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Hi there fellow Steemians! I am The Curator Hulk! Nice to meet you all!

While I have been using the Steem platform as an ordinary Steemian I have noticed my fair share of bullying going on. In order to put a stop to it, I have powered up and transform into The Curator Hulk!

If you are being bullied and flagged with downvotes for no reason, call on The Hulk!

  • Post in the comments below your situation and links to the abuse you are suffering. I will manually go through each case and upvote the victims out of downvote purgatory.
    However, if I find you trying to abuse me, well, you won't like me when I'm angry!
    This is an initiative to give back the voices of those that have suffered from flag abuse!

To help prevent bullies from flagging you, add the tag #curatorhulk, and I'll search around that tag to smash any bullies causing abuse.

Also, all rewards I receive from my curation adventures for the foreseeable future will be powered up to make the Hulk even stronger!!



I think themadcurator does a great job for the community, and I will smash for it.

The same person that's behind @z8teyb289qav9z is behind that account. I will continue to perma flag anything @berniesanders pushes because he is the one that caused this mess.

He's also @stankass, the same person that flagged you multiple times already

It's black/white for me. themadcurator is an innocent bystander in this war and a great project that helps many people, so I will defend it if it cost all my SP.

The mad curator has all their SP delegated by bernie dude ... OMG ... Couldn't we get a smarter super hero to join the blockchain?

Well, I do appreciate you healing all his victims tho. But, like I said, I will continue to oppose everything he does. So, enjoy wasting your SP.

I haven't seen @themadcurator ever flag anyone.

I haven't mentioned it, but I appreciate the encouragement you've given me lately. It's been a factor. I've even increased the bandwidth I can use online so that I can read and post more as a direct result. That encouragement matters a lot for little folks.

I only see @themadcurator providing similar encouragement for others, and decreasing that account's ability to provide incentive for folks to grow the market for Steem and add value by posting quality content seems counterproductive.

I note @berniesanders has offered to stop flagging accounts you upvote.

"You saw me opposing every single one of your votes..."

"Now, I'm going to stop... What's your move, Antonio? Going to stop flagging @themadcurator...?"

I think that would be beneficial for folks that are just getting upvotes for making good content.


The guy who believes in clones and flat earth said something about another person's intelligence

So let's see... @berniesanders delegates to a curation project who is doing a good job of MANUALLY curating posts, a thankless and time consuming job and you are flagging him with your BOTS, a no time or effort activity -- and you are claiming @berniesanders is the bad guy?

You need to stop looking in the mirror and thinking you're looking at bernie. You're being a total idiot IMO. You two want to dick thump each other, have at it, leave the innocents who are doing something worthwhile on the platform alone.

In fact, delegate to @themadcurator and support the cause.

Bernie stopped the botted flags, yesterday .. @fulltimegeek is still flagging and it looks like @madcurator may be coming to an end.

Thanks @fulltimegeek! Keep encouraging awesome steemians like smidgetv, nickgrujic, and garudi! You truly are doing god’s work.

True win for curation today. He won’t see this, as he muted me.. but maybe his cult will inform him. Mission accomplished guys! Carry on with your circle jerk!

you and beanie should be in the govt cause thats how all indoctrinated order followers should be
get your head out of your ass oh yeah i forgot its for the money
sorry excuse for a woman slandering peoples names like FTG and changing words around you and you rich jackass could probably work for the media since your retarded enough to believe anybody believes your garbage
this place is anything but decentralized and there is censorship all over thanks to you two clowns
when everyone leaves you two can play with your bots useless eaters that you are

Trying to find a positive here, it's just @themadcurator's comments that are getting flagged, right? I don't think it's their posts or the posts they vote on, which are the most critical elements to having it be an effective venture.

Comments are important, and I'm sure it's insulting as hell for such a project to get any flags whatsoever, but I hope that doesn't sink the ship.

because someone delegates to a project it means they are behind it?

And so if bernie pushed manual curation that everyone loves you’ll flag it out of spite? Seems petty.

Looks like this dumb feud could be done already...



Seems trying to stop a feud that is hurting many while fighting for manual curation is more annoying to some than others.

It’s an easy fix, just stop.

i wouldnt put it passed bernie
his mother didnt feed him with a shovel for nothing
curatorhulk i wouldnt trust that slippery weasel bernie for nothing
he morally bankrupt and mentally imbalanced
have a great day FTG and hulk glad to have you helping the small guy cheers

Please never stop informing Steemians of what we're up against ... everybody seems to quickly forget all the trouble that dude causes. I'm guessing it's just a mild form of Stockholm syndrome most people are suffering from. But, it's alright tho, because there will always be some that see the truth.

