Introducing Steemify's Android developer

Hi fellow Steemians! My name is René. I live in the Netherlands where I am studying computer science and engineering. A couple of months ago I was asked by the @blockbrothers to develop the Android app for their Steemify service. Since then I have been working on prototypes in close collaboration with Blockbrother's own developer @bennierex. In my first post on Steem I would like to give you a glimpse at the progress made thus far.


About Steemify

Steemify notifies you of anything happening on the Steem blockchain. For example, Steemify can send a push notification to your phone when someone replies to your blog post. Or, you can get notified when one of your Steem friends gets an upvote. Consult the Blockbrothers website for more details.

A glimpse of the prototype

Below are some screenshots of the app as it presently looks. Perhaps you'll notice there is still work to be done. Nevertheless it gives an impression of the functionality we will provide.

This is the main screen. It shows your list of notifications so you can keep track of whats happening on Steem:

main screen

Tapping the notification brings up the web browser to show the content. Subscribe to a Steem user to be notified of activity regarding this person:

add subscription screen

This settings screen shows the users you are currently subscribed to:

subscriptions screen

Finally, tapping a user at the settings screen brings you here. You can specify exactly what activities you would like to be notified of:

subscription topics screen

Further reading

Earlier posts by the @blockbrothers:

Find Steemify at the Blockbrothers website

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Looks like an interesting project, happy to see that you have decided to also join us here on the Steemit website @kapitein.koek!

I would like to feature your introduction post in my weekly curation blog if you don't mind!

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@kapitein.koek, I gave you an upvote on your first post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return!

Please also take a moment to read this post regarding bad behavior on Steemit.

Greetings, kapitein.koek! Wish you an awesome journey here in this wonderful community :) All the Best

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@kapitein.koek I wish you the best of upvotes and coins as i also upvoted this post. Thanks for sharig

Awesome that you finally made the transition to Steem blogger too! :)

Looking forward to releasing this app to the Steem community and working with you on future updates and projects!


Thanks bro. Likewise!

Hello! Welcome to the platform, I am also new. I hope we can get what we hope so much, good post! ;)

Looking might fine @kaptitein.keok :)
Also, @blazing made it in the screenshot!

Welcome to steemit René! I'm wondering, is it just notifications or can I click the post in a notification and see the content too? Anyway will be following and curious to learn more about steemify!


Thanks Michael! Tapping the notification brings up the web browser to show the content. I'll update the post.

Welcome @kapitein.koek

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Good to see you finally posting on Steemit! Welcome :)

Welcome and many thanks for your innovation.

This is a wonderful work brother. Blockbrother io app is good but it has no app for android apart from apple. Please look into it

Welcome to Steemit. Your pro type sounds interesting.

Welcome, informative article, good start, keep it up! I follow you, I hope you will follow me. We will develop the community together! ;)

Great work gentlemen. This is how the Steemit platform will grow, through steps like these!

Wao at first u developed the hiegh reputations at first