Fundraising for Enrollment in MN Medical Cannabis Program

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I'm a proud grandma to an amazing teenager who literally calls me and asks to come to my house every few weeks and I am so thankful to have such a strong relationship with him. My biggest struggle in spending time with him--and life in general--is my rheumatoid arthritis, which I have had for over 30 years now. Arthritis deteriorates the cartilage in my joints, which is easy to see in my hands:


You might find it hard to believe, but I actually can type pretty fast! One thing I found years ago was the effectiveness of cannabis to help mitigate the pain and support my general wellness. Years ago I needed to keep this very private, though today opinions have shifted and there is far more openness and many states are decriminalizing both recreational and medical use.

Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program

I live in Minnesota, where medical cannabis is partially legal as it is only available in oils. Fortunately, they offer a broad spectrum of both THC and CBD, the latter of which plays a bigger role in pain relief and isn't as available when you're getting a bag of weed.

I've wanted to get involved, but I need a doctor to certify me and my "regular" doctor is traditional and won't prescribe alternative medicine and I've found any certifying doctor charges $250 and the annual fee to the state is another $200, so I need $450 to get started. Before I buy any cannabis. That's 3 full months of my regular weed budget and I have no way to produce this much extra cash so I've just sat aside without access to this pretty awesome program.

Fundraising on STEEM!

I barely understand this STEEM universe but my son assures me there's a great community here that might offer some support for my journey so I'm ready to get involved. If I get in the program, I'd obviously get a bunch of the oils and write some posts about the entire program and what they have available.

Minnesota is pretty restrictive in that you are not allowed to smoke the flower plant material, only the oils and tinctures produced by the two licensed providers. The program has struggled with limited enrollment so I'd like to get more visibility into this to not only share my story but ultimately help raise visibility and grow enrollment in the program.

I'm mostly interested in looking across the THC --> CBD spectrum to see how it impacts pain and share these results with everyone.

What More Can I Do?

As I've mentioned, I need $450 USD, which at today's prices is about 1,100+ STEEM and obviously no recent post has produced rewards anywhere near that amount so I'd like to figure out some other ways I could get a little closer to my goal. I'll certainly keep posting, but until I'm in the program I'm not really sure what to talk about. Please share any additional ideas for ways to raise a little more money and get my hands of some of these oils to share that story with everyone!


My mom's hands look just like yours. She finds great relief in CBD lotions. I'm so thankful that it's fully legal here in wa and she can access it. It stinks that you are unable to get the medicine you need. I hope steem can help you get close to raising the money you need. 💕

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I'm so glad your mom has access where she lives, I hope to explore things like the lotions as well. Thanks for your support!

The really sad part is, my mom grew up believing all the lies about cannabis, so she was hesitant to acknowledge that it might be beneficial to her. Thankfully, she had friends that had tried it and convinced her, not only was it safe, it would help! She still won't go to a dispensary by herself. It's hard to shake off that stigma. Even when it's available, people have been brainwashed to believe it's criminal. 😔

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Welcome to steem! Maybe we can help you reach your goal.

Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it!

Welcome! I know how you must suffer as my grandma was afflicted the same way. Unfortunately for her she was not of the era that even consider using THC/CBD in any form. I hope you get the funds you need to begin the program and I will throw in my $.03 worth lol. I'll also resteem so perhaps more people will see your post.

Haha, your $0.03 is no small token as your obvious kindness and support are deeply appreciated!

Welcome to the STEEM blockchain @grannabis, love the name, so awesome. I enjoy your writing too, and look forward to following you on your journey with medical cannabis and all it entails.

I believe that you will have success in raising the needed funds. Thank you for being here!

Thanks for all your support, I seriously appreciate it! I realize now, without your delegation I wouldn't have even been able to make this comment.

And thanks so much for the donation of 4.20 STEEM, that made my day!!

You are very welcome, I snooped in your wallet and saw no SP hehe!! Can't have you not being able to talk to your new friends!! Have a wonderful night @grannabis! Your post made my day, so just paying you back :) :)

I really appreciate your generosity, thank you!

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Hello @grannabis

Welcome to Steem i wish you luck and success.
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These are exactly the kind of great suggestions I was hoping for, thank you so much for your help!

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Welcome to steemit @grannabis.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!


I did find @canna-curate but I didn't know the communities you mentioned so I'll check that out, thanks for these tips!


Welcome to steem!
Keep posting and I will follow you, as your post become more popular out there , who knows?
Someone may just give you a bit of help, there are many generous folks here.
Wish you luck, and will rested your posts.

Thanks for the resteem, I appreciate your help!

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Welcome to Steemit Granma grannabis
I saw your #introduceyourself and its nice to meet you.
Blogging is what its all about on this blockchain. The best part is that you could earn money.
I have been here for a while and love it!
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Thanks for all your tips and warm support!

Gave you a 100% upvote. I hope this little bit helps. :)

Thanks, I appreciate your support!

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