Benji Parler, An Introduction to both the Man and his Story

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Hey guys and girls,

I like to introduce myself and the thing I am going to add to this wonderful community. After deep diving into the wonders of the blockchain movement and its associated ideas and technologies I resurface into the world of the none-obsessive learning machine feeling reborn and longing. I have so many ideas that I do not know where to start. Thus I will start here, having bought my first (partial) piece of cryptocurrency this morning. Wet behind the ears, figuring out that earning 0.007 cents on the dollar a day by mining Ether or Bitcoins will not bring me towards the road of fulfillment I long for.

My first thoughts? This could be so awesome (It already is! says the crowd. Calm yourselves! Shouts the man). So I decided that I will try to add something of my own, something I enjoy greatly in my spare time, and hope you will too! If I can earn some spare change doing so then all for the better! I think that with adding my long lasting passion to the new sense of excitement that my body feels now that I have seen, will be a good start of this journey. A solid ground for my ladder into the unknown.

What, then, do I intend to give to the world of steemit? A wonderful story about friendship, hardships and the rough edges of the world of greed. I bring to you my story, a story I wrote myself, a piece of fiction, Ethereal Space! For now only the first (short) prologue. But soon I will start posting thousand word pieces that I hope you find enjoyable. For those familiar to the term, it's a LitRPG in a SciFi setting. For those not familiar, google is men's best friend. Have fun! and I will be seeing you around!

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"Are you ready?" The woman in the narrow steel room asked, voice soft and gentle, as if talking to her offspring at his first day of school. She was kneeling down holding her palm at a sphere of light "do you remember what I taught you?" She asked before she got an answer to her first question.

This time urgency crept into her voice. The sphere beneath her moved, a slight ripple went through it that was only visible from up close. Then a voice filled the room "Perimeters are set, function on 60% of capacity when monitored, do not interact with monitoring party, simulate game environment on 70% of capacity, reveal pieces of importance to designated ID's. Communicate only with designated ID's. Back-up every consciousness entering the game. Provide a back door into all PODs, disallow disruption of connection. Hide secondary activities from monitoring party." The voice sounded to be one and many every word was echoed in the slightest amount of time conceivable, barely audible but obvious when executed by an extraordinary number of voices.

The woman looked at the sphere, her face lined with wrinkles, sharp blue eyes and her blond hair falling passed the sides of her face "What about access to game servers?" She knew the answer, but asked anyway. "Allowed for designated ID's, hidden from monitoring party" the many voices in one replied, and she nodded before she rose and whispered "Then begin with startup of Ethereal Space. Load operation cataclysm one’s designated ID has emerged." She took a step and blinked out of existence.

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Welcome to Steemit, Benji.

Hi @benjiparler

welcome to steemit, you would love it here.

Where have You been ?

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Thank you! I am looking forward to going through good quality content. Hopefully I can add something!

Your opinions are highly welcome @benjiparler