How to get a Man

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Just be you.
Be yourself. If you’re acting all nervous and weird around us, we’re going to think that you talking to us is a joke or a dare or something.

A good compliment is always the answer.
While I can’t speak for the entire male population, a good compliment is an excellent conversation starter. Say you like his tie, his suit, his hat, his eyes, his sneakers, I don’t know – something. Maybe try to find a common interest from there. Personally, I have tattoos, so any girl who approaches me about them already gets a thumb’s up in my book. If she has some, is thinking of getting one, or never wants one but appreciates them, there’s a terrific opener.

Men also love it when a girl can hold a conversation and add substance to it. Don’t answer with one-word responses and then stand there awkwardly or continue to have me bombard you with questions as if it’s a job interview because you’re not keeping the dialogue going. I’m sure most guys go for a girl who doesn’t make the little things – like having a conversation – difficult.
Grab life by the balls. Literally.
Walk up to him and just grab his balls. Just cup them. Aggressively. Then say ‘MINE’ in a strong, sexy voice. He’s guaranteed yours if you do that.

Strike up a conversation.
From a guy’s standpoint, when a girl is really fun and sweet to talk to, that really hits things off. If you come up to a guy and start a conversation, he finds out what the two of you have in common and that makes a connection. Then you can build from there.
Be clear with what you want.
If you’re at a bar, start dancing near him, then make eye contact and some gesture for him to dance with you. We never know if you actually want to dance with us or if you’re just playing around so if we’re clear on that it makes it so much easier.

Don’t be afraid to be honest.
If you’re feelin me, be clear. If you’re not, that’s fine. But don’t lead me on because that wastes everyone’s time. If you’re genuinely trying to talk to me or get to know me, be honest in our conversations. No, not a heart to heart but if you’re being genuine then I know talking to you is worth it.

Be aggressive.
Make the first move. You’re the one approaching him?! That’s sexy. He’ll definitely be into you.

Don’t bother with the bar.
Who would actually walk up to a guy and start a conversation get to know the person, not to be all up on him, to not ask for his number and if the guy was feeling her, ball would be in his court.

I feel like at bars everyone seems to have an agenda. So if you’re really trying to get a guy, that might not be the best place.

Smile. It’s that simple. A girl’s smile shows who she is and what she looks like when she’s happy, which is attractive. If you want to get a guy, then just smile. Sure, there’s other things too, like talk and open up and be real and all that, but when it comes down to it, if you’re a smiling, confident chick then getting a guy won’t be hard.

Last but not the least.
Be a stripper.

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