The David Pakman Show is Now on Steemit!

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Hello! My name is David Pakman and I host the national political progressive talk show The David Pakman Show. The show airs on 200+ radio & TV stations, on DirecTV and DISH Network, and has a podcast and popular YouTube channel with over 400,000 subscribers.

Yes, it's a left wing show, and I'm glad to engage with people who agree and disagree with my politics. I look forward to being part of the Steemit community and plan to start contributing content right away!

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Welcome to Steem David - I'm a big fan of your work, I'm sure you'll fit right in here :)

very much appreciate it!

I don't know, how I even missed this. I saw your latest video and this is pretty huge. It's great to have you here man. Love your work.

Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?

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I love your contributions on Steemit @ausbitbank. M just an hour old here, u sound like a great guy. @davidpakman I look forward to the show too. This is my very first interaction on Steemit.

Welcome David! Glad to have you on the platform! I've seen your show and think you provide a very balanced and independent perspective. Really great to have you on the platform. If you'd ever like to speak with someone from the Steemit Team, feel free to email me at [email protected]

Community Liaison, Steemit

Welcome David, I get the sense that this is more of an anarchist, libertarian, free market, oriented community as opposed to ‘left’ or ‘right’ leaning. True progress is the result of freedom from tyranny from all sources including and especially from mainstream thinking.

I agree with you, @hanna10km. Left and right here? I have not heard one single program of David Pakman. Probably because the city I am in, cares less about right and left, but I consider myself in the middle, no right or left, and I love FREEDOM. So I am going to follow him to be part of a political controversy.

Yeah, it's just going to be SOOOO amazing! Such great content on Steemit now. You just have to hit "trending" and you'll see for yourself that everything is way better than YouTube or Twitter or any the other social networks. Turns out voting for the content you think will make the most money is the best way to run a social network. Who knew?! It certainly keeps everyone comng back for more!

i give you upvote mr.trevorlyman, yes you are right with your opinion ,i agree and just only posting with your knowledgeable and amazing content many steemians will give you a vote,but me im a beginner here, so a little bit followre,you can check my steemit>

Just look at the quality interactions you'll find here on Steemit! This one is a perfect example! It's amazing connections like this that keeps everyone coming back for more and more! Sometimes I stay up all night just thinking about how great it is on Steemit. It's a like a whole world where everyone is nice to each other but that doesn't really exist. Silly me, I'm so amazed I'm at a loss for words!

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How do we know if you are the real deal? The photograph is widely available on the internet.

Edit: According to Twitter, you're the real deal. In that case, welcome to Steemit!

yep yep no doubt, also just mentioned this on a youtube live stream


It's nice to hear a progressive voice that doesn't echo the lies. I'm glad you've come here and I have a new intelligent voice to hear from.

What progressive voice have you heard that DOES echo the lies? Progressives have been the most massive megaphone in the country for this corruption. TYT has talked about it endlessly, Secular Talk has talked about it endlessly, Jimmy Dore still talks about it like 3, times a day, the humanist report, the rational national, I mean you go down the list I can't think of a single progressive that does a show that hasn't blown a gasket over the rigging of the DNC. You know what a progressive is right? I'm just trying to make sure folks get it.. progressive =/= democrat, that much should be blatantly and ludicrously obvious..

This is a real win-win as I think it will attract the attention of a lot of other YouTube using small media producers. Think of it this way, in just two days Dave's posts here have already amassed around $350 in rewards, he won't get all of that but already I think that's probably a significant portion of his patron money in just two days. Oh and already he has a reputation of 55... That speaks volumes for his clout as a content producer. Bravo.

Valid point, but don't worry bro he will put all doubts to rest soon! :)

He has mentioned Steemit in his livestream. So I guess it is legit.

Could you help me find it in video? Its 1 hour long, and I am really curious what he said :)


i give you upvote greet84 i want to learn also on photograph.,you can see here also my blog ---> @chiny


Welcome to steemit @davidpakman glad to have you in this beautiful community.

Hi David, welcome! From the responses (and your post) it sounds like you are well known media producer. Can I suggest doing a "verification"? That way your name here is protected and the community can confidently interact with your content. The common way it is done is to post a photo of yourself with a handwritten sign with "steemit" and your user name on it (or some variation on the theme). Another way would be to piggyback on your Twitter or Facebook verification (if you are verified there) and make a post on there mentioning you are now on steemit.

