Introduction post! EINSTEIN Kaffee Bistro Potsdam (Attention: Beautiful Pictures inside)

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Hello, this is Team EINSTEIN Kaffee Bistro Potsdam. We were so excited about implementing Steem Payments, that we didn't introduce ourselves yet. 

So this is our introduction post!

Our EINSTEIN Kaffee opened in 2016, we are the first EINSTEIN Kaffee in the Potsdam Area. 

We employ roundabout 10 people and our mission is to bring the best Coffee to our clients. Our food and our cakes are mostly organic, we offer many vegan and vegetarian selections of cakes and drinks too. 


Check out the Pictures of our Store

Our Storefront (this is a old picture, HERE you can find pictures taken this week)

Our Cakes, Salads and Juices

Our Beautiful Cafe

_DSC5364 - Copy
Our Outdoor Area
2016-08-06 15.53.40

Our Breakfast Selections

Our Burgers
Our Cakes

If these pictures got you hungry, wait until next week. We will start a series of awesome cake and coffee selections!!!

So please visit us soon! Our whole team is waiting for you guys! 

Google Maps Link


Adress: Kurfürstenstraße 12 Potsdam 14467

Tel: 0331 23162801

Mon-Sun 9- 19pm

If you plan to accept Steem Payments read our Tutorial here

Please check out CAPITALISMs POST with Pictures visiting us, we hope he enjoyed his coffee !!!


Thanks for the post!!

These look very beautiful and delicious. The pics are so good that they can easily enter SteemitPhotoChallenges :P

oh ! yes i never thought about that ! ;)

Ciao! Ciao!


Looks beautiful and delicious! Love the name too.

Hello Sarah, thank you ! We are following you now!

Enjoy your stay!

What is your all time favorite comedy movie?

This is a great introduction post.
I already love your burgers which i saw in last post, now adding the things on my menu when il be there.
Wish you luck

Hello Mindfreak. i think you are referring to @knozaki2015 post. He had a burger.
This one is our Chicken Burger. If you come, you get one for free ;)

Rooting for it.

Looks freaking delicious!

Hello Seejandmyself, thank you! It really tastes really good ;) Please visit us oneday

One day, one day... For now check my last posted recipe out, i hope you like it!

you make me hungry before bed ... you are Satan. Great post upvoted :)

Hello Dragonslayer109 ! thank you very much for the Vote! If you ever come to Berlin/Potsdam, we are happy to comp you a coffee !

@knozaki2015 has convinced me to follow you and upvote all your posts (I'm both mark-waser [personal] and digital-wisdom [wisdom])

I'd really appreciate it if you could follow me as well and up-vote. I think that I'll be good for some curation fees now (one is just coming up on 30 minutes) and I've got $1000 in bitcoin coming in to invest on Monday.


Hello Mark-waser ! We are following you know and upvoted your post !

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Hello, are you a Bot??

with a reputation of 2... I'd say it's a bot ... :)

OK, so the Number behind the Name is the Reputation Score?

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