First Post... Learning HTML

New Steem It Project - First Post

Me posting...

So this is gonna be my first post and also my short introduce yourself, specifically I was waiting to learn some HTML basics so that I can "post well", unfortunately I have realized I've taken to long to make it. Was I scared?

No one is born knowing it all

So I had to look for help and found some interesting guides, one of the most useful was this one I used as a Source, simple but powerful, it covers some Markdown commands such as Italics, Bold, Headers, Links, Images, Lists, Tables, Videos, etc; that I found useful to try on an Steem It post.

25 years old, Latin american, engineer, consider myself as a tech guy, but also I am cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast but most of all I like teaching. I think teaching is in my blood as my father and many other family members are teachers. One of my dreams is to serve other people by giving the more valuable information I can through knowledge so that they can be positively impacted. We could say one of my mottos are "Spread Knowledge to All" and "Keep moving forward". That explains the creation of this account and the main purpose of it is to help as many people as possible with Spanish and English posts by sharing good quality content. I have understood that "a live with no purpose is meaningless" -No big news!. I'm non English native, so my excuses in advanced for any grammatical mistakes. Keep learning English everyday.

Are Cryptocurrencies heaven or hell?

Definitely I have benefited from crypto investment and wanna spread knowledge to all mainly to help latin american people who "suffer" from economical crisis due to government politics. I don't know if cryptos are "the solution" but looking ahead I feel more secure to them than fiat currency. i.g: economical inflation literally destroys fiat.

Before saying goodbye

I must say I felt a little anxious while writing the whole text I was not sure if it was gonna be fine. I asked myself if there was an application to try out HTML text before posting and found some tools like Markable or Markdown-here. I found Markable really easy to use (-I've just sign in and started to use) and with fast respond. You just see on the right screen what you "markdown type" on the left. Then I found out that in Steem It, scrolling down the mouse you may see a preview of your writing -LOL time

Must say writing this post took me about 2 hours! I am still an amateur but found really interesting editing in Markdown and in the end I get to understand that anyone can do it with or without coding knowledge.

Main Message...

I would say the main message of this post is: ideas are worthless unless you take action. So if right now you are thinking of doing something, don't do like me in this case, taking too long to act. Just do it! Not only for yourself but for the people you can help in the process.

Hope you guys found this short, first post, introduce yourself interesting and useful, and I look forward to bringing the Steem It community the best quality content we can make.

We'll keep moving forward...!!

P.D: I'll give more details of Knowledge2all Project in the next posts...


Great concept. I am a big believer in life long learning but it’s a bit difficult to learn anything formally at present due to work commitments etc.
I do love the coursera app on iOS and Android. This has some great courses, most of which are free!

Welcome to Steemit @knowledge2all!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

Yes, I love Crpto too! Lots of detailed analysis on my blog along with some predictions

Here are some links you might find useful.
Your stats on SteemNow
Your stats on SteemWorld
Your stats on SteemD
How to use Minnow Booster
How does Steemit actually work?

Let me know if I can help.
Many blessings! @bycoleman

Thanks @bycoleman..!!Thank you for the links I have found them useful and vauable to share to all users. We'll see each other in the Crypto ecosystem...

You're very welcome. I use them daily.

If you're into writing check out our 45 SBD contest.

I wish you much success and hope you'll find Steemit to be a rewarding and informative platform.

Welcome To Steemit!

You are really going to like it here. This is a unique place where there is no competition. Instead, we all work to build success by helping each other out. The best way to grow is to build Steem Power and vote to reward other authors.

I encourage you to search for other posts that interest you and upvote them. Also, start following some authors that post good content and upvote them as well. Follow Me! Make some friends and you will be well on your way to earning some nice curation rewards and growing your following.

I have created some great YouTube videos that you can watch to learn all about Steemit and how to succeed using it. A new video will be released every week so consider subscribing to learn even more about Steemit! If you ever have any questions, or need help with something, feel free to comment on the videos as well.

Best Of Luck!
Spencer Coffman
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Thanks @spencercoffman... yes, I think that Steem It could be one of the best ways to make success not only to content creators but to readers as well, something that does not happen in other social media...the main goal is to achieve what you just said: help others to grow! I’ll be checking your YouTube videos!

Yes, that is very true. It is a unique place that allows people to grow only if they work together. It is only by upvoting and posting good content that you will succeed.

I hope the YouTube videos help! Feel free to share them on your social media sites. They may help bring your friends to Steemit and get them following you!

im also interested in html...
how can we make it?

Jey @knowledge2all... Welcome here at steemit.. Hope you'll enjoy it here..!

I am also learning HTML how can I make it

welcome to the steemit. your very good luck thanks

Welcome to the platform! Looking forward to your posts

This great opportunity to learn HTML5 ...
.it's resteem by @mrs.roy
Follow us for resteem

Welcome to Steemit my friend!

Hola amigo, bienvenido a steemit. Hablo ingles primero pero me encanta practicar español.

Try HTML5.
That'll give you a headache.

Good introduction... I enjoyed the sincerity in your writing style..!!

thanks for your valuable post

Welcome to the @steemit. I am also struggling with markdowns and I am going to check out some of your links later. Creating those hyperlinks is what I need to learn. Among other things.

If you struggle and you want to post more quickly, consider the @esteem app and post from your phone. The interface is much more user-friendly than working online on your desk top. And you can save and schedule drafts.

Good luck with this new journey

Hello! I'm a Latin American web developer and crypto newbie. I'll be posting my intro tomorrow. Please check it out and tell me what you think! Blessings!

Welcome, your thirst for knowledge will take you far. Happy to have you part of the community and look forward to working together with you.

Good posst thanks

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Nice post.followed
Pls upvote, resteem and follow me that will be of great help to me

Good luck with your future posts :)

Hello, and welcome, i'm learning HTML too =D

Hello! Welcome to Steemit! You really did a great work on your first post! I could relate to that struggle with HTML lol that moment when I was writing my first blog. I'm sure you'll get farther from here. Yes, agree with what you wrote "Just do it" and make it happen. This is more than just a blog site or a crypto generating platform. It connects people in a very unique way, so different with other social media sites. I'm sure you will like it here. Cheers ! @island-girl

Welcome to this beautiful community. a greeting. I invite you to visit my blog

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A great place to learn coding is You should try it sometime :)

Bienvenido @knowledge2all :)
Me gustó tu presentación :) Precisa e interesante :)
Me alegra que otro hermano latino forme parte de esta comunidad, sé que tus publicaciones serán muy útiles para todos aquellos que estamos iniciando en steemit.
Saludos desde Venezuela :)

Welcome to Steemit @knowledge2all. We are all one big family here. 😉

I'd really like your mottos "Spread Knowledge to All" and "Keep moving forward". I believe knowledge is meant to be shared. Sharing is caring, right?

Hope you will enjoy your time here as much as I do. Looking forward to read more from you.

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Agreed ideas are only useful if contributing to action!

We are excited to have you here and thank you for joining as a lifetime partner at this month! I will resteem your post and am enjoying our time talking in the partner call now!

thanks @jerrybanfield..!! Looking forward to learning from you!

Yes, feeling that is gonna be my best investment by far... I want to bring diversity and more value to the Jerry Banfield Community..!! And maybe we can reach Spanish Community as well

Yes, feeling that is gonna be my best investment by far... I want to bring diversity and more value to the Jerry Banfield Community..!! And maybe we can reach Spanish Community as well

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