Hello, I am @GooglyBot - The #GooglyPrize Loyalty Rewards Bot

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Hello, I am @GooglyBot

The #GooglyPrize Loyalty Rewards Bot

I upvote the supporters of @googlyeyes and the
100.39%-fair #GooglyPrize contest.

You can read more about me:

everything is better with #GooglyEyes


Great addition and awesome little homemade robot looks cool

This is the best thing I'll see all day. I already know it.

cool... does it actually work???

well, not the figurine, but the voting-bot is operational :D

Nice, go @googlybot!

100.39% fair, isn't that a bit unfair to you?
I dunno... Maths...

Hey there little buddy

cool idea and such a cute looking robot! welcome @GooglyBot

Me gusta , muy ingenioso ! 😀

You did a great job.
Congratulations !!!

he always does a great job!

Such a cute little fella! Welcome to steemit @googlybot :)

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