"You can fool some people sometimes but you can't fool all the people all the time"

thanks for your help man
he flags me and then leaves me comments rubbing it in lol
have a great day and im still not understanding why he does this and dont really understand why you help everyone and im grateful alongwith so many others but im not naming them i wouldnt want bernie flaggin them also
have a great day FTG(superman) lol

I'm about user retention and keeping humans on the blockchain. If he wasn't flagging you, I'm sure he would've found another victim by now. I'm just trying to slow down his madness with as much voting power as possible.

I also appreciate what you do on here and sorry that I don't have enough SP to fully counteract him.

yeah posting about clones is really helping user retention fucking moron

its all good im here for news and info and thanks for everything
at least while hes flaggin me he has less for his bots to upvote himself lol

too bad you and dan couldnt get together and completely counteract this weasel so we can all have some peace around here
i guess it wasnt meant to be lol
have a great day FTG

it would be like superman and the hulk to the rescue bernie can cower in his mothers basement lmfao
be back late this afternoon to watch bernies flag wars be safe and take care and always always always starve the beast whenever possible

bernie is the whipping boy of steem for all that hes done here
the poor sick jerkoff doesnt even realize it
poor sick soul
must have been created by a brother and sister
gotta have some pity NOT

i dont usually havea dirty mouth like this but for beanie i truly make an exception its just a b u t ful thing
have a great day FTG

also if i may put my two cents in beanie is probably salivating for you and hulk to have different ideals so he can take advantage
i think you and hulkie should find a form of common ground against people like bernie and it would make this place so so so much better

Gonna upvote this comment because I hate bots

I can't believe all these happened here

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You just made my day so much brighter, Asher!

Back at ya! :D :D

Wow! It feels so good to have you and the Hulk by my side! ❤️❤️❤️

Hahahaha! What an image that is! The little old lady and her heros!

You are so Mr. Bean in my mind now. Headcannon accepted. ;)

Oh Asher!!! Thank you so much for thinking of me ;) Just woke up to these upvotes, YAY! :)

Hulk and Asher to the Engagement League rescue!

Great idea! This is something that is definitely needed and I support this more then anything on the chain.


Glad to see more flag abuse projects on steem. There are some tools that will calculate flags exact values and vote to match them which you may be interested in. This tool is the simple version which works from the command line and only does one link at a time, but soon a discord bot that can do an entire profile with one command will be publicly released as well. Message me on discord if you want it, I'll be happy to help.

Thanks for this, looks like I will need to set up some kind of tool to make this process more efficient. - I will reach out.

I sure hope you can help bring balance to the senseless madness going on here. Though, the immaturnature nature of the individuals involved needs to change. I think @wwf wrote a post about 'heros'. My friend @yagoub gets autodownvotes from that letter/ number account on all his posts! Can you please help him?

Smashed and added @yagoub to my upvote smash bot.

Ahh! Smashing seems so violent! Is there any way we could be more peaceful about this remedy? Thank-you for your time and energy. Your support is greatly appreciated @curatorhulk ❤ !tip

🎁 Hi @curatorhulk! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @yogajill!

@yogajill wrote lately about: Cover Photos Feel free to follow @yogajill if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

Great initiative, thanks for doing this! I'm sure there will be a lot of use for it.

@mack-bot, or as I like to call it, Smackbot peed on the rug over here. Hashtagged El Hulko. Can I ask, is this the right place/way for me to keep doing this? I don't want to make a nuisance of myself. Thanks for your help! xoxo

This post from @somethinfishy got autoflagged by @z8teyb289qav9z, apparently in response to an upvote from @friendsofgondor. Please help her out. She's a nice lady.

This definitely sounds like a worthy enterprise; there is a lot of "noise" going on between a couple of "factions" and a lot of otherwise innocent bystanders seem to get "crushed" in the process of the primary combatants going at each other.

It's very "Junior Highschool" in some ways... "I'm gonna steal your lunch because you're friends with someone I don't like!"

Thank you SO much! @curatorhulk is my hero!

The saviour is here...👍 The flagger beware...noone gonna run...the big hulk is here...👌...btw you got a downvote too😯..god bless that account..🙏

Well mate 400K will do the job :P

I wish your actions to have an impact around here. Seems like you know how things work... Best of luck from now on

Oh jolly! Have fun Hulk but rest once in a while.

