Is the State Necessary? Laissez-faire! #introduceyourself

Laissez-faire is a phrase from French which basically means “let it on the free market”; let people do what they want; do not try - even in a good faith - to make the market better through regulations; do not influence the free market in any way, because you, the state, are not smarter than the millions of entrepreneurs who are trying to satisfy the needs of their customers. You simply cannot produce a law that is good for everyone. Let people actually be free and do not throw obstacles in their way.

In the Czech Republic, we have here many libertarians who write brilliant articles about how the state harms us and on this account, these articles will be translated into English - of course, with their permission. Our goal is to spread libertarian thoughts, initiate discussions on the alleged necessity of the state and possibly to split rewards with authors of the original articles. If you want to know more about anarcho-capitalism, minarchism and a noxiousness of state interventions, please follow us.

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Excelent sentence. Essence and deep thinking about. It inspires, it is a motivation to express the best of us.
I don't know much english but I sincerely congratulate your post.💯
Make the world change with the best of the people hearts.
One step to hapiness is a step to brotherhood.
Thanks for these words. Good day!

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Hello, great Mission. I am wondering if there are more Czech libertarian steem pages at all. Also in Czech of course. Since I have difficulties to find any at all. If you are aware of more like this one I would appreciate some links

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Unfortunately, I do not know any libertarians or even anarcho-capitalists who write articles about it in Czech. At least here on Steemit. But in the Czech Republic, we have a strong libertarian movement (our city Prag is also considered as the "capital of cryptocurrencies"), so you may find some articles in Czech outside Steemit website. Some of the articles are really great so that's why I am doing these translations. I read many articles with the tag "cesky" so I would probably know if someone writes about libertarianism in Czech and if some libertarian appears here I will let you know.

And you are Czech or why do you ask for some libertarians writing in Czech language?

Trying to learn the language and follow the libertarian community there. Back on Facebook I had many Czech pages as well. Since I'm trying to switch to steem I was hoping that some of them have a presence here as well. For the American libertarian pages my steem feed looks already like what I saw on Facebook from them. Now I'm looking how to follow the Czech libertarian community on steem

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Wow, respect for that. I can recommend as a site for high-quality Czech libertarian texts. Unfortunately, not many Czechs are actually using Steem (32 active authors from the last week), thus it may take some time for some original Czech libertarian author to appear here so I really recommend visiting the above mentioned page.

Welcome to Steem @laissez-faire.

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All the Best!!!

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