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The world has changed

It's incredibly amazing how the things have changed in a few years. Not long time ago, the path to learning something was pretty harder and longer than it is today. You would probably need to go after someone who spent his life studying and becoming an expert in what you want to learn. Maybe you would find this person in a university, maybe you would need to visit tons of libraries until you find a book that this person wrote. In other words, you didn't have too much choice: either you would listen to this person trying to explain what you wanted to know or you would spend weeks reading endless books.

But nowadays, thanks to all the technology available, this knowledge path can be a lot easier and even funnier. You can watch video lessons in your home whenever you want, for free. You can do exercises and exams through your computer. You can even get a reliable certification that you learned something on the internet. Isn't this amazing?

In this post, I'll share some great websites that provide online learning in different ways. Some of them are very known, but I think that this list can be useful for many people.

Also, I intend to share some of the knowledge I get in this online courses with you in Steemit. Right now, I'm learning more about Bitcoins in this free course. Hope you enjoy it =)

Online tools to learn anything

Know any other tool? Please comment!


Awesome list of learning sites. I am big on pluralsight udemy khan academy.

Check out my post here of a ton of useful guides and tips to get started using steemit.

Great! I'm having a hard time trying to understand how everything works in Steemit. This list will be very useful. Thanks

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