Magic Steemit Money… or how I became a professional author from a single blog post

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Dear Steemit,

Hey! It’s been awhile. It’s me, MadBitcoins again. Still rocking the bitcoins. Enjoyed the ride and while not in a position to buy the dip, I am certainly enduring it. But that’s not what I’m here to talk to you about today. Today I’m here to talk to you about Steemit, why I’m choosing it over Medium for my future blog posts and how I accidentally continue to get paid for a single steemit post I wrote years ago.

A few years ago I wrote a “Hi Steemit” type blog post. I told you about what I’d been up to in the crypto-youtube scene, told you some of my heroic history and tried to fill you in on the amazing backstory behind MadBitcoins, truly one of the most prolific and prescient characters in all of crypto-youtube and even youtube history. And to “Say Hi to Steemit”. Sure I’d seen some of my friends doing it, to great acclaim, and I figured, sure -- why the heck not. (later my friend Jackson Palmer would follow suit, and would have so much success that he donated the funds for a massive Dogecoin/Steemit Party at 20 Mission in San Francisco.)

So I wrote the post. Full disclosure, I had blogged before (class of ‘97, learned HTML in ‘95, websites better recognize, byatch) so it was no big deal to pound out a post, put in a few pictures, videos and links, read it two or three times to make sure it was perfect and pow -- another blog in the can.

The response, however -- was amazing. The original post generated more than $14,000 in “Steem” and I of course, immediately sold half. Getting paid for a blog post was amazing, but I was sure that it was a fluke. Future posts seemed to confirm this belief as I never could seem to hit that home run again and while I did have a steady stream of singles, eventually I lost interest and went back to making YouTube videos, which is still pretty much what I do most days.

But my steemit money, well it just sat there. And yes, I guess the record shows I was pretty diligent at transferring it. As it turns out I’m not the type to leave a non-empty account. Everyone always tells me these stories about finding old wallets full of Bitcoin or twenty ethereum in an ancient trading account, but it never happens to me. I’m Mr. Clean it seems (for better or for worse, as many have maintained fantastic gains by accidentally holding (leaving some extra bitcoin and litecoin on an old computer could even save the profitability of your mining operation -- depending on when you choose to crack it open and if-- you remember). But not for me. I always empty out my accounts. However with Steemit, I couldn’t do it. I was locked in. I had to hold. (sure I guess since then, they’ve changed the rules, and maybe I could have restarted my transfer at some point and claimed all the money, but I’m telling a story here) So hold I did. When it started, I think Steemit post paid me around $50 a week. It was pretty sweet. But within a few months it had gone down and I was getting $20 and soon lower. More like $5. It was hardly worth checking. Cool, but not as cool. I tried posting about some of my YouTube videos and livestream events, but Steemit just doesn’t seem to dig video as much as I do. They want long form writing. Serious content, like the stuff you find on Medium and I -- well -- I was busy making YouTube videos.

But now I’ve got some time off from traveling and started writing again. And I thought, where am I going to post those book columns? Where can I blog again? First off, I didn’t really want to self host and be in charge. I don’t want to re-open the ball of wax that I should really be focused on reworking my old database structure, writing some PHP/mysql and importing my archives so that everybody could see the old stuff. I want to be focused on writing the new stuff. Sure, if I can figure out a way to import some of the old archives, that’d be fun -- but really it’s about the new stuff. It’s about getting back into the practice of writing instead of just being focused on the practice of making YouTube videos. It’s time to be a triple threat. Writing -- Reading -- Making YouTube Videos.

So for those of you who are looking for a moral in this post, don’t ask for one. I’m not here to comment on the economics of steem or why it’s working now or might not work in the future or what it all means. For now, let’s just rely on the quotations of Samuel Clemens who you might better know as Mark Twain who said “I’d never get in a fight with someone who buys their ink by the barrelful”. That is to say as I think Charles Dickens would have said, “If you’ve got a sucker who’s willing to pay by the word, I can make this thing a little bit longer and make maybe just a little bit more.” And he said that often.

