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After 5 days and 2 posts, I decided to introduce myself to the Steemit community. I wasn't planning to write an introduction post like this because I'm kind of shy, but a lot of things happened and I thought "screw it! I'm gonna write". This is the timeline since my first login:

  1. I signed up Tuesday's night.
  2. I wrote my first post about learning and I made $2.15
  3. I wrote my second post on Wednesday, this time about tech.
  4. Steemit got hacked on Thursday and $85000 were stolen (omg)
  5. I realized that my second post made $132.59 and it was the 19th post in #trending. I thought "damn, this thing is serious"
  6. I went to a weekend trip with my girlfriend to a small city around my hometown to rest.
  7. I came back today and I was reading some posts and this one in particular got my attention. My account was in the "hack list".

The funny part is that until the moment of the hack I just had my first payout of $2.15 (poor hacker). But now I can tell to my future children: Hey kids, do you know this awesome social network that you all spend hours using? My account was one of the firsts to be hacked!

Bad jokes aside, let me get started:

My name is Icaro, I'm 20 and I'm Brazilian. I live in this beautiful city called Belo Horizonte.

"Belo Horizonte" means "Beautiful Horizon"

We don't have amazing beaches like Rio, but our "sea" looks like this:

Belo Horizonte it's also known for its bars (or 'butecos') and people say:

A gente não tem mar, mas tem bar

In English:

We don't have beaches, but we have bars

By the way, the food here is amazing.

As I said, I spent the weekend in a small town near Belo Horizonte with my girlfriend. Although BH is a big city (1,4M habitants), we have a lot of small towns around, full of nature and peace. That was my weekend home:

Impossible not rest here

Another cool thing about BH it's that the startup community here, known as San Pedro Valley, has been growing a lot in the past few years and we have a lot of success cases.

More about me

I'm a developer and I code since I was 14 years old. Since then I've been coding web platforms and trying to develop business inside the tech world. My first attempt was a company called EatUp (a web platform to make easier the use of social networks for restaurant and bar managers). It was an amazing journey of learning, but we failed :(

the EatUp team
the EatUp team

After that (last year), I was hired by an awesome U.S. startup named Nebulab, that develops data management solutions for researchers. I'm still working there and aside the great company, one of the coolest parts for me it's been working from home (this is one topic that I want to write about, because work on pajamas is fucking awesome).

I love technology and how it changes the world. That's the reason why every day I spend hours learning more and more. And also, that's the reason why I started to learn about Bitcoin and Altcoins around 2 years ago. So, consequently, that's the reason why I'm writing this post in Steemit.

Besides the tech world, I love arts. Mostly music and theater. These are topics that I want to write about later too, but I'll just talk now: listen to the Brazilian music. It's lovely. I found out, thanks to Steemit, that the Chico Buarque's meme it's famous worldwide. Chico Buarque is this guy:

Aside this great meme, he's also a Brazilian singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer, dramatist, writer and poet. His music is really great.


To finish my introduction: I love to travel. Even though I've never been abroad yet, my girlfriend and I usually spent some time traveling around our country. We love to go to places where we have peace, good food and a nice place to rest.



This is Maria Clara, my beautiful girlfriend, who I'm trying to convince start a blog in Steemit

I think that's all for now... I'm having such a great time writing that I think I'm going to give up on development!


Hi bro! ) I liked your post!
You looks like beardy Chris Rock on your last photo xD ))))

Ola! Brasil is amazing country

great inteoduction friend, hope to hear more about your home town bello horizonte. will love to vist one day until then perhaps i can live vicariously through you

Oi Icaro, tudo bem? Gostei seu post no Steemit. Tudo vez eu vi imagens do Brasil eu me faz muito feliz. Eu espero sua namorado vai escrever aqui também.

It's not the best portugese but i'm learning slowly. My girlfriend is Brasilian too. Wish you all the best writing here. I liked your intro!

Mark - Netherlands

Looks like you have a great life pal.

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