Spread your posts through this proven strategy and get great profits in return – for posts created at 2018-01-18

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The proven road to boost your personal success in this amazing Steem Network

Steem Network

Just follow these simple steps

  1. If you do not have an account yet, create one for free at Steemit, Inc.
  2. Create a high quality post.
  3. If you do not follow Steem Network yet, do it now.
  4. Upvote this post.
  5. Create a comment below with a link to your post created at step 2. Make sure using the corresponding post at Steem Network, where your post creation time in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) fits to the time frame stated in the title above.
  6. Resteem this post.
  7. Find and upvote at least two high quality posts linked in below comments and leave an amazing comment there. You should also follow its author. (If there aren´t comments yet, revisit this post and do unfulfilled steps later.)
  8. Upvote the comments at this post, which correspond to your upvoted posts at step 7.
  9. Back to step 2 at the latest tomorrow. Pay attention that your post fits the time frame stated above.

Note: Success is guaranteed by consistent practice of this strategy!

To help us grow this project and support our Team

Vote Steem Network as Witness yet.

PS: Beware of timing your votes!

For best results wait until Voting Power exceeds 90%!

SteemWorld Voting Power

A recommended tool is SteemWorld.org. There you need to switch to your account first and then you find the actual Voting Power in the upper left corner.


As usual: I will keep writing this same message to your posts just to make people aware of your spam and abuse. This is NOT an official account of the Steem team, don't get fooled!

I find this to be a huge spam. People can not even chose to see your comment or not, you are not upvoting the posts or not bringing anything good to the posts besides advertising your account in order to gain profits. Good luck with that!

You can shut down this bot now, because it is not helpful for you anymore...

Giving you the follow instead. Thanks for pointing out the spam. I was almost fooled.

Thank you! I am trying to help you not to get fooled by this spam bot. People should not vote for vote, and this is just what this bot encourages, asking for votes for itself too. I encourage you to follow people who are posting articles that you like also, and not that ones that are asking for follow back or things like that so in case you are not enjoying my articles, you can unfollow me whenever you think :D

PRONTO! here are some pictures of berlin, more coming soon..


This is my post for the day. Thank you for comments and up-votes.

Thank you steem network for the warm welcome.
Btw, this is my frist post on steem. Hope the steemians will like it.

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