester too :P


Aw shucks and thanks @cryptonik :)


"But it goes to 11..."

Have you been sifting again?

You know there are freaks on Steemit?


Yeah, sifting through freak shit, man.2018-02-20_180911.jpg

(Freak Show at Great Dorset Steam Fair) @sift666

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Thanks very much @teamnz and @cryptolink! :)

Welcome to Steemit,
Great to have more Kiwis dropping in.


you'r welcome 😊

I missed your intro post - how is that possible!!! I will do better in future :)


No worries @andysantics! I'm sure you're busy on the farm! :D