introduceyourself video :)

I did this once as a pic the first first day I joined steemit before I really knew what to do ;)

I started making videos on youtube, but by the time I got to the second one, the whole new rules for ad partnership for small creators came down, and quite frankly it sucks. Follow my blog here if you are interested, and on instagram @jillianfrancessings if you're into that kind of thing. Thank you!!!

▶️ DTube

Hi, welcome to steemit surely I'll check out your blog hope to see more of it and I wish you all the best. =)

Hi @purepinay I hope you can follow, upvote on my blogs too.. I am a Filipino bisaya usab..

That video was pretty good. I'm super impressed you figured out dtube so fast. My stupid ass took days to figure it out. LOL. And I didn't even post anything new, just the content I had on my YouTube channel. If I had any suggestions, there would be to not wear something so dark with a dark background. Or to increase lighting on your side so the shadows are not so prevelent. But, you could just ignore everyting I said and it would be fine. Good job.

Anyway, welcome to steemit. I hope you love it here. I certainly do. I find it works almost like magic.

I use steemit as my first posting platform for all social media interaction. I then push it out to the rest of my social media. Whattever I was going to put on FB or twitter I just post here. The idea is that I want to create a buzz here on my posts @ypdyoutube and also encourage others to join steem. You could do the same by hitting these icons on the bottom of your posts. The icons look like this: steem.PNG

If you are curious about how this whole magical land of steem works I suggest two places to read (neither are mine but I found them helpful when I signed up):

For readers :

Or if you are a visual person:

feel free to follow me, or not if you don't want to, on these sites:

I will totally follow you and I love suggestions! I'm a little spacey today as I'm preparing for an audition tomorrow, usually I'm a big stickler for good lighting but I wanted to throw something quick up here tonight because I'm sure with auditions this weekend I'll have lots of awkward material to show everyone on Monday.

Audition?! Well, good luck to you.

Excellent way to enter the middle, Welcome and many successes in this platform. I invite you to visit my blog and support me. You will count with my support.

So real Introduceyourself... Welcome to Steemit! and Good Luck with your career! :)


I wish you all the best.

Feel free to check out my blog @maxdigi, this way we can support each other!


Welcome back jillian...Have a good one... Ill follow...

hi....your first time on steemit? follow my page and learn more.....lets work together

Enjoy your post, each story is quite fun. You won my vote and support for this.
I invite you to visit my blog and support me in the same way.

Welcome to Steemit! Great place to broadcast the singing adventures. Got my upvote and follow, enjoyed the video!

Welcome to steemit from @lopezdacruz. All the best in your steemit journey.


excellent way to start in steemit. Do you like photography, painting or places unknown to you in South America???? following you

I like ALL OF THOSE THINGS! I'm assuming your blog is about that? I'll follow!

Welcome! I'm also new on steemit. It's amazing comunity ;-) I warmly invited U to visit my blog ;-) Good luck!

so you did get video's on the tube I see

yes! i did see your new entry. whats going wrong when you try and upload?

Awesome intro video. Welcome aboard! I love the title fake making it. Very creative!