A freshly baked Steemian aka what's the story of this ENTP aka who are you?

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How many times have you been asked the famous question: 'Who are you'?

I am… ehhm... ? And I am searching in my head for the most interesting answer... a Relationship Manager at a digital agency, but no, my work does not define me, can I think of something else?

And that's when you know that you need to get to know yourself better, that you need to start listening to your own self and finally start noting down all the little things that define you, that make you happy, that make you, you!! And next time, somebody asks you the question, you will not struggle for an answer.

So who am I?

  • An ENTP (check Jung Personality Types) always on a hunt for something new. Trying one thing another. Until it bores me. Then I do something else.

  • A cryptocurrency enthusiast – I love new technologies and blockchain is one of them. This world totally drew me in and I am not leaving any time soon. Would really like to do some crypto trading tutorials in the future. Watch the space:)

  • A wannabe entrepreneur – I always dreamt about my own business and I will not give up.

  • A learner enthusiast – I am crazy about learning, give me all the apps for learning or business books and I will devour them like a hungry animal. I am always up to something. My all time favourites are “The 4-hour work week” and NLP books.

  • A Toastmaster (Toastmasters- public speaking organisation) with a love-hate relationship towards being on the stage. I still get a rush of adrenaline when speaking in front of people who I don’t know. And the best part of public speaking? When I make the audience laugh. Then it’s worth it:)

  • A freshly baked Steemian. Hot hot hot. Just joking :). I have always enjoyed writing, so why not? (I hope that my secret journals are well hidden). No more hiding though, my blog is public and yes, even you can read it. And you. And all the people on the planet.

  • A dreamer believing in the power of the subconscious mind. No, this post would not be complete without a cheesy quote: “If you can dream it, you can do it” (Walt Disney).

And finally, a writer of my own life. As are all of you.


So who are YOU?

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Welcome, glad you found steemit ;) I assume you name is Anka? What will you write about?
Greets, @theaustrianguy


Many thanks for the welcome. You did guess my name, congrats!:) Regarding the future posts, I have numerous ideas in my head. The topics I would like to write about are cryptocurrencies, passive income, business, motivation and life in general.


@kryptoanka we have far too much in common for me to not follow you. Thus I have :)

First off, I think you're going to love it here if you haven't found that out already. Pretty much all of your interests match the community and mindset here.

I believe that entrepreneurs, learning enthusiasts, those who have a voice (and want to develop one), and those who know how to dream big - are what Steemit is geared towards.

I've practiced and studied NLP and Neuro-Semantics for years and I share practical tips and strategies in a highly digestible way on my channel.

I've also led a local Toastmaster group before!

I'm so looking forward to getting to know you more on here. Thanks for sharing this awesome bit of who you are. Glad we've connect and I'm wishing you the very best!

If you're interested in checking it out, today I created a super fun post about some of the things that are highly influential in my life. I think you might enjoy it! 10 Highly Influential Things I Do Every Single Day [Part 2]


Aw, thank you! I could not not follow you either :D Looking forward to checking out your posts, especially the ones in the motivation and psychology category.

Just wondering what you mean by leading a Toastmaster group. Did you have an Officers role? I am currently Vice President of Education in our club and might candidate for the president role next year:)

Wish you all the best, too!


I was president of our TM group at my grad school. It was a really fun gig. Glad to hear you're on your way there too :)

I'll see you around @kryptoanka!

Nice to meet you, @kryptoanka! Welcome to Steemit!


Thank you for the warm welcome

Great intro post, Welcome to the ever increasing family.


Thank you! Btw love the sand sculptures on your blog, really cool.

I'm becoming more ENTP as I get older and was more INFJ when I was younger. Love your eyes. Very lovely. You are very smart and pretty. I'm a hot dreamer writer too. Believe in the power of willpower, commitment, wisdom. I love making people laugh, too. I'm Oatmeal. You are what you eat. And I love to eat new stuff, learn new stuff, and do new things, too.


Hi there, that is quite a big change from INFJ to ENTP, wondering why it is happening:) I guess our priorities and values change when getting older, I am quite curious into what personality type I will morphe into once older.
Thank you for the compliments.
You're Oatmeal. I am gyros with tzatziki sauce today:D


Yeah. Cool. Interesting. Oh, I was RIce for 5 years teaching English in Vietnam. Just got back to the USA 2 months ago. I'm 32 and I'm still evolving as a person. But people can always stick to old habits instead of evolving and changing. I was a bit shy but my mom home schooled and then I went public high school and then 4 colleges. I wasn't able to talk well because I couldn't hear well until I was about 11 or so. But I started gaining confidence as I got older.

Hello @kryptoanka! Nice to meet you and Welcome. I'm a bit of an entrepreneur myself; I took the test you told us to check out and I'm INFJ/INTJ. I love doing those types of tests—it's the analytical side of me coming out I guess! Anywho sounds like you made it to the right platform! I'll be folllowing you :)


Hi @whitneynoel, glad you took the test. What do you think about it? Does it suit your personality?


I think it did some...I might decide to take it again. lol Have more time to analyze the the questions again and the results! haha ;) thank you!
~Happy Blogging

nice to meet you, upvoted!


Thank you, nice to meet you, too!:)

Hiya Anka! Thanks to @welcoming for getting your name right so I didn't have to guess... hahaha.

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Thank you, nice to see you helping new Steemians:)

Great introduction post and welcome! Followed :)


Thank you for that and see you around:) Hope you'll enjoy my posts.

A BIG warm welcome to Steemit! I am sure you are going to absolutely enjoy the Steemit platform.👍 Please let me know if I can be of future help with Steemit. I truly hope Steemit exceeds all your expectations!👍

Hi there. I'm sure you would love it here. See you around Steemian 😊

benvenuta tra noi.



Hey! Welcome to steemit! I really liked your approach on introducing yourself and I think you have good writing skills. Looking forward for new content from you :)


Thank you for your nice words:)

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