Anyway, welcome again. And as a progressive myself I look forward to reading your posts!

yes, mentioned on my verified twitter account, @dpakman

i give you upvote revo , ah really? should i do it to make a handwritten sign with steemit? the pic steemit with myself without hang written sign it means my steemit acct.not officially verified? am i right, Mr.revo? you can check it here---> ---< coz i ma new here and dont know some roles...

You don't need to be verified. Its just a beneficial thing to do if you are a well known personality. If you're just a regular person there's no need to do it.

I see those verifications as a way of being precautious, but it is also a lack of freedom.

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Welcome to steemit. Your IQ is certainly higher than most of your "competitors" ;)


Welcome to Steemit. You'll find that the "network" here is more like a community.

I'm sure you will be able to bring as much to this community as you bring to your subscribers on YouTube.

Full Steem Ahead.

yes i believe majes.tytyty ,now i give you upvote , you can check also my steemit>

Hi Chiny. Thanks for the upvote.

I've followed you, and look forward to you uploading some quality content on your Steemit blog.

Best of luck, and Full Steem Ahead.

Welcome @davidpakman It's great to have you here !

I look forward to your posting's here and make sure to ask questions if you have any.

I see on Youtube you have over 400K subscriber's and also a Syndicated radio show! That's a great achievement..Congratz!

thank you!

Welcome to Steemit! It's great to have some different perspectives and commentary on here. Looking forward to your content.

The future of civilization is found on a healthy dialogue between different political views. I hope you enjoy the healthy discussions here. One major benefit of steemit and other steem interface is that there is a cost of being an asshole(no upvotes) you'll be surprise about how civilized it is here.


Wow, I was too busy with SteemFest over the past week to take notice of this, but I am very happy to see you here. Your video on Reza Aslan was pure gold!

I hope, and think, that the STEEM Blockchain can provide something for you, especially as the new decentralized streaming and video sharing platforms become more mature.

Will be looking forward to seeing your content here as I have been following much of your work but spent increasingly less time on YouTube with all of their issues.

thank you so much!

there is ONLY more gubment power.
Or LESS gubment power.
If you are for more I oppose you.

This has been debunked through the experiment that is human civilization. It's not a question whether government is necessary, it's a question of how much the government should handle and how it should function. Instead of addressing this question with real answers like healthcare, education, roads, internet you instead make the claim that government is inherently bad. That's about as strong a factual statement as the sky is red and the Earth is flat. Having a government is not up for discussion, if you're still having that discussion you just aren't sitting at the big boy table..

cool...rather that discuss ideas you make a personal attack.
what were you saying about the big boy table?
reading comprehension is a thing.
If you had some you might have noticed that I implied LESS...not none.
by the way...roads are over rated.
hyperloop- autonomous air taxis..tele-presence... virtual reality....that kind of thing.

Except no where in my comment did I launch a personal attack, and I didn't mischaracterize your argument because you ARE saying that fundamentally the question is less government or more. That's not true, the question is resources and power. Even if we have these technologies you're talking about, the question is still are they more efficient as public or private entities? For transportation it's clear public utility is far more functional, and government having power over transport is not a threat to ordinary people, whereas government having power over spying on our private information is absolutely a threat.

They are both the party of f'in you over.

If you are for oligarchy and corporate take over I oppose you

that bus left the station when the income tax was passed.

Uhh, no. Corporations hate the income tax, the income tax is what brought us Social Security, Medicare, roads, K-12 education


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Welcome David, you are going to love it here... I'm confident here in a few minutes the community is going to come flooding in to welcome you to the platform.

We have many users who are not only knowledgeable in crypto, but also have the right mentality, that one of helping others succeed on Steemit. You will find that unlike many other communities you will see online, the success of Steemit is only achieved by encouraging positive interactions and discouraging negative behaviors.

There are also communities that you could join to get some technical answers as well, you know how to reach me, so if you need any help at all don't hesitate to write.

In any case, welcome to your new home David..


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Welcome to Steemit! I hope you will promote this to your listeners and fans this is truly the new way for independent freelancers to get paid for their hard work upvoted and resteemed, good luck!

Welcome to Steem Community @davidpakman! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

In the New Steemians project, we help new members of steem by education and resteeeming their articles. Get your articles resteemed too for maximum exposure. You can learn more about it here:

i'm a day late, but here i am now! I have resteemed this to 7,000+ followers. Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome @davidpakman

You may like this nice Card. Use it in any way you want: It is a completly free gift for you :)
PS: Some clever Steemians print it for takeaway. The QR-Code leads directly to your blog.

Made with Love 💋

Nice idea!

Thank you :)

Welcome man

That's pretty sweet!

What is that tool?

