Day 365 milestone achieved | 三百六十五天的里程碑達成

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How time flies! One year achieved, 62 rep, 1000 SP, more than 2,300 followers, is the result OK?

In fact, what reputation, SP, and followers are just some digital games. Compared with the real world, reputation is power, SP is financial power, followers are interpersonal relationships! I don't want to be like this. Everyone staying at Steemit has their own reasons. I don't want to make this world the same as reality!

Because I used Steemit as a breeding game, as if I had been obsessed with SIM CITY2000 and MINECRAFT before, everything was slowly built up by myself. Now it seems that I just laid the foundation and can slowly cover it!

The biggest difference between this platform and other Facebook, Twitter, etc. is that all development plans must be implemented by themselves. The advantage is that the freedom of content. As long as you have creativity, anything can be achieved. The downside is that it is difficult to promote and there is no guide to follow. I believe that STEEMIT's API will become more and more widely used. Now I use BUSY to post, STEEMSHOT publish photos, DLIVE or DTUBE release video, DSOUND to release music, STEEMD to view data, recently trending such as STEEMHUNT, STEEMPRESS, FUNDITION, There are DBOOKS that I am looking forward to, there are always a variety of things that should fit your habits!

In the past year, the projects that have been carried out are now time to think about how to promote them. During the publication, I deeply felt that diligence is the basic investment of this game, and secondly, cooperation is based on one strength. The effort is not as effective as the group working together, so I hope that in the next days, I can cooperate with STEEMIAN in various ways to see the small forces to achieve something! Finally, I hope that everyone will continue to enjoy the STEEMIT until the second anniversary of the commemorative text!
P.S: The SINONEKO has been playing for four years, but it has not been able to disappear so quickly!

轉眼間便來到Steemit一年了,62聲譽, 1000點贊力, 2300多個追隨者,成績還算可以嗎?


因為我把Steemit當成一個育成遊戲,好像以前沉迷在SIM CITY2000,MINECRAFT一樣,所有東西自己一手一腳慢慢搭建出來,現在好像剛剛打好了地基,可以慢慢蓋上去了!

在這個平台跟其他的面書,推特等等最大分別就是所有發展規劃都要自己執行,好處是自由度大,只要你有創造力任何事情都可以達成,壞處是推廣困難,沒有指引可以跟隨。我相信STEEMIT的API會越來越廣泛實用,現在我就用BUSY來發帖,STEEMSHOT發布照片,DLIVE or DTUBE發布視頻,DSOUND來發布音樂,STEEMD來查看數據,最近興起的STEEMHUNT,STEEMPRESS,FUNDITION,還有我很期待的DBOOKS,五花八門,應該總有一款會迎合你的使用習慣!

P.S: 白貓玩了四年還久不久有開來玩,好的遊戲是沒能這麼快消失的!


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Thank you for your reminding!

Congratulations on one year on Steemit! It seems to me you have done well for yourself; and I very much appreciate your "pet photography" challenge, which is a great way to build community around something that interests people!


Thanks a lot, welcome to join the contest again👍👍

Hola, me gustaría leer los artículos que escribas para la comunidad de Steemit.

Hola, thank you for reading😎😎

這一年最勤力獎非你莫屬 🏅🏆


Congrats! 話咁快就一年~


congrats Kona! I am so glad i met you on Steemit :)

Me2, thanks🤟🤟🤟

Happy One Year 🎂 @kona!!
And Many More!! ❤ :-)

🐾 We Thank You For All You Do!! 💕

Thank you so much, keep going together👍👍👍

Gchi 我一週年一定冇你咁勁


Happy Anniversary. On to year 2

Thanks,pls take good care of me too😎😎

You're welcome. :-)

how to make the picture~

Use a app online, the bookmark at home, sent u tonight.



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Thanks for being you. :-)

Thanks, grow up together😊😊

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Happy one year anniversary and hope you have many more you are doing a great thing for the Steemit platform we all love your pets and very much appreciate your @dailypetphotography ... Cheers :)

Thank you very much, also thanks your support of dailypet contest, enjoy it😎😎

My pleasure :)



Congratulation on your one year anniversary @kona you have done well and hope many more to come !!

Thank you so much🎉🎉

Your welcome !!

congratulations ! Sim city is a great game indeed have been playing that since first release on my Commodore Amiga :) mindscape never did it for me , but world of warcraft still works :) and Cities : skyline a clone of sim city also works very good

Wow...happy to meet the sim city fans, let us built up a steemit city😎😎

yep keep building and it will grow :)



Congratulations one year on Steemit! @kona and thank you for all you do .. May God bless you more than enough


Thanks a lot🤗🤗



P.S.白貓我也在玩🤣🤣🤣 上次抽中限定好開心






白貓就是白貓project, 是日本熱門的手遊XD 問問劉小公子說不定他聽過泥hehehe

Yay! Congrats @kona and you did more than ok. You did well. 😀 Those are already great achievements. And with all that you said, you are our kona of #dailypetphotography which I'm sure gave all the others here the chance to share their pets adorable photos. Cyber cakes and drinks -- 🥑🎂🍾🥂

Thank you so much, 🐶🐶🐶, keep going together👏👏👏👏

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