@caffetto barista, here to talk food and fatherhood

in introduceyourself •  10 months ago

Greetings Steemit!  My name is Zac, but go by “@boxcar” here and I am pumped to be the newest link to the unstoppable Steemit blockchain!  I reside in Minneapolis, MN and it is cold here.  What better way to stay warm than to join a nice cozy online community of genuine people doing interesting things?  I am a man of many interests and passions in which you may see me post about here, including parenting, health food, music, yoga, and zen.

I am a proud parent of a relentless and amazing 2 year old daughter, so you may find a blog about the joys and challenges of being a dad. As a long time (non-proselytizing) vegan with many years experience cooking vegan / gluten free / raw, you may see practical recipes that I have created.  And you may even read a post about why sitting and staring at a wall (in meditation) is somehow worthwhile.  

Thank you to my friend @kommienezuspadt for bugging me long enough to join.  I am a barista at what is now known as the “Caffetto Incubator” and have seen the Steemit community flourish  here around me.  I can’t wait to get started!

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Congratulations on your first steemit post! I hope you have fun here!


Thank you vermillionfox! I am looking to have lots of fun.

Simple vegan recipes would be awesome!
Welcome to Steemit @boxcar.


Thanks TBF! Simple is much more practical. When I find recipes online, I prefer minimal ingredients because there is a much better chance that I will actually prepare the food. Great photos are nice, but you can't eat them.

Delightful introduction! Glad to see you here Zac.


Thanks Riotdog! It means a lot coming from a pro.

Welcome to the steemit family!


Thanks! Family is important.

Welcome to steem @boxcar, you'll do great here for sure. Sorry I missed this post within the 7 days

Welcome to the community!


Thank you jrb450

Welcome Zac! You're an integral piece of the Caffetto mechanism, and will surely be an asset to the Steemit community as well ^.^


Ritebackatcha!! Thanks!

Welcome to Steemlandia!

Coincidentally, I was was thinking about stopping by at Caffetto for the first time this Saturday when I’m going to the MIA.


Swing on down preparedwombat! Its a funky place, with funky people, doing funky things.

Welcome to Steemit! Enjoy the ride.


Thanks! Are you familiar with the comedian Bill Hicks? He said that life is a ride and to "Enjoy the Ride." Thanks for reminding me of that. He was one of the best!

Hey Zac thats a really nice quality photo of you in the post, now how about one for your profile, I see you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a contest post to make it simple to do just click Here after you get it feel free to enter my new contest to win some SBD click Here


Thanks for reminding me to get a profile pic! Its on the to-do list.

Hi Zac and welcome to the community! Glad to have you with us ^^ I was never good at making coffee so Im definitely following you to stay in tune with your adventures. Great post and hope you have fun here!


Thanks eriluks! I wish fun your way as well.

Welcome to Steemit!


Thank you, Thank you!

Welcome Zac! i hope we can talk more and give both benefits :)

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Welcome aboard! Coffee is the only reason I get up most days


Thanks bagzinga! I'll check out your work...

Welcome to Steemit, Zac. Nice introduction. Keep sharing your thoughts and ideas. You will do just fine. Have fun Steeming.

Hey man, welcome to Steemit. It looks like you've got several areas of knowledge to share here on steemit too. Also being a barista is an undervalued trade/skill, its bloody hard and the results can be both incredible art and drink in one.

I have resteemed your post (basically put it up on my blog too) so more people will see it as part of my #newbieresteemday as part of the Newbie Resteem Inititative where the idea is to promote and connect new users as well as get their content out to as many people as possible from a grassroots level.


Hey I really appreciate the resteem and the nod towards grassroots info sharing!

Welcome - I am always curious what crazy stuff cafe Caffetto gets up to in the day.


Thank You!

I love all the cool people Lars brings here to Steemit! Welcome welcome!! <3


Lars is surely a fisher of Steemians!

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Welcome bro! Keep it up :) Godbless

Hello hello!! Welcome to the Steem party... Glad to see the Caffetto posse growing!


Thanks lovejoy!

Welcome and congrats on your first post! You’ll never regret joining Steemit! ☺️


Thank you artedellavita!

Excellent Post.... You are welcome to Steemit (The best site ever!). If you are multi-talented, you are welcome, and it is a bonus for both parties (You and the Platform)
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Congratulations Zac. I hope you have a wonderful time here.
Hey, I'm new too.. I think I need a congratulations myself😊


Cheers !

Welcome:) Here to hear about the food

Welcome to the community.. follow me and I will follow your journey!

Hey you made me tea this morning thanks! wellcome to steemit



Welcome! Exciting to have another Minneapolis friend in the crew! Hope to see ya at Caffetto sometime soon!


Thanks! Enjoy your adventures!!

Glad to see you here! @boxcar

Welcome to Steemit!!! @akarantain

Hey bro! Welcome. Just followed you. I love how you qualified being vegan. I am also part of the tribe. I live in Michigan myself. Let me know if you have any questions or if there's anything I can do for you. Cheers.


Thanks! I’ll make sure to read your posts too.


Sounds good. Man, so what's your favorite drink there at Caffetto?