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I very much appreciate this.

howdy curatorhulk! You're the BEST, God bless you!

Please have a look at this post. There was absolutely NO reason to downvote and it's all her own content. At least the person could have said why they downvoted.


You are awesome!!! Thanks!

Thank you for sharing my link here @steem-samiam. I was totally shocked for the downvotes. I have no idea why that happened. I worked so hard to be respected in this community and in creating my own content. It's so discouraging. Reading this post I've very thankful for @curatorhulks help.

Hi and welcome here! When I started on steemit, my biggest problem was to find interesting people to interact with. So, to help newcomers getting started I created a directory with other interesting and or talented steemians to follow or interact with. Feel free to check it out at I am sure it will help you find like-minded people. Enjoy your stay here and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Dear @anonyvoter

Thank you for sharing that link with us and I appreciate your efforts.

I will follow you closely as I already respect your efforts and work here on Steemit platform.


It's nice to meet you @curatorhulk! Thank you for rescuing those comments that Asher mentioned :)

It's so good to see someone who doesn't take sides, just tries to help people who are affected for no reason. Thank you for being here for us!

Nice. Good to see someone with back bone doing good in the world. Helping others. More power too you. Peace out.

I caught this abh12345 ‘s blog that I was just peeking in on now. You’re so cute, so thanks for the chuckles. 😂

Of course I know you’re dead serious in your superhero activities. I hope you really are independent and not just a sock puppet, or soon-to-be ally of whichever faction of bullies that might agree more with you.

Good luck!

smash ! smash ! best of luck ... you may have loads of smashing to do. :)

Hi Curatorhulk, we found the first instance of people abusing you already,
you are voting for a plagiarist (adrianobalan)
please review our report here:
Thank you

I see a couple bullies picking on you now @curatorhulk. Fortunately, they bark worse than they bite.

I am curious about why you're not simply joining forces with @freezepeach. I've been fortunate to enjoy their help in dealing with the very issue you will be facing, and observed them helping many others as well.

Can you enlighten me why you felt it necessary to increase redundancy in flag resistance? I don't think redundancy is bad - it's the key to natural robustness in ecosystems, for example. I am interested in why you have undertaken this separate effort however.


I didn't know freezepeach even existed. I just stepped up where I saw people needing help.

Check 'em out. @r0nd0n is good folk, and even if you intend to remain wholly independent, he might have some good information and advice that could be beneficial to you.


Redundancy is a great thing. This seems to be borne specifically from the madcurator posts that were downvoted, so I doubt it will be touching the more political posts, but I guess we'll see.

That was my suspicion.

And this isn't said often enough: thank you for your service!

Awesome! This could be the start of the Steem Avengers. 💪💪

Good luck with your quest. No one likes a down vote bully!

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Welcome @curatorhulk, it's good to have you on this platform.


Great initiative, keep up the good work, wonderful people out there!

great to have you help the small guys and with bernadette
you and FTG find common ground and that will be the end of sanders if a few years or i can hope cant i lol
have a great day

Thank you 😊
I'm not directly affected yet, but it's annoying when I upvote nice comments from friends and these comments are then voted up and down by bots.

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It looks cooler than the KGB, welcome green friend!

Hi :)
As almost all we know there are two main "downvoters teams" (I don't know who is right or wrong because my time is limited and I try to use it to simply Steem On!), your curation will be to help both side of collateral damage right?

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If two people are downvoting each other, that isn't someone being bullied that is a fight. I don't interfere in fights. I help victims of one-sided abuse that just wish to simply create content in peace. I have seen many times people who are flagged for no reason and do not retaliate back, either because they can't or turn the other cheek.

Thanks for your response :)

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hulkie will smashie :D :D :D????

i feel safer, already <3 thanks, dr banner!

Look at everyone getting along and coming together in support of @curatorhulk... Such diametrically opposed forces living as one. Imagine all the people, u may say I'm a steemer but I'm not the only one 🙏😇💪

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Lol this is funny. I hope it's a benevolent Hulk though! Hope to see some more transparency as the anti-bullying starts.

Oh excellent out there there are some who visit my post constantly you are welcome as curatorhulk 😍

Hats off to you! Thank you for taking the time to do this work! I think this may be the way to go for the future.



I'm trying my best to keep somewhat neutral in all this crap that's going on.

I think you will find a use here and I applaud your generosity to the community, thank you.