I was going to surprise you with finished work, but the true spoiler and announcement here is that I’m re-launching my epic monthly book column - Things I am reading -- right here on Steemit, instead of Medium, because in the words of Krusty the Clown, “you drove a dump truck full of money up to my house. A dump truck.” and because Medium is cold and unfeeling and I think at Steemit, people might actually read my words, comment and maybe even check out some of the books for themselves. Hell, it’s the internet, maybe you already read the book or would find the book article on purpose by searching for it by word on Google. That’s the only way you can search on Google! By the word. Well maybe voice and stuff too, because this is the future. Anyway. Thank you for your kind attention. Please keep on Bitcoining, Happy Steeming and catch me on YouTube at the World Crypto Network and MadBitcoins.

Book column launching soon in this space -- please “follow/subscribe” as I continue to work on my backlog from failing to write the book column last year, which I am so far behind on I might start publishing as daily updates.

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Hey, where you been? I remember all those cool videos years ago. Wellcome back to steemit !

So this DIP is still "no-no" for you ? Wise man !


you mean where he called steem a scam?


I've already called the bottom on my page this was 2 days ago so it looks like we're pretty much on my green line now. :D


So may go slightly lower... small thing that's why we ladder


when are you buying


Looking at casting some buy ladders now if coinbase/GDAX would let me upload my ID


Use Gemini to buy bitcoin. They dont charge Extra fees like coinbase does,"international pos fee" from great britain, where they relocated their payment processing system.516b6a0c.jpg


But I want to use £'s not $'s have looked at coinfloor but I'm not so sure and that's why I say gdax/coinbase as I would make the buy on GDAX as I don't need to be overcharged just to easily and instantly fill the order.


Merhaba benim paylaştığımı beğenirmisin ?


Sweet post thanks for sharing..


Intraday testing trendline from march 2017. Maybe pullback, maybe BTC wins it back. We have to wait until end of day or better end of the week :)



i think its starting to gain some support. time will tell! i just keep putting in a little more :)


time to buy soon...


sometimes i feel happy. sometimes sad .. hahahah
the pain of playing bitcoin!



Welcome back. Try Dtube - maybe it makes easier to break away from youtube :)

Really good to see you back!

Looks like your steemit slump is over! All it takes is the right attitude, skill set and diligence and you’ve got a winner. Looking forward to seeing more from you! Thanks for the return!

Welcome back to Steemit. To be honest I have never ever seen a single post reach this high levels before - but it is interesting to see what is possible. Luck and talent in combination are probably what is needed.

Ey!!!! you cant post your videos on a decentralized steem youtube

Welcome back, Kotter.

Glad to hear you’re back man!

Welcome back!


I'll be here waiting on that book column announcement ! Don't make me come looking for you...haha..

ps. I scoured the net looking for Krusty and that dump truck...hope this made you laugh...


It was in the Camp Krusty episode... he describes it in shame explaing why he made the camp so bad for the kids. Then they go to Tijuana! The happiest place on earth. :)

wellcome back dude,

Well welcome back, again and congrats!! Holy smokes! I didn’t even know Stremit could dish out rewardsikw that.😲🙌🏼📈 This post gave me a lot of hope and you have a new follower.🤝🤩 I wish you all the best and keep knocking it out of the park!


i know right?! im alway so flabbergasted when i hear about someone making hundreds of dollars off of one post! and doing it over and over - so nuts! definite steeemit dreams for someone who loves producing content. i want a steemit-meets-instagram type of platform - that would be a dream for a visual person and designer like me :)

Welcome back :-)

That's awesome Thomas - Glad you're on Steemit and making some bucks you deserve it! welcome! - Also wish I was popular like you I'm making chump change hahah! - BTW excited for the next Call-In Show!

Awesome man, I've been watching you on youtube for a long time. Glad to see more of your content on here. Followed, Upvoted, and Resteemed!