QR code that takes people to your blog.

hello benj.friedrich, how can you to do it like that?Is that a verification to be a member of steemit? you can also see my steemit acct.--->

Hi @chiny
No - that is no verification! To make it superclear: You already are a valid member of - please do not worry about that. That Member-Card is just a little helper for you. To make it easier for you, to tell somebody about your place (blog) on

It is easier to show something, then to talk about it.

You can use your personalized MemberCard in various ways. Some people save it on their Smartphone, so they can show it to friends which can use the QR-Code to find your blog on - with no need to search & find, etc.
A lot of people asked me, if I could make a Version of that personalized MemberCard in High-Resolution, so they can print it as a BusinessCard. If you want to know more about that, please read my post about the printable Version of a personalized SteemIT-Member-Card.

You are wondering, how your Data was found? To answer that question: The Data you are saving in your SteemIT-Profile is stored on a public Blockchain. So are all your Posts, Replies (this answer, i.e.), etc. There are numerous Tools to view the information stored on the Blockchain (steemD, steemWorld - my favourite Tool - built by @steemchiller, etc.).

I hope, that was helpful. If there are any questions left: Please let me know. I wish you the very best, enjoy your time on :)

From statist to anarchist and every where in between, this is a friendly environment for honest conversation.

Hope you have a great time.

Hi David, welcome to steemit! You may have noticed that there is a lot of talk going on about politics. However, a large part of the community consists of libertarians, anarchists, individualists, etc. etc.

You are most welcome though. I've always found that left-leaning viewpoints often have valid criticisms on a lot of issues that the world faces. A healthy conversation is always productive as well.

Steem on!

People agreeing with your views will UPVOTE
And the Rest will comment
Between Welcome to the World of Content

Hello David, welcome!


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Welcome to Steemit. It is with great excite that I welcome you to our online community and look forward to seeing some of your content.

I do enjoy deep and varied discussions so I'll be sure to keep a keen eye on you and see what comes from this new relationship.

Take care and much love, @Sammosk. <3

quick edit. maybe you can use up to 5 tags per post, and edit the 4 secondary tags, while the primary (first) tag cannot be edited. So feel free to edit the post and add some tags. Maybe ones relevant to the topics your blog will cover, or the post covers. So Podcast, Audio, Youtube, Politics? for example.

Hope this helps!! and will increase the visibility on your posts one would imagine.

Regards, Sammo.

Welcome to Steemit! Glad you joined

Welcome "cuckman". Just kidding, love your work. Good luck on steemit.

hahah, one way or another the cuck stuff is going to follow me to Steemit sooner or later

Welcome to SteemIt! Looking forward to your posts

i love new people in the community is just perfect :D

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Welcome David!
i recomend you to follow @originalworks , @minnowsupport , @minnowpond , @airhawk-project , @minnowbooster , to learn how to use this social media and help you grow to be a whale very soon.
greetings from Venezuela your new friend Luisa.

I just want to say welcome, and I hope I get way bigger with full of energy new users or Steemit bothers .

Welcome David! Great to have you, I watch your youtube vids all the time :)

Welcome to steemit ! Resteemed and Share on Steemit Viral Facebook Page by @irfansardar Good Luck!

Welcome David, like everyone else said, great to have you on the platform. I'm pretty sure I've commented that you come here on some of your videos that complained about de-monitization, I hope some STEEM in your wallet will help! Note you could also post visited directly on DTube as well as YouTube, that would provide a "forever" copy of your content that should be more resilient to censorship down the line. Maybe you could upload some of your back catalog there and see if it also earns some STEEM for you although I realize a lot of your stuff is very topical and time sensitive.

great to listen

I have just today been approved to become a Steamer. I did so in order to participate and follow The David Pakman Show that I find most compelling. I hope his show finds a successful place here on Steemit. Thanks for approving my membership. I am certain I will find many other entertaining and provocative productions on the Steemit site.

Thanks so much, I really appreciate that!

Welcome. I'm not familiar with your work, but I hear some good praising about you. Will surely check out your Youtube.

Welcome to the Steemit Family : )

Pleasure to have you here, David. Steemit and its community support all people with all views joining; I'm sure you'll love it here!

Welcome to Steem! I try to stay away from politics as much as I can but I've watched a few episodes of your show before, great to see you here. I think for alternative & independent media Steem is a really great place to be, it could become a real alternative to using advertising and donations to fund independent journalism.

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Welcome to the jungle, we have a beautiful group ranging from cat lovers to the more active libertarians. Most are completely pacifists who believe in the chance of a better world. I hope very much you see value in the blockchain good luck. I'm following and a huge big welcome, the very best of luck!

