Introducing Mirror Man! Are you ready to awaken from this dream state that we call reality?

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Are you prepared to unlearn what you learned from those who didn’t know? If so, then you’ll love these Inspired Reflections…

Hey Steemit peeps, Eddie here! This is my first post! My good friend Roland introduced me in Feb 2018, but he’s still waiting for his account approval lol.

I’m a regular fun loving guy. I’ve lived on tropical islands in Thailand for most of my adult life - I love da beach life. Also love video gaming, especially World of Tanks, and playing badminton, snowboarding and surfing… And an ice cold beer on the beach, of course!


Here’s a virtual postcard from my virtual life…

I’m using Steemit partly…

Because I’m way past the idea of any fascist, communist or anyone else telling me what to be, say or do! I bought Bitcoin last year and learned about blockchain technology and I really believe that decentralization is the way forward. I love the idea that no one can delete my posts and that the Steemit platform is naturally regulated by users through voting and interaction, so I will support it 100% with my time and effort!

I'm also using Steemit to…

Share reflections from my higher self with you. That's right, aside from actively enjoying my life I love learning about and writing about the nature of existence. I like diving into the heart of the matter to discover the root. The tools I use for this purpose are (to use labels) quantum and meta-physics with an embedded spiritual foundation.

Several years ago I noticed that so many people in the world are unhappy and I know why that is. I also know “how” those unhappy people can change their experience, if they so desire. Thus, my writing includes practical ways in which you can get different reflections of reality by being the change that you say you prefer.

The aim of my writing is to simplify stuff in order to help us remember who we really are, which accelerates our collective awakening. Below is a selection of some of my writing from the Divine Shorts series, as reflected to me by my higher self aka Mirror Man. This is the first of the Mirror Man Speaks series and focuses upon self-empowerment:


Divine Wish

From a place of deep pain, the sufferer cursed the Divine:

"Why must I endure this constant pain? Haven’t I already suffered enough for you? What more do you want from me and how much longer must I suffer on your behalf?"

And a soft clear voice echoed a Divine message in the sufferer’s ear:

"After all these years of pain and suffering, have you not realized that I am but a reflection of all that you voice inside? Seeing the constant turmoil in the external circumstances of your life, have you not remembered that I, the Divine, Am but a mirror which reflects your beliefs, emotions and thoughts back to you?"

"But I was taught that I need to suffer in order that you will use your power to grant my wish and allow me to enter into your kingdom" groaned the sufferer.

The soft clear Divine voice continued:

"Everyone’s already in my kingdom, for there is nowhere else. I have no power over you and I demand absolutely nothing of you. My Divine Wish for you is:

I want for you what you want for you...

...and nothing more.

This is true for all beings every-where and every-when, now and until the end of time and even, forever more."

Divine Mirror

While angrily complaining to her friends and in a state of obvious frustration at the unfairness of life, the secretary broke down in tears and cried out:

"Why is my life this way? Why do I never seem to have enough money to do everything I want to do? And after all these years why doesn’t my life get any better?"

Just then, a beautiful fairy appeared and whispered in her ear:

"All things in your life or missing from your life are there because you asked. The Divine Mirror merely reflects all that you are back to you through the events and circumstances of your life. You can have, be or do anything you want; you only have to ask and then believe for this to be true..."

"But I do want many nice things and I want to travel to exotic places. I see others around me living in abundance and I do believe it’s
possible for me too" mumbled the secretary.

In her most compassionate voice, the fairy advised:

"Change your story dear one. Remember that there’s only 'Yes' in the language of the Universe. By focusing upon what’s missing and what’s wrong with your life, you’re saying 'Yes' give me more of that, you’re asking. By complaining to yourself and others you’re continuing your story. You’re perpetuating what’s unwanted and the Divine Mirror has no choice but to reflect more of that to you..."

Divine Promise

One day a disillusioned writer, of what he believed to be cutting edge self-empowering material, lost the plot and broke down in anger and frustration, shouting out to no one in particular:

"Why don’t people get this stuff? What’s the point in me spending my time writing it when there’s no audience?"

After he calmed down and went into the silence, his Divine Higher Self reminded him:

"Know that for any idea that you have an urge to share with the world, any idea that you love which feels right to you, by its very nature the interest in and demand for that idea or that information is automatically already contained within the Universe, that’s the Promise of the Divine."

"Yeah, right, I’ve heard that idea before, but I’m not seeing the evidence of it!" grumbled the writer.

His Divine Higher Self changed tactics.

"Due to the Holographic Nature of the Universe, in which each expression of the Divine is contained within the One Divine Source and the One Divine Source is contained within each expression of the Divine, obviously, the needs of both the writer and audience are always included."

"If that’s true then why am I not making any money from writing about these subjects?" complained the writer.

"Isn’t it true that you’re fully abundant in all areas of your life?" his Divine Higher Self reminded him. "Just because your ego-self demands that your source of income must come in a specific form doesn’t mean that it will!"

And then he was advised further:

"Consciousness does not make mistakes. Therefore, go forth boldly with any idea that’s calling you, with any idea that you’re passionate about that excites you the most, and all of your needs will be met, without exception. Follow your joy and your bliss and you will be fully supported by the Universe. That’s the Divine Promise!"


Before closing...

I’ll leave you with part of a dialogue I had with my higher self.

Eddie Asks: Come on, who is this Mirror Man, really?

Mirror Man Speaks: In a self-chosen (imagined) reality that’s comprised solely of your own consciousness, therefore then, everything in that reality is You, including both the questioner and the answerer. Linear time and - by definition - space are illusions, therefore, everything is happening right Here and right Now in the present moment.

You asked a question in the present moment of Now and because there is only you in your Universe, you answered that question, also in the Now. And in this Now, which is the same Now, you are reading both the question and the answer that you wrote. See it and feel it by realizing that without the illusion of time, everything must be happening Now (it is).

Remember and realize, therefore, that everyone and everything is really You moving at the infinite speed of no-time. And thus, all interactions are between You and You, which by definition is also Me. Because there is only You in your Uni-Verse, all that you see in the Universal Mirror of your life is but a reflection of some level of the state of your being. So Mirror Man is really a reflection of your own higher self, Mirror Man is You!

End of dialogue.

The full dialogue can be found on this pageof my website.

The Round Up - Get Your Tickets!

That’s it friends, that’s all that Eddie and Mirror Man have to say, for Now, that’s all you need to know. If you feel inspired to get on board this spaceship of the imagination, if you’re ready to journey with Mirror Man and me way beyond the boundaries of time and space, for the purpose of allowing yourself to re-discover more of who you really are, then let’s go...

See you on-board.

Eddie Corbyn
aka Mirror Man
Sharp to the Point!

Helping people to re-mind themselves to re-member and BE who they really are...

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Hey @eddiecorbyn. Welcome, and I hope that you will enjoy steemit:)

Welcome to steemit! @ eddiecorbyn best of luck


Thank you. All the best to you too!

Welcome to Steemit @eddiecorbyn!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Hi @eddiecorbyn, thanks for sharing an impressive blog, I also mentioned you in my post (in the link below). If you like it then please follow and upvote me, if you donot like it, then please message me in that post, then i will remove your information.

Hello @eddiecorbyn, so you life in Thailand? what a wonderful place do you choose.
I welcome you to steemit, though i am new as well. I like your post and i follow you :)


Hi haristourist, yes I live in Thailand. Thanks, I'll follow you too. All the best! Don't forget to upvote if you like it :)