Hey Mr. @madbitcoins, I still have fond memories of your crazy hat and glasses, and The Bitcoin Show. Actually, I've always found that Steemit is quite receptive to videos, even before DTube. It's just that you generally have to accompany the videos with a little write-up - even 300 words makes all the difference. I'm not sure if it's an SEO thing or just a question of taste.

I am glad that a long-term advocate such as yourself found a way to make money with crypto, in whatever form. Good luck on your return to Steemit.


is there a science or strategy to post writing on steemit? like you mentioned 300 words - do longer posts tend to get more visibility? and i wonder if thats the platform doing that or just that people are more interested in longer form content here. so interesting....


I think the strategy is, post cool stuff as often as you can, make friends and promote it.

In terms of algorithms, I don't think longer posts get more visibility. More popular posts definitely get visibility.


hahah yes popularity equates to visibility for sure, which is why its harder as a newbie starting out ;p

a lot of my posts dont get any views at all - but i think thats part of starting out new right now. im just focusing on being authentic, writing quality posts, and sharing myself honestly in the community - i think eventually that will build meaningful connections and hopefully make good in strategy of growth as well. but if it doesnt - cest la vie. im here to learn and have fun :)


Get onto some Discord servers, make some friends and share some of your work. You can also use other social media, make a Facebook page, a YouTube channel and so on.


i just learned about discord and joined yesterday! so beginning the journey :) do you mean make a facebook page and youtube thats linked only for steemit purposes? i posted my first youtube video for a steemit openmic that i participated in this week - but just used my regular youtube account ( i barely ever use it). hope im not doing it the wrong way!

thanks for the tips - its because of members like you that newbies like me dont fizzle out from boredom/no interaction in the beginning and also use steemit for the right reasons :) cheers!

another great post

Out of this world post! A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! It is beyond a blessing to have you back! All the best! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Very interesting. I know you'll hit home runs in the near future. I could tell you are a good writer.

Nice post , I suggest you jump ship and start using @dtube calling it the future of video blogging would be an understatement lol


you seem like you have the knack for it. Why do you think that post did so well?


Well it didn't hurt that I made more than 600 daily episodes of the Mad Bitcoins show over two years and all my content is free on YouTube. Do good work daily and acquire good will. No secret there.


putting out one episode every two and half minutes must have been exhausting ;)


thats an incredible repertoire - good for you. you do because you love it and hopefully life rewards you in the end! im new to steemit but trying to put in my due diligence and its helping me write more and consider my work more than ever before. im more on the visual design side of things but im illustrating my poetry here and it seems to work as a format:)

Alright! All my favorite people are coming back to Steem! Have you been uploading to dtube yet? I'd watch there instead of youtube to help you out too!
Looking forward to reading your work!


still mainly into YouTube. I like the discoverability.

Welcome back Exquisite,

i really like your post and you many people upvote i want to kayak you why every time i post my story and picture or news there is no upvote ????
I want to rise more like you thank

I'm a beginner
Please guide me


enjoying the benefits of capitalism aren't we? :P greetings from greece! :)

You're too good, very good post


The key is to read it aloud and change anything that sounds wrong.

Definetly an interesting read. Thanks for the inspiration.

Great article Thomas, cool to find you on here by chance, been watching your show for a while! Keep up the good work!

Welcome back to steemit. Great post.
Follow me on

I'm a newbie here and know very little about bitcoins. I like the way that you write. And I love the way you showcase sincereity. Thanks for this post.

cool welcome back !

good post very interesting


this is the creepiest thing ive seen all week! at first glance it really gets you!

