From the Pearl of the orient sea meets steemit

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Hello Philippines and Hello World!
My name is Jessa Olloves. 23 years of age from the Pearl of The Orient Sea, Philippines. 20180318_213742.jpg
My present address is in Iligan City,
The middle child of five siblings. My father is a School Maintenance while my mother is a housewife. received_1880320608653848.jpeg
I'm a bit stubborn as a child but I do respect my parents. I look up to them especially my father who is the definition of a hardworker. Even on his rest days, he accepts work sidelines to provide for us. I prefer the company of kids than adults becaude they don't have too much drama. received_1880320051987237.jpegI've always been a child at heart that's why I love to interact with them. Nothing beats the sincerity of a child. I can also be mature and immature at the same time depending on the situation. I'm not your typical girl who wears make up and wears girly dresses. I prefer wearing comfortable clothes like jeans and shirt.
received_1880320321987210.jpeg Reading is one of my hobby. I read novels when I want to escape reality for a little while. It also helps me to have a broader perspectives in life. I love authors who encourages their readers to be confident, to be weird, to be authentic and to be anything they aspire to be.

I'm looking forward in knowing people in this community.

Hoping to meet and interact with other people.

Thankyou and Mabuhay! :)


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Hi jessalazzie, great introduction! Welcome to join the steemit community. Steemit is a social media that rewards you through interesting writing and comments. I think you have the ability to provide interesting writing in the next post. Your good job will be appreciated The spirit of work and good luck!
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thank you for the warm welcome @fataelrumy

Welcome to Steemit @jessalazzie!

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Hello @Jessalazzie! Welcome to the community!! I am sure you will enjoy your time here! Cheers!!

Welcome to steemit, looking forward to seeing you around @chessmasterhex.

Welcome, Jessa! Great to have you here :) You seem very friendly and honest! Followed ;)


thank you for the warm welcome @wild-forest

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Welcome to steemit family kabayan...

Welcome to steemit @jessalazzie :)

Hello @jessalazzie! Welcome to the community! Happy steeming. Enjoy your stay! 😆

Your #introduceyourself blog is very nice.
Thats what its All about on this platform and this blockchain. Blogging is it, blog on and you Will be succesfull! 🤛 and You Will earn money. 💴💸💰be carefull with all your passwords !! Never give that up!
I blog every day and love it!❤️
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Greetings from Brittandjosie - Holland 🇱🇺


Thankyou @brittandjosie.. Im excited in this community

Hey!Welcome to steemit!

I like your post, I will follow !

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Have a good day everyone!

Hi jessalazzie! Welcome aboard. I caught your post and must say it's very interesting. I too like to read a lot but more so the boring stuff, like historical accounts in biographies, economics, business, politics, education, the list goes on and on I guess. This platform is really remarkable the community of people on here will very likely impress you. I would also like to extend you an invite to a group of friends that I am lucky enough to be a part of, that helps newer steemit members progress more quickly through support intellectually and ongoing communications through mentoring and speeding up the learning curve so that newbies to the platform can get rolling much quicker. There is a group of us on steemauto, we under the curation trail search: cryptkeeper17. If you are interested in getting upvoted on all of your posts like we have on this one feel free to get back to me and I help you get it set up (it's very easy, and the nice thing is that if you don't like it for whatever reason you can unfollow it as easily as you follow it). I am always around here, so feel to send your questions/comments my way I am always happy to help and always answer my replies. Congratulations @jessalazzie, and enjoy your newest beginning!


thank you for the warm welcome @cryptkeeper. I do still have a hard time navigating, but I do hope in the run I would be able to know anything to know in this community and I hope I could post a another blog soon.

hi jessalazzie, it’s nice to see new face on steemit, hope you will spread positive vibes in steemit.and keep up the good work on steemit...;-) and be regular on steemit it will make grow you faster... ;-)

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Welcome to Steemit kabayan!😀

Welcome to SteemIt! you'll love it! :)

Welcome aboard 👌

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Welcome to Steem kabayan. Good luck.

Hello @jessalazzie proud of people like you!
So be yourself here. Welcome!!!
greetings from Venezuela

Hello! Welcome to Steemit. I hope you have success here.

welcome kabayan.. :)

Welcome to Steemit! justlike you I am a newbie :)

welcome Jessa ></
Thank you for nice story

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Hello! Philippines is a good country, I would like to visit it. Welcome to Steemit. I follow you, I hope you'll follow me, I'm glad to meet you!


thank you for the warm welcome but I still do have a hard time navigating. But I hope in the near future I will be able know anything here.

Welcome kabayan @jessalazzie

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