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Hello Steemit community!

I have been observing Steemit since its creation and have decided it it about time I join in. I am a long time member of the crypto community and have been involved in some of its projects mostly in an organizational role. I prefer to preserve my anonymity, so I am using a pen name here on Steemit. I have made this username mostly as an interface with a website I manage called . The site focuses primarily on content curation, but with my joining of the Steemit community I will start producing more original content, with the help of a few carefully selected contributors. For now I plan to focus on writing, but if things go well there is other content I would like to produce for this forum as well as the website.

As far as myself personally, I am a resident of the Chicagoland area, USA. I am Libertarian leaning, and enjoy learning about and discussing many subjects including, cryptocurrency, trading, economics, technology, history, psychology, politics, current events, photography, education, permaculture, natural medicine, and quite a bit more. I am a bit of a Jack of all trades, familiar with many and expert in few. However I do consider myself an expert on the cryptocurrency community and most related technology, as well as a very serious student of economics, history, and psychology. I enjoy most of all reading and researching topics of interest, but also very much enjoy sharing what I have learned with others. I hope I can turn my countless hours of research into something that can help educate and expand the minds of my readers, and look forward to hearing from, and learning from you all in turn.

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Hi, Eric. Welcome to Steemit! Enjoy every moment of your journey here!

Welcome. I look forward to reading your posts. You and I are interested in many of the same topics. I, too, have done years of research on natural, nontoxic modes to healing and what true nutrition looks like. I am a former high school English teacher, but no longer too keen on the mainstream "education" system. Again, welcome, and all the best to you.

Awesome! Thanks for your encouragement. I have a strong background in English, and have been told I have exceptional writing skills. I think you will enjoy what I have to offer. Please follow and stay tuned!

I cetainly will! Thank you.

Greetings good sir.
Following to see what comes next!

Welcome aboard!

Welcome Eric! Please believe in STEEM , power up as much as possible and you will be fine here! Enjoy your Steemit adventure!

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Here is the post!

I do my friend. The first thing I did was buy some Steem Power ;)

Welcome to the community, Eric! Follow me at

I am curious at what made you get involved with steemit at this present time. What kind of projects have you worked on? I hope I'm not being a pest because I am always curious about everything.
Congrats, @ericarthurblair You've been featured on "Steem is beautiful"
I am following, upvoting, resteeming and featuring you.

Welcome to Steemit > I'm happy you could join us.
Hope this Quick Start Guide will help you:

Stay Original >Stay Creative > SteemOn Daily

Thank you! I have mostly worked on some altcoin projects. Mostly I have been wanting to start writing for some time, and Steemit gives me a good bootstrap audience, a forum, and some monetary incentive to do so. I just keep seeing Steemit getting bigger and bigger so I figured I should join, it is about time. Thanks for the encouragement & extra exposure!

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Welcome to Steemit @ericarthurblair

Welcome to Steemit Eric! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! :-)

Welcome to Steemit!
I am sure you will fit very well here.
Just make sure to share your knowledge and follow the guidelines.


I suspect you and I will have some good conversations. I am glad you are here. Keep writing like you do and in time I suspect you'll be doing exceptionally well here. You'll also be helping me and others like minded with trying to fight the only way I currently see as something I can do. Education, sharing information, free learning, free exchange of ideas, and a willingness to question EVERYTHING.

Thank you for the encouragement. That is the plan! I look forward to working towards that goal with you and the rest of the community here.

Please don't forget to follow! I have a post ready to go I think a lot of people will find very interesting! I want as many people as possible to see it.

welcome to the steemit community add me and i will do the same @goodaytraders

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