Hi MadBitcoins, I have been following your YouTube channel MadBitcoins for a while after joining Crypto Networld World. Watchathon contributor here. I really enjoyed your 4th anniversary and history review it really helped me out to grasp more from Bitcoin History since I was for many years aware of Bitcoin for things like Silk Road, Wikileaks and Anonymous. I first liked the idea but I didn't dig much deeper in the technology, I didn't read the 9 pages White Paper. I decided to study it more back in the beginning of 2017 but never had the time and finally I bought the dip at 4K after the China ban back in mid September. I stopped buying at 10k. Took some profit when it was green. And bought today at 7k. I just listened to the old hodlers like you from the very beginning and it has gone pretty well so far. I have more than half of my portfolio in paper - cold storage - 50 BTC - 30 ETH - 20 Alts and ICOs. I was interested in the tech and the ideas more than I was interested in making crazily huge amount of money and I just keep 20 of my crypto portfolio for speculation A.K.A learning as old hodlers likes to point out sometimes you just have to lose money to earn money and if you wanna mess around with things like Alts and ICOs to learn about the economics aspect of the crypto economy you know you need to put money in it. It is certainly about economics, technology and politics all at once so for me all this was part of the learning. I have been really into the community full time for almost half a year and I still feels like years. The thing that always keeps me up is learning curve in which you live when you are really optimistic and passionate about what is to come in the long term. I gave up in society many years ago and the latest years it has only gotten worse but since I saw the community getting bigger, stronger and smarter I haven't been this optimistic in my life. I just want to leave this in case helps someone that is having those bear moments. Just to remember to listen to those that may have not the largest number of followers but have many years of experience hodling and as Thomas would agree the problem of day trading is that you can't day trade when you're sleeping. Thanks MadBitcoins forever fun.

Welcome back to Steemit, Thomas!

ha ha ha very good publication, full of humor and reality, I hope it is successful all your life. regards @madbitcoins


this is interesting. is there a written description of this graph? i would love to learn more...

Thanks for sharing!

Hey there! Love your hat, and I especially love the way you string words together to produce sentences. Groovy. This is the beginning of a beautiful Steemship. Looking forward to reading more from you!

You are a real part of steem and bitcoin history I love the idea of actually reading the post and, you are a great reader and story teller. I am excited to see future articles.

Welcome back Thomas! Enjoy your videos and I'm sure I'll enjoy your blogs.

Where is everyone buying??

Amazing post :)!

Glad to see you again bro, best regards and I support u

Te invito a pasar por mi canal, admiro tus artículos. Soy una gran entusiasta de trabajo virtual. Estoy comenzando.

This is my first day of steemit so this is really inspirational.

Thank you!

Excellent publication. That's good!!@madbitcoins

If you would like to add me as a follow i can vote your posts and you mine!

In a couple of month you can earn hundreds of dollars weekly, and even more if you are dedicated.


Congratulations and success.good luck like you

Que buen testimonio de steemit o mejor dicho muy buena trayectoria la que haz tomado en esta plataforma, aunque aveces no puedo traducir correctamente el ingles, entiendo casi todo en un 70%, felicitaciones

The dip is too deep


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Welcome back, It's funny as I used to review books a few years ago and was thinking about revamping and posting them to Steem to see how they do. I am looking forward to following and seeing where this will lead you. Good Luck.

Congrats for making it again! That must feel good after all these years :-)

Hi @madbitcoins, I was so amazed by your post. I hope, I can succeed like yours. I will follow you bro.

Cool story! Look forward to following!

Hello madbitcoins,

I am new to Steemit and saw your article. It was a great article talking about how you still made steem on a article a while back. It is very inspiring for someone new like me on steemit.

Please checkout my first post @steemitforce

May the steemitforce be with you.

Keep steeming ahead,


great buddy.. keep it up

welcome back

Interesting read, it is surprising the change in steem from the initial feeding frenzy to the now developed community. The change has seen a ton of amazing content posted however none of the posts are getting the same amount of steem they used to.

well lucky you bro its so hard to find my niche just started but most of the people on this community are not from the us and are not pop culture friendly so i thing i will be better off when steemit goes mainstream in america but also just got a down vote by a whale and took my 37 rep to 10 so it all depends on the folling you have and how active they are

good to hear your back dude. i hope you enjoy your vacation dude. i cant wait to read your next article. :')

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Great post,objective and well said
Glad to have you back on board!

