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It's way past my bedtime, but after my highly motivated brother-in-law, @craigwilliamz , explained how Steemit works I got excited about you guys, and this new blogging forum. I would have created an account much sooner but I had to go on some errands, having been volunteered by my wife to drive her to Walgreens, Jo-Ann's, the FedEx store, Hobby Lobby, and Chipotle


I took this photo using a filter from an iphone app called Prisma

Creating An Account

I tried to create an account while I was out in the car waiting for her as she bought picture frames, printed B&W photos of Paris, London and NYC, but the account validation process wouldn't let me get past the email confirmation. So after the long laundry list, and a couple of Chipotle bowls under my arm, we made it home and I jumped online to complete the process. -- :) Now I'm on and excited.

My li'l family. I'm missing my son who is a Super Computer Programmer (SCP) who lives out-of-town. 

I'm into

Well, a little about me....I love watching the Food Network channel while running on a treadmill at my gym. Health is a huge part of my life, but I shudder to think of having a meal and not thoroughly enjoying each bite.  :) You may think I am joking but a properly prepared juice will knock your socks off. This is a photo of some healthy pancakes I made for my daughter last Saturday. (Yes, those are chocolate chips for eyes on the second flapjack.)

(Whew, I could really use a photo editor here. Lol, the first time I posted this image, it was over 4000x4000 pixels. The eye of the pancake took up most of the screen.)

When I'm not running, eating healthy, or cooking I am traveling which is another passion of mine. The city I would love to retire to is Bogota, Colombia. It remains at a constant temperature between 57-68 degrees fahrenheit (14 - 20 degrees celsius). Although it rains everyday there it only lasts one hour and then it clears up. The people are the sweetest and most cultured group of people I've met anywhere and I've been a lot of places. 

It's been great writing and starting my introduction. I look forward to reading your comments and following new friends. My wife is calling down the stairs reminding me that I have to pack for my trip to Mexico City and to come to bed. (Does that ever happen to anyone else?) lol 


Fantastic intro post. Welcome to steemit @gabrielgrimes. I am sure you will do well here

welcome aboard have fun and share your experiences with us!

You got it. Thanks :)

Welcome to Steemit Uncle Gabriel!!

:) Thanks Ashley. You and your Dad are going to have to help me here. Lol

Welcome to Steemit! Hope you'll enjoy your time here :-)

:) Thanks @Playfulfoodie this really isn't my normal space to share it seems very techie and "cryptosherical" to me, but I am looking forward to finding new friends. What can you tell me about all this? What should I do, and what should I avoid?

That's how I felt about Steemit, aswell. To begin with, you can just see this as a blog/social media site. Just post your blogs, comment on other people's blogs and upvote the articles you enjoy! You'll earn from your activities naturally and once you're ready to dive into the crypto part of it all, just read up on a couple of articles. I've actually written a little article explaining this site as a comparison to Facebook.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask! I'm no expert here, but I've been here for two months now and learned a thing or two :D

Thank you. I'll do just as you suggested. And I'll read your article since any comparisons to a mainstream social platform is very helpful. 👍😎 thanks again.

welcome to steemit...^^

Thanks. I love your avatar btw.

follow and upvote

Welcome, yep I have found being a chauffeur is part of the deal. Who knew? I pretty new here too, but I followed!

Thanks, I appreciate it. :punch: That is supposed to be a fist pump but it isn't publishing liek I want it to.

Na, you just knocked me out LOL!

Lol. I hope it doesn't sting too badly.

Welcome to steemit

:smiley: Thanks

you are welcome

Welcome to steemit @gabrielgrimes =) Always nice to see new people around here. Best wishes !

I appreciate the welcome, @lastminuteman . I like your page. But I was caught off guard by the post by @karenmckersie . What is downvoting ? And should I be afraid of it?

My Brother-in-law told me about the whales. So I know about them, but I didn't know that they trolled this forum.

Thanks. Well, downvoting has the opposite effect of upvoting. As you can see, there is a flag at the right top corner of every post. If someone doesn't like your content or think there is too much reward on it, he can flag it and the potential payout will fall. Moreover, it would seem that after a flag on a high potential payment, funds that have been reduced will be shared among voters (someone corrects me if I'm wrong). So as you know, a flag from a whale will be much more burdensome on the payout. That said, most of posts are not flagged. Let's hope this continues !

My fingers are crossed, and I share your hope and optimism. I look forward to not being flagged.

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