planetruthTV 1: Anthony Ciconte/Elissa Hawke

Hey Steemit!
This is the practice run of our new show/therapy sessions.
Anthony Ciconte is one of my favourite young Aussie comedians, and he is woke AF!
We are going to do some google hangouts so this was just us meeting each other and establishing just how much fun and camaradarie we might have. It is so relaxing hanging with people who are open minded, and independent enough to be their own authority. People who let truth be their authority rather than let authority tell them "truth".
People who hold truth above their own privilidges and favours.
I think we're going to have a lot of laughs amongst discussing real crazy life and all the lies.
Below is a quick summary of where this wild shiz segued

PlanetruthTV is about false flags, anti-gov, vaccines, almost all systems! Not just flat earth!
The Court of Life-Be Brave- Real Medicine -Cannabis - True Care - the sick cystem versus saving lives --ayahuasca and death- Port Arthur Massacre - False Flags - Government versus sovereignty, anarchy - Wendy Scurr - Andrew McGregor - Martin Bryant - MK Ultra - Tavistock - Mind control patsy - anti-terror squads/coalitions for gun control actually plan all the false flags and hoaxes - Disarming the Populace - 600,000 guns conficated /"bought "back by the Aussie goverment -The Hoddle Street Massacre, Melbourne Australia 9th of August 1987, The Queen Street Massacre, Melbourne Australia 8th December 1987, The Aramoana Massacre, New Zealand 13th )
November 1990, , The Dunblane Massacre, Scotland 13th March 1996 and Port Arthur Massacre, Tasmania, Australia 28th April 1996.
Martial law- Microchips
Denial -Hiding from the self - The Staircase of Disbelief - Neil Kramer - Proofs - The earth is Flat! - New Narratives - Language - Roots - Words - Ridicule - Arguments

I am going to get Anthony and his wife on Steemit too, we're going to drag a whole lot of science reappraisers over

correction : I said prison guard when I should have said prison doctor in the ayahuasca story
RIP Dennis

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oooohhhkay i thought it was nice to introduce the non steemian but I understand

Welcome @elissahawke to Steemit. I hope your blog is successful. Please follow me @ngocthuc

Keep up the good work
looks like it's coming along nicely
Looks like when everything is said and done it will be in a amazing project


thanks @vulturestkn! I am thankful for the encouragement

Welcome and Thank You for being with us!! Following your Blog now

Welcome to steemit

Hi @elissahawke - I'm running my social media promotion bomb and steem backed dollar giveaway again. I wanted to give you a heads up in case you wanted to support it again, and thank you for your support for the last competition! :)

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how cool! I am going to learn by watching


Well, you'll learn something for sure, although it may be what NOT to do! hahahahaha

Welcome to steemit hope you enjoy it here!! Followed. Follow me back 😘