Thanks this was an interesting read.

Your story inspires me. I am a blogger/writer here on steemit. I really liked your writing in this post. I, on the other hand, struggle with my writings here on steemit. BUT, I have found true inspiration again and am getting back on track here.
Your "Mr. Clean" line gave me a chuckle.
Great stuff, please continue!

Looking forward my sir?

indeed move all your shows to Dtube as a start, that would be nice!

Great information...I follwed you..I am new to steemit..plz follow me ...

I too wanted to be top author


why not be a top author @beejayjung. The power and will is yours. Thank you steemit :-)

I like the cut of your jib. Followed!

Wow what did you just said you manage to generate 14000 steem dollars from your first post.thats amazing brother.this inspires me a lot.I guess many of i won't be collecting that much in a life time.i must be looking forward for your next post.
Welcome back brother.


It was very early in Steemit. Probably less people on the site, etc. But still... anything you work on daily will improve.


Yeah sure it does,my best regards for your future.


Please follow me, need followers

Hey @madbitcoins, I've been watching your work for a couple of years and just want to say THANK YOU.

Awesome read!

sometimes i feel happy. sometimes sad .. hahahah
the pain of playing bitcoin!3-peringatan-sebelum-anda-belajar-trading-forex-280688-29667.jpeg

It's only been my first week on Steemit, and I must say that nothing quite breaks the votes like that first introductory post. Sure, mine only raked in $12 so far, but if I managed to get $1 for the remaining posts I have been doing, it's been a lot. looking forward to your book columns

Though there is several different types of content posted here on me, the backbone is solid writing. People have really taken the time and dedication to make Steemit a place filled with excellent narratives and really, just about every kind of writing you can think of.

Being here on Steemit for only 6 weeks now, I feel that I’ve certainly improved my ability to not only read and digest good content but also produce decent content. I

I hope that in the future I’ll be able to look back and see that I’ve made strides and have achieved goal not unlike people like you. Thanks @madbitcoins

Hey friends, I follow you and upvote 100% .. please mutually Upvote and Comment the Post. Help me grow in the world @madbitcoins🙏🙏🙏🙏

Welcome back I'm glad to have read your post hope to be like you someday. I'm just new in this platform

Hey Thomas, I just watched the WCN price special (great show by the way) and found out that you were on Steemit. So... welcome to Steemit (better late than never).

Keep up the great work :D

Steemit is Hero
Another social media is .....???


You have to love steemit...agree 100%. Good luck!!!

follow me and ill follow you back

Sure! post it here, it would be nice knowing what people like you read.

$14,000 from a single post is indeed a miracle for most.

Welcome back!

The sincerity is what keeps me here, too. Especially since I dont earn at these levels that you do! But I hope to one day! I caught a curie on an art post yesterday so that was affirming and exciting! But really if it were just hollow here I dont think I would work as hard as I do at creating content and making friends... the authenticity is where its at for me! And the money too! Lol, but you know what I mean

love this post thank Upvote&follow

I am positive with steem and bitcoin it will soon rise. I am fully determined. Steem will have its breakout any day...
Smart media tokens
Millions of users incoming
Strong word to mouth community
More ways to burn steem
what about the theme, whether one day one theme such as colorchallenge, thanks.

You're doing great again! I just start in steemit and I still do not dare to write my introduction post haha... but while I decide, I learn reading how the best do. regards from Venezuela!

Welcome back. I'm just getting started in this and so far am in a big learning curve. I appreciated the work I've seen from you so far. Best success to you.

Great post! You really held my attention with your style. I'm new here, hope to be your friend. I could use some tutoring. Thanks!

Whats up madhatter i mean @madbitcois ! Good luck to your new endevors!

Congratulations @madbitcoins!
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welcome mate

Welcome back!

Hi Madbitcoins, glad to see you again!