Welcome, David! I watch your show on YouTube, and so it's great to see more independent media voices on here. We disagree on various things, but that's completely alright, and as it should be. I'm glad you're here to expand the conversation. Looking forward to your Steemit content.

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Hi David, good to see you in here. Good Luck.

Welcome friend, how would I like to have so many votes hahaha I'll leave you, and you can also follow me @rodny

Bout time you got on here! Interesting to see how long it takes other you-tubers to make the jump. Look forward to the content

appreciate it, thank you!

Welcome david, a deepest pleasure to have you here on steemit

Are you on dtube too?!

Cool, great to have you here. I hope very soon it will make up for the Adpocalypse and Amazon removing you affiliate link.

would be tremendous if that was the case

I have complete confidence it can David, complete confidence

Welcome to the party bro.

Welcome to Steemit David I'm a big fan of you and your work, I'm sure you'll fit right in here..... Congrates bro.

Lol @ using fake propaganda words like "progressive". Nobody falls for that bullshit anymore. Just tell the truth and name your movement after it's actual function: Jewish communists, cuckolds, and lesbians 4 white genocide. Get the fuck outta here with your anti-white male hate movement.

We all know how your scam works. Your have an inner hatred of white, non-jews and try to undermine them whenever possible. You're unable to put forth any real street soldiers to do serious damage against your target, so you try to recruit minorities, lesbians, and other random groups and use them as useful idiots to march in the streets and do your bidding.

Yes, if you are a minority or some other random perceived "disenfranchised" group, this guy doesn't give a fuck about you, he only cares about Jewish supremacy. His goal is solely to use you as an expendable, useful idiot against whites.

Every homogeneous nation on earth always throws their media and banking criminals into prison or in front of firing squads. Their goal is always spamming "diversity" as a divide and conquer strategy so nobody can unite against them. Nobody buys the propaganda anymore. Game over.


Welcome to Steemit David. It is nice to see more and more quality contributors joining in.

welcome @davidpakman please follow me back, looking forward to your posts

Welcome to the steemit!!!!!!!!!!!

Great, now support artists if you don't want this place to turn into a podcast town.

Welcome to Steemit from Canada 👍

Good show and I’m looking forward to hearing from you

I'll follow you. and follow me.

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man I don't have any clue what most of those terms mean. Hope to learn.

Welcome @davidpakman. Happy sharing and know each other. I'm from Aceh, Indonesia

It would be lovely to connect with The David Pakman show. :)
Thank you!

happy you're here.. big fan
so glad....

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Welcome aboard!

hello David!

welcome,,hope you can visit my post..
here is my lovely poem inspired

welcome David! let the stars be in your reach!

Welcome to steemIt community.

Buy some Steem :p :p

Welcome David!!

Finally, I hope we can see more people from Youtube make their way to this place. One interesting thing about steemit is that your steem power can make you a pretty powerful figure on the platform. Not only do you have more powerful upvotes but you have more powerful downvotes(flags) as well.

I wonder if this, in some way, blurs the line from journalist to activist.


Welcome aboard. I have resteemed you to 6000 followers. Best of luck.

welcome @davidpakman


Welcome! @davidpakman

Welcome to steemit, David. Your viewpoints are refreshing to me and I look forward to your posts. I'm neither a dem, repub, anarchist, libertarian or anything of that nature. Just a woman of color, medicine woman and seer wading through the you know what in search of like-minded others. I look forward to your posts...

Fucking Pakman... :D

Welcome to Steemit. I think you are wrong on so many things, but I respect you as someone who at least brings decent arguments to the table.

I guess I will be one of those who disagree with what you say, but I am looking forward to the conversations.

I second that.

Lol, I'm not following him, but it seems Pakman is following me. :P Everywhere I look to get away from censorship I see Pakman in some shape or form. :)

Bienvenido compatriota! Abzo grande desde mi querido San Juan.

A handsome and talented man. The talk show hosted by him must be hot and no

@davidpakman welcome to the sensitive must be great perform in the platform .great job. @mobarok

Welcome to Steem! Look forward to some tech posts. Feel free to follow or contact if you need anything! It's a great community.


Welcome and its our pleasure to be with you @davidpakman

I wish, you would be the part of our No Smoking Campaign. Its our privilege that you are one our supporter. We together try to reach this campaign to each and every steemian's. Come and join us..

No smoking Campaign 🚭

Progressive talk show? Meh, personally I prefer the regressive talk shows, but to each his own.