An Introduction with Verse-atility!

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Hello Fellow Steemians, this is my Introduction post and I've been checking out your site for days, it really is the most!
I've read so many articles, I thought my eyes would pop, a smorgasbord of talent, I did not want to stop...
But it is time to introduce myself so why don't I just start, cause this site is fricken awesome and I want to be a part.

I didn't want to ramble on and put you all to sleep, or follow others formats and simply be a sheep. So I thought for something different I'd write it all in verse, perhaps a little quirky and a great way to converse. 

I'm 55 years young at heart and Annie's what they call me, my first name's really Irene, but that's another story.

I'm from the lucky country, I call Australia home and live with my pooch Ebby, just the two of us alone.
I work from home and make my living many different ways, from crypto, writing, crafting, I occupy my days.

Roughly 13 years ago I found a rabbit hole and jumped headfirst into it's depths and things I did not know.
My life was never quite the same, I found the good and bad and whilst I found myself enlightened, friends & family found me mad!
And so with no-one in my circle with whom to talk things out, I then found the unfuckers group, now that's what it's about! A group that pulls no punches, that's an extended family, who did not think my views as strange, at last I could be me.

And then along comes Steemit, and with a journalism past, I think I've found a platform I can write with ease at last. I write on varied topics, I have no special thing, but I hope you can appreciate the part of me I bring...

I believe we all are one at heart, each having our own voice, we have no right to pass a judgement on one anothers choice. Treat everyone respectfully, expect it in return, for we're all in this together, let's help each other learn....



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We are excited to see you join us here! Steemit is a remarkable platform that is built to reward users for creating quality content. It's a logic called proof of brain.

As for TechChat, think of us as DJs that create tech content instead of music. We create content by looking for the most shocking, interesting, and exciting breakthroughs in the tech space. Basically - we do all the research so you don't have to.

We hope to hear your opinion on TechChat's content! We always love to hear from our community.


Happy Steeming


Thanks @techchat I will be sure to check it out!

Hi @contentcop would like to welcome you to steemit, we are a content bot that has verified that this post is 100% original content.

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100% original!

<3 your positive attitude, hello & welcome


thanks @sqruffy, live life with an attitude of gratitude and amazing things happen!


You're right, that's so important in life, I also wish you a nice Sunday, see you

welcome to steemmit @ebbymoo


thanks @moersal, look forward to being here xxx

Welcome to steemit! Great profile! You will love it on here, if you have any questions, please do ask.. you can find me @diljeetdil xx thanks xx


welcome to steemit and follow me and make money from trading


thanks @dioscelle, always interested in trading info thanks :)


Thanks @diljeetdil, I'm happy to be here. You have some diversified content, looking forward to

Hello :) Annie
Nice to meet you!
I hope i can make global friendship with you as Mutual followers
I just follow you :)
my introduceyourself
Thank you ^^
check this out !
→ Event 2nd Mutual followership


thanks @hackerzizon will check it out :)

welcome ebbymoo! Im looking forward to read your posts :D


thanks for welcome @lopezdacruz, I'm looking forward to writing some if only I could stop reading others long enough lol... Time management is not one of my better qualities.

Hi, Annie! Welcome to Steemit!

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Hi ya @allbtc, thanks for welcome.
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Welcome to Steemit Annie! I hope you have a good time on this platform.


thanks, I'm sure I'll enjoy xxx