💯 #IntroduceYourself | Hello Steemian friends! I'm Javin, a guy that enjoys tech and sharing new ideas. Join me! 😁

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First and foremost I wanna give a shout out to my friends @kodaxx & @cptnduras for introducing me this amazing platform! We're lucky to have these two apart of our community with how much value they add, and will be adding in the future. I highly suggest that you check out their content and show them some love by following!

Without further ado, let's jump in 😁

So...who am I?

Javin at Halloween 2017

Errr...wrong photo...that was my halloween costume 😐🐯

Javin Paoli on Steemit

Ahhh that's better!

"So Jave, where you livin?"

Well funny you asked! Over the course of my life time i've lived in 8 different states. Majority of the moving around was in my young years, due to my parents being divorced.

I spent most of my days growing up in Auburn, California until the age of 13. That's when I moved to a place that you most likely never have heard of, or knew existed....can you take a wild guess?

While you take some time to think of a guess...here are some pictures of my old stomping grounds 😜 (Auburn)

The Auburn area is known for being a big part of the California Gold Rush. Hence the statues!

Javin Paoli on Steemit Javin Paoli on Steemit

Old elementary school that I attended. (Closed Now)

Javin Paoli on Steemit Javin Paoli on Steemit

*Drum Roll*


Wyoming State Flag

I know, weird place to be living, yet here I am. Why some of you might ask? To sum it up, Dad remarried while also taking on 3 other kids in California. Growing up as an only child, it wasn't working for me. So I moved to where my mom was, which happened to be here in Wyoming.

As you'll come to find out later on in the post, i'm a nerdy tech guy, and alot of my hobbies had little to do with being outside. It took some time to get acclimated to everything....and by time...I mean alot of time.

So when I was bored playing with tech, I was bored out of my mind!

As I grew older, I learned to appreciate the beautiful scenery around me and came to the conclusion that I needed more outside hobbies liiike.....

Hacky Sack

Mountain Biking

Cliff Jumping

For those wondering, no that's not me.
I hear that this particular jump is 50ish feet, with alot of exposed rocks at the bottom that you need to clear! No thanks!

and generally anything else that involves outdoors!
Here's more nature pics I knew you were wanting. 😉

Little bit about my younger years...

Thanks to my dad, technology in general has been something that's always been around me ever since a young age.

It all started at the age of 5 when I was bought the original PlayStation. Then it moved on to the original Gameboy, GB Advanced, GB SP, Nintendo DS, original Xbox, (That was then modded to download games you rented from Blockbuster 😈) Gamecube, etc, etc. Do you even game bro?

Javin and my old man
Yes I know that times are tuff being a Kings fan...
Paja is still the best 3 point shooter to exist, don't @ me. 😝

"What do you do for a living?"

You might be surprised to hear that eventually I ended up working in the Tech Industry...currently working in the IT Department at my local hospital. Help Desk/SysAdmin hyrbrid. As other SysAdmins can attest, majority of the job duties is resetting passwords, and throwing away stickies that have their passwords on it. 😉

Other then that, I create websites for businesses in my area. Trying to help them catch up with the current times, and leverage the internet to their benefit! Typically that's in the form of a informational site talking about what their business has to offer, or selling their products nationwide. It truly depends on what they'd like to achieve with their site.

"So what kind of content are you going to be posting about?"

My goal with this is to not talk about one particular subject. It'll be a curation of all of the things that interest me, and things that are currently going on in my life!

You could expect topics such as:

  • Video Games (Leaning towards eSports and games i'm playing)
  • Crypto Currency (HODL)
  • Exploring mountains
  • Hacky Sacking
  • Anything Technology related
  • New Skills i'm learning
  • New Hobbies i'm trying
  • Places i'm visiting, and my thoughts on them

and others things, as my blog develops more and more.

"Omg are you done talking yet?"

Yes 😁 I think i'm finally nearing the end of my introduction.

If you did make it to the end, let me know by commenting "Steemit is awesome!" and by also linking your own introduction post. So i'm able to learn more about you, and also give you a follow! ☺️

Let's get this party started Steemit!

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Welcome @javinp.


Thanks for the welcome!

Glad to see that you're posting content again. I'm going to give you a follow in hopes that you continue to keep posting. 🙂


Awesome intro man - Love the combination of GIFs and nature - You have earned yourself a resteem for that! Greets


Thanks! Im aiming to create content thats fun and enjoyable to read. I appreciate the feedback. 😊

Have a good rest of your day/night @welcoming

Hello and Welcome to Steemit!
I followed you if you would like to then follow me back😀
Also, I resteemed your post because I thought it was great!


I appreciate the kind words friend! I just followed back

Hey mate, welcome to Steemit @javinp.

Love the pics especially the ones with nature. I love mountain biking too. I haven't done it for so long since I moved back to Asia.

Enjoy your time here. I know you will be successful because you are a natural writer.


Mel @coachmelleow


Thanks for stopping by @coachmelleow, and I truly appreciate the kind words 😃

What were some of your favorite places to mountain bike? I might have to add them to my list. Also what's it going to take for me to try and convince you to get back on the bike?? 😉

Have nice rest of your day!

Welcome to Steemit, nice intro! I did make it to the end, and yes Steemit is awesome! :) Here's my intro post. Although, not as cool as yours :)



Thanks for taking the time to read through the end!

I read through and am very jealous on how close you guys are to Disneyland! It's a place that i'm definitely going to have revisit at some point.

Following 😊

Nice sharing your story and those beautiful pictures :) Welcome!


Thanks for taking the time to drop by @chloewij 😁

I must say, you take some fantastic photos yourself! Photography is beautiful in the way that you can tell a story simply through images. Very fascinating and something I aspire to get better at this coming year!

I'll make sure to follow so I make sure that i'm getting the best tips 🙂



You are so right! But I'd need to buy me a camera soon.. IPhone 6 quali is not so fantastic.. Let's see what Steemit will bring haha :D
Following you too! Hope you enjoy your day :) @javinp

Hello and welcome. I like the gifs


Thanks @zelenicic! 😁

Very nice post. Welcome to Steemit! Love all the outdoor pictures. I'm also a a huge crypto fan. Currently working on a new crypto storage device. Give me a follow @Bitzerk :)


Just followed back 😀

Crypto storage device you say??? Going to check out your profile looking for something talking about it.

Cheers! 🍻

good content I'm glad I hope to see you soon mate and support us you're back?


Nice to meet you @tiagobuiles1!

You're hard work shows through your great physique! I'll check out your content and give you a follow.


Hello! Welcome to the club! ;)


Hey @neihy05! Thanks for the welcome! 😝

I wish you and your significant other the best in the future! 💘

yeah this was a really dope write up. Looking forward to more!


I appreciate that @elima! I'll make sure to follow back.

Here's to many more posts! 🍻

Holy shit bro, blogging EXPERT. SO GOOD.

Great intro and welcome! Both Cali and Wyoming are beautiful states in their own way, which you illustrated very well.
Good luck here on Steemit! =)

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