Hi everyone, I joined yesterday (English/Turkish)

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Hi everyone,
My name is Eren and as I think you have already got it, I am a new member to steemit community. After a long period of waiting (2 weeks), I have been finally approved. I would like to tell you a bit about myself.
I am 22 years old, I live in Istanbul, Turkey, and I am a third year translation and interpreting student. I am literally interested in everything; there is hardly ever anything that makes me happier than reading and learning. I am an avid reader, and I am obsessed with learning languages. I am fluent in English and German, and I have been learning Spanish and Polish for some time. It will be hard for me to stop spending my whole day here because there are countless beautiful posts that I would like to read. I would like to get to know each and every one of you, and I send you greetings from Istanbul.

Herkese selam,
Benim adım Eren ve tahmin edebileceğiniz gibi ben steemit topluluğunun yeni üyelerinden biriyim. Uzun bir bekleme süresinden sonra (2 hafta) siteye kabul edildim. Şimdi sizlere kendimden bahsedeyim biraz.
22 yaşındayım, İstanbul'da yaşıyorum ve üçüncü sınıf çeviribilim öğrencisiyim. Aklınıza gelebilecek her konuya ilgiliyim, hatta beni okumaktan daha mutlu edecek şey yok denecek kadar azdır. Kitapları çok severim ve dil öğrenmek en büyük hobim, belki de takıntım. Almanca ve İngilizce akıcı derecede konuşabiliyorum ve İspanyolca ve Lehçe öğreniyorum bir süredir. Burada günümün tamamını harcamamak için kendimi tutmak çok zor olacak çünkü okumak istediğim o kadar yazı görüyorum ki. Hepinizle umarım bir şekilde tanışırız, İstanbul'dan selamlar.

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Welcome to steemit, nice photo. I have a lot of fun here, and you can too, but try not to be discouraged by lack of upvotes, or earned Steem, it will come if you stay active and grow your niche. Good luck!


Thank you :) The photo was taken in my university called Boğaziçi. I will not let myself be discouraged by anything, hopefully I will have a great time here, that is my main goal.



Warm welcome from me and all steemit community. Happy to meet you Keep on working hard. our support is always with you. Best of luck for future.


Thank you very much ☺️ Happy to become a member of the community.

Welcome to Steemit @erensonmez!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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How does Steemit actually work?

Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!

Hi Eren I also waited two weeks and started posting yesterday. Welcome to the community. Wow you are fluent with different languages that's cool 😊


Welcome to you as well ☺️ I hope we will have a great time here


Yes I do hope so too

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Hi Eren welcome on Steemit!!
This is the right community to find new friends all over the world and followers with the same interests to share. But remember that Steemit requires a little effort, so don't be discouraged if you don't immediately get the likes you hoped for. Don't worry, I'm sure it'll be a wonderful experience for you too. Hey, don't put your studies aside. :-D
Happy Steemit..


Thank you ☺️ You are definitely right, but I am aware of the need for time, I think I will manage to be patient 😌 If I ever feel discouraged, I will come back and read your comment here 😊



Selamlar, hoşbuldum :)

Welcome to Steem @erensonmez.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchain works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Welcome to Steem, @erensonmez!

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Hi Eren, welcome to steemit, i hope you enjoyed and share what you have 😁


Thank you, nice to see you ☺️


Nice to see you eren 😁

Welcome to the community!


Thank you very much!

Chevere tu descripción , es interesante y admirable que a esa edad ya domines 2 idiomas y tengas interés por un tercero !!


Es como un hobby para mí :) Necesitaré tiempo para mejorar en español, pero hablar con gente me ayudará mucho, muchas gracias :)

hoşgeldin eren..


Selamlar hoşbuldum

Welcome to steemit @erensonmez.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of steemit @erensonmez . May your time spent here on the platform be productive. This can be a wonderful outlet when properly used. The key is to network with others and make new friends.
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Hoş geldin Eren. Hede'den takipteyim zaten. Buraya da yazayım dedim.


Selamlar, hoşbuldum.