I'm Finally on Steemit!

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Hello fellow traders, investors and 'Steemians'.

I'm Lewis Glasgow, the creator of Six Figure Capital and one of the leading top authors on TradingView. I regularly contribute free market analysis and investing education for various leading investing websites and from now on I'll be doing the same here for everyone at Steemit!

My approach to the market is primarily based on technical analysis, using harmonic price patterns with a main focus on market confluence to depict my next move.

What can you expect to see from me? 

  • Detailed technical analysis across various financial markets such as #currencies, #commodities and #cryptocurrencies.
  • Investing education covering a majority of topics such as risk management, trading psychology and technical analysis.

I'd like to thank my following for recommending this platform, I look forward to meeting you all and being a part of this thriving community.

If you have any questions about the analysis or education I provide feel free to leave a comment or contact me personally, I'll be happy to help.

Feel free to connect with me below where you will find more investing related content.


Welcome to steem! I have always followed your charts for some mind-think.

Still not so sure how much TA can help crypto in the long timeframes; I always enjoy your analysis likewise.

If you ever become tempted by some of the projects being traded in crypto - in my blog I tend to aggregate more of the information relevant to individuals looking to invest long-term rather than trade.

Glad you made it here - followed and resteemed!

Thanks for the resteem Kyle! Believe it or not, the price structure shown in my analysis is more reliable on higher timeframes as shown below.

Ethereum Classic: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/ETCUSD/?exg=KRAKEN
BitShares: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTSBTC/mVrWe8q3-BitShares-The-Curve/

Aside from trading, there are a few projects I am interested in long-term, one of them being Sia. I've started following you and I'll definitely check out your articles!

Sia is an interesting one! I'm interested to see how competition around that concept evolves. I am more of a venture capitalist than a trader, digging into the projects themselves is more of my forté

MaidSafe is interesting as well, although, a part of me supports them purely because I'm Scottish :)

I've just posted analysis for Siacoin, it may interest you: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@lewisglasgow/siacoin-rinse-and-repeat

It'll be good to compare my analysis with your findings.

Yeah, I really hope here on steem the trading community will take off. Once the sub-communities come out; you would be a strong contender for a moderator and I think you will get much more targeted visibility. I think there is a #trading tag going on now but I am not so sure how active it is.

You know how to grow a platform - really helps when you can isolate yourself from the rest of the noise here on steem.

The comments are where you get the followers in the beginning though - that's my biggest steem tip.

Once I'm familiar with the platform I'll be promoting this to my following, I'd like to see a lot more traders on here in the near future.

The community is a lot more positive in comparison to other social media sites, that itself is the main reason why traders would come here.

I'll take the tip, thanks Kyle... Anything else you can share would be appreciated.

I don't have much perspective as this is the first place where I have built a sustained following. I think this steem community needs a lot of nurturing from within and as new features get added slowly - the outsiders will be much more comfortable.

I'll generally research the platform completely before growing my following, wasn't sure what were the best practices for gaining more exposure.

I agree with you on that!

Good to have more Traders on Board! Definitely, recommend checking some of my old post to get started. Followed for more Trading Advice

I look forward to sharing my analysis with the community! Thank you, I'll definitely check them out.

@lewisglasgow Do i see a butterfly pattern over there? :p

Is it correct that those harmonic (Gartley?) patterns have about a 70% success rate?

Close, it was a bat pattern :) you've got a good eye.

They have a high success rate when used correctly (it's a common problem with harmonics) and in the correct market situation.

I prefer keeping it simple with support/resistance, Fibonacci & Elliott wave ;)

Everyone has their own style! I've followed, look forward to reading your posts.

Welcome to steemit community. You will love it. Following links may help you to get started.
New Users Guide: https://steemit.com/welcome
Dos and don’ts on Steemit:https://steemit.com/steemit/@najoh/dos-and-don-ts-on-steemit
Top Earners List:https://steemwhales.com/
ChainBB Steem Forum: https://steemit.com/chainbb/@jesta/chainbbcom-a-blockchain-forum-platform-for-steem
If you find this post useful, Feel Free to up vote, follow me.