Welcome to Steem curatorhulk! Partiko is officially the fastest and most popular mobile app for Steem. Unlike other Steem apps, we take 0% cut of your earnings! You can also be rewarded with Partiko Points while using Partiko and exchange Partiko Points for upvotes!

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Thank you so much for your interest!

Welcome big fella! I believe you have your work cut out!

The world needs more vigilantes. Good luck on your mission.

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the flags I was getting seems to have stopped today - looks like curatorhulk might just save the day :-)

To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

Brought to you by @tts. If you find it useful please consider upvoting this reply.

Nice! I love this initiative to keep steem a better place and reward conscious communication while downvoting abuse. I love how you are adding good humor in the mix. Thanks for all that you are doing!

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Welcome to steemit @curatorhulk.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!


Thanks for the support, Very happy !!

So...when Avengers assemble?

Upped and followed! Good luck and welcome!

Good job Hulk!
Bring it on!

Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!

For those of us who wish to see our Steem blockchain as a domain where we can all labor in peace, in our efforts to add value to it, I have come to read your introductory post @curatorhulk.

Stating the obvious, you will need a lot of wisdom to distinguish the "good guys" from the "bad guys," if you are seriously and consistently going to carry out your stated objective. And ... Perhaps ... A bit of diplomacy from time to time ...

I for one wish you all the best in your endeavors!

Upvoted and resteemed.

Sharing following and fully support this. Finally a way for the little guys to not get hammered. Great project!

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You had me at "Smash Bullies"

Thank You, I hope to not need your help, but from what I have seen a few others going thru on here. And myself having a few uncalled for, but meaningless, downvotes. You are GOOD 2 KNOW...!

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Smart decision. So welcoming you to our lovely steemit.

@curatorhulk, great initiative. I'll be writing my case soon here if the bullying doesn't stop by @haejin

Welcome on board and thanks for helping us out @curatorhulk

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Welcome big guy!

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sometimes I get downvoted on my utopian posts :/

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Damn kindergarten.... 239 comments on whos a cunt and why.

News flash:

To whoever it might concern, If youre defending either position you are dumb as a door knob. All youre doing is being an enabler and encouraging more behavior like this.
Would i blow your mind if i told you:
Bernie or FTG? Basically the same fucking thing.

A nice initiative, no more bullies right here! @curatorhulk is here!

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This is needed. Thanks and welcome onboard

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@curatorhulk we were once wrongly flagged for plagiarism and put on the blacklist. This post was downvoted by @steemcleaners and cost us a big payout. We were immediately removed from the blacklist once we caught it, but by then the 7 day period had kicked. It is not a case of being bullied, but perhaps you could help us make up for the loss of that post as it was a big boon to our voting power and investment into our account.

The post in reference is this one:

Thanks for all you are doing to maintain fairness on the platform! STEEM ON!

Great @curatorhulk ....... Once I needed your help, I'll call for you. However, welcome to steemit; a place where we steem it

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Thank you for your kind services.

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I don't know if you're able to help but would like to know if you can help against Mack-bots bullying my account for no reason all my memes come from a free meme generated app and are not illegal I have not received a message from Steemcleaners for any wrong doing and I have not posted in three months now that my reputation is on the rebound I face down votes (Knowledge is power) was the post @garrettwallace

lol love it! Hulk Smash!

Got the opportunity to read this post today and indeed its an amazing initiative by you @curatorhulk . Though I never had this kind of experience here but if i face in future then will surely inform you and seek your help. Thanks again.

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Not really sure who this is and why they downvote me at least once a week but the account [camillesteemer] always downvotes stuff I am trying to be inspirational with. Looks bad even if it's not really effecting anything.
Thanks if you do anything about , not sure what you could do but anyway. Thanks for being cool.
be well

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Hi from number 221 of your followers :)

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This is a cool idea

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bro please upvote my posts I'm new.Thanks alot

Now more downvotes from this mack- bot individual latest downvote list re-oheyo-pvvuel-20190808t214707708z and
altcoin-blood-bath and
re-blakeletras-downvoting-can-it-be-illegal-20190808t210815144z and
re-bfnow-funnyspot-04-20190808t185828787z and re-taufikaceh-juventus-di-unggulkan-untuk-meraih-scudeto-liga-italia-seri-a-2019-2010-20190808t181326584z and
community-poll-position and also special-delivery-doge like the other in my former complaint thanks for your help

I didn't check the amount of that downvote. Wasn't necessary you downvoted my comment.

You were downvoted for 0.00% stake and asking me for an upvote? SMASH!