I just passed 2000 followers and have repowered up. Here's why?

Hi, guys, this is Johnny Ray and I wanted to share this video with you in recognition of breaking through now over 2000 followers.

I love steemit, and wish I had more time to be more active, but am so thankful for the time I do have.

I was one of the lucky ones who sold most of my steem at the high mark about a month or so ago, and I have now re-powered up at these now fantastic low prices. This is something I encourage all of you to do.

I work as a coach and speaker which requires me to make lot of contacts, which is also true for those on steemit who want to expand their base. I thought I would share what works for me - Engagement. Not begging for followers, upvotes, etc. but it more about a true caring about others, and getting to know them.

Asking questions, is good, asking open ended questions is much better.

As an example, leaving a comment like “great photo” is nice, but will not gain you anything, because you gave almost nothing.

Asking question like where was it taken and when, is one step up, naturally.

Adding reactions, like makes you hungry, can hear the waves, or birds chipping, is one higher level.

Sharing emotions, like it minds you of the place you were married, etc. climbs higher.

A true connection is all about the one writing the post. Things like, how did you get into photography, and naming a type of photography that the post writers loves to specialize in is even better. Asking about the story behind the photo also lends itself to a conversation. Yes, letting the post writer know you are truly interested in them as a person will always win over a new connection.

I hope this all makes sense.

Anyway, I do have a new site where I can be reached if you want to talk to a coach, and I would love to get your feedback on this new site as well. It is at https://expertisedirect.com/find-an-expert/sirjohn

I hope to make many more friends here, so don’t be a stranger and connect with me, my old friends as well as my future new friends.

steem on, my friends



Congratulations mate! That's a smart thing you did selling at all time high :)

Hi, I've been on the platform for a while now... But I don't know how most of the stuff works, like powering up and powering down, Can you help??

It is not hard, just go to your wallet. there are also many tutorial on how to do this. Powering down takes 13 weeks, but you can power up in a few minutes.

now following you as well, my new friend

Congrats on your 2000 followers mate!

One day I hope I can get there too :)

you will get there my friend

First of all, congratulations on passing 2000, my tennis buddy! ;) We have to play someday, hopefully.

Anyways, I've checked your video. You are a GREAT speaker, Johnny! Loved your insight about caring for each other in the first place. :)

You deserved an upvote! Looking forward to your next blogs!

By the way, I have nominated YOU in The 'Love It' Or 'Shove It' Challenge :) Find it here https://steemit.com/loveitshoveit/@wild-forest/the-love-it-or-shove-it-challenge

Man! You nailed it on engagement! Caring about others, interacting, and asking open-ended questions! Great stuff!

I am on the verge of 1000 so also quite excited, but still battling with the upvotes and rewards, but all good, still loving every minute I do spend on @steemit. I am not too hung up on the rewards, but do sometimes feel that my efforts do not match the reward.

Of course not all of my posts deserves huge rewards but there are some I think could have got a better response, either way, am just happy to be on here,

Best of luck
stay blessed.

stay consistent and close to those who do support you

Thank you, will do. I usually just try to get a post in my spare time. but as I said, am quite happy to trudge along :-) for the love of @steemit.

Congrats :) Best wishes.

Welcome onboard! Hope you'll find it great in here..

thank you, i love it here

Hello @johnnyray!

I noticed you have posted many times since you began your journey on Steemit. That is great! We love active partipants.

I do want to point out that the Introduceyourself tag is meant to be used once only to introduce yourself to the Steemit community. You have now posted 8 times using the introduceyourself tag. Please see this link for more information Tag Spam?

Please take this into consideration and help build a great platform!

Congratulation, you deserve well

Hi John (ny)
Very Nice to meet you. I fully agree. I spent alot off time visualisatie My life thru My blogs. I even have My own 4o’clocky everyday been here 20 weeks and already have followers and a bit off Steem so I am enjoying Thats the msin thing. I hate beggers and people who answer with Nice , ok or love! Going to read more off your previous blogs and Will let you now My thoughts,
Wishing you a Nice evening greets from Holland

thank you