I appreciate the info Mahesh, I'm sure I will.

Hey! I saw your videos a while back on youtube, it's nice to you have here now. I'll be paying attention to see your technical analysis posts!

Thanks for following, I aim to create more free video content in the future!

Hey my friend!
Nice to meet you here :)

Hey Chris, good to see you're on here!

I am glad you are here. I wish you all the best!!

Glad to be here! I appreciate it, same goes for you.

Welcome, nice to have you hear. I hope you like steemit!!

Thank you! I sure will and I look forward to meeting everyone on here.

Welcome @lewisglasgow

Enjoy the Steemit Platform and Community.

Learn and Grow at your own pace.

Lastely have FUN!


I appreciate the warm welcome Frank!

Welcome to Steemit! I'm admittedly ignorant of most technical analysis strategies, so I will be interested in seeing your posts.

Thank you! I hope you will see the value in mine :)

I've Upvoted for sure. happy to meet you in this big family.
looking forward to your next post.
You can follow my blog to know more about me.

Hey, nice to meet you :)

Whats up? :) I am in Estonia :)

Trying to get to grips with this platform lol! Nice, I have many friends from Estonia who are now living in Scotland.

Welcome on steemit mate i wish you a lovely time i am your new follower

Thanks for following and I wish the same for you too!

you are welcome follow back if you wish

Welcome to Steemit. I am following your blog. Good Luck on the Forum.

Thank you! I appreciate the support :) all the best.

Welcome to the platform, I wish everything work out for you. It’s not easy here but not difficult neither but just ask an extra effort, engagement is the key good luck I’m @goodaytraders Start by following people and they will do the same.

Hello there @lewisglasgow and welcome to Steemit! I just upvoted you!! I hope you enjoy your time here and make lots of $$$. If you're interested in lotteries, please check my profile out @steemitlotteries. I run FULLY TRANSPARENT LOTTERIES with promotional posts where I issue FREE TICKETS for those who help me curate my promotions. All the best! :)

Thank you! I'm sure I will.

Welcome to steemit and have fun. It’s not easy here but not difficult neither. Never forget, good content is the key to success. I’m @ridi20 and maybe a little advice for you^^ Start by following people and they will do the same.

Welcome to Steemit! Glad to have you around!

Glad to be here, thanks for the warm welcome!

Welcome to Steemit, great to see more traders here.

Send me a DM once you get on Steemit.chat

Good to see there are a lot of other traders on here! Thanks for following.

Once I've got it set up I'll drop you a message :)

Welcome to Steemit! I look forward to reading your blog.

Thank you, I've got a lot of content on the way!

Welcome! I will be reaching out to you for the investment aspect of this crypto thing. 👍🏼

I'm here whenever you need me :) thank you

Welcome to Steemit @lewisglasgow :)

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Welcome to the steemit platform. Looking forward to interesting contents from you for the betterment of the steemit community.
Please feel free to check out and follow @GLOBALFOODBOOK for appetizing dishes.

Welcome, I am always happy to see a fellow trader.

Thank you! Likewise, I'm now following :)

Welcome to this fabulous community! I post about cryptos, economy, silver,etc. Please checkout my posts to see if they interest you and my policy is if you follow me I will follow you. Welcome again!

Thank you very much indeed! I'll be sure to check out your posts and upvote :)

Hey Lewis, welcome to Steemit, I love following your stuff on Tradingview and I am sure I will enjoy your content here as well. It is amazing to learn from one of the best.
I will Resteem you as I want more and more people to know about your fantastic TA work.

Cheers bud.

Hi mate, thanks for your support :) I've got a variety of investing related content I can post on here... A lot of which you will not see on TradingView.

I appreciate the resteem, I'm now following!

Cheers bud, really looking forward for posts from you. Especially more in the Crypto space as I have not seen anyone with such excellent and accurate TA acumen.

I'll definitely be posting a lot of crypto analysis and insights on here :) got a few ideas in the works.

Welcome @lewisglasgow. Looking forwards to your trading tips & news.

Thank you! More on the way shortly :)