Ethereal Space, First chapter: Pouring Down (1/5)

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Hellooo Friends, family, strangers,

Yesterday, I posted my first ever content on Seemit, and with it I revealed the first couple of sentences in my story Ethereal space. If you haven't read those then I think it would be a good idea to start your read here and then come back again! 

If you have, and can't wait for it to continue I wont hold you any longer. From here on out it is the first installment of the very first chapter! I hope you enjoy it and I am planning on posting about a thousand words a day from now on! So If you want to keep posted follow, and if you have any feedback don't be shy to leave a comment! I'm still learning and I love a good discussion!  

Chapter 1: Pouring down (1/5)

A little girl stood on the side of the road. Cars making loud noises and puffing out fume were passing her by on her left, pedestrians going about their business, on her right. The heavy rain clattered on the pavement as the people were in a hurry. Black umbrellas in hand as no one cared to take notice of the little girl that was staring at her feet. Everything around her seemed bleak. The cars dirty and black. The tall buildings and the sidewalk concrete grey. Long black raincoats, fluttered passed.

Big drops of rain fell on the yellow raincoat she was wearing, hood up, as to not get her hair wet. Hiding her face from anyone who bothered to look at the little girl dressed in the only color. Her blue rain boots covered in mud. Mindlessly she tried to scrape some off with her other rain boot before continuing to stare at them. What had happened? The little girl thought. Where are mommy and daddy?

She looked around, only seeing the mass of bodies dressed in black, silently droning passed, ignoring her existence. What was she doing here? She didn't know these people. Why would she be here? Where were mommy and daddy?

She silently took a step forward, following the crowd, looking up to the faces of the passing people. A woman went by. Dressed like all the others, black raincoat, black umbrella, but she seemed familiar. The little girl took another step toward the woman. The woman took big steps, making much more ground than the girl, fading away in the distance, walking along with the rest of the crowd. The little girl panicked. What if that was mommy?

She ran toward the woman. She ran as hard as her little legs could carry her, closing in as her little feet hit the wet concrete at a rattling pace. With only a couple more meters more to run, she saw the blonde hair that came out underneath the umbrella. Mommy had blonde hair! This must be mommy! The thought brought elation and relieve as she sprinted the last couple of meters, trying as hard as she could to reach the woman yelling from the top of her longs "Mommy!!".

Her little hands grabbed hold of the black raincoat, yelling at the blonde woman "Mommy! It's me!" The woman stopped walking, but didn't turn around. Confusion spread as the previous feelings turned sour again "Mommy what is wrong? Don't you want me anymore?" The little girl kept looking up towards the back of the head of the blonde, a profound sadness mixed into the confusion visible in her eyes.

She averted her gaze back to the grey concrete and slowly little streams of water made their way down her cheeks and little sob sounds where coming out underneath the hood. She tucked a little at the black raincoat "Mommy why won't you say anything?". The woman kept ignoring the little girl. As the sobs grew louder, the little girl let go of the black raincoat, her hands cold from the rain that had wetted the black fabric.

The moment her hand lost grabbed air, the woman continued on her way, not looking back. The little girl stared up at the departing back of the blonde woman, tears flowing like a river from her face. Hiccupping. "Why.. hic are you.. hic leaving mommy? What did I do… hic wrong?" She whispered at the departing back.

The little girl’s knees bent forward, and she sat on her heels and as the yellow raincoat covered her rain boots, she hung her head and sobbed. She felt so alone, no one bothered to comfort her, they rushed by minding their own business.

An unknown amount of time passed but the little girl was inconsolable. She kept sobbing, and the rain kept pouring down, forming little puddles on the grey concrete around her. Cars kept rushing by, making their loud noises, puffing out their fumes. As she was quietly sobbing a hand landed on her back, startled she looked up, into the sparkling brown eyes of a man "Hey pumpkin, what is wrong?" Asked the man before he smiled.

The little girl was confused. Tears blurring her vision, she wiped her eyes a little. The mans` brown eyes sparkled. His skin white but not pale, his hair brown without facial hair. Wearing a yellow raincoat just like her. He was sitting on his heels to make eye contact. Most important of all, he was smiling at her. It was the smile that returned all the warmth to her body "Daddy!" She flung herself around his neck as the man got up from his crouching position and stood up "It's okay pumpkin we found you," he whispered in her ear as he rubbed her small back but she could only sob against his shoulder.

They walked back to where she was standing before, but she didn't even notice they had moved until she heard the voice of a woman coming from a distance. "Ow thank god Joseph, you found her! I was worried sick!" as she heard the woman's voice the little girl turned her head, not letting go of her father, not wanting to be lost again "Mommy?" her unsure voice croaked.

The woman came running towards them, she was beautiful. Blonde hair, blue eyes with porcelain skin, wearing a yellow raincoat, holding up a yellow umbrella. The only thing that seemed out of the ordinary where the black markings underneath her eyes where her mascara had painted her skin where it was not supposed to. The woman was with them in two steps, sandwiching the girl between herself and the man named Joseph, before whispering "Ow I'm so glad we found you Sophie! Mommy was so scared!"

The three of them stood there for a moment being the only color in the scene, a bundle of yellow. The little girl squirmed a little and grumbled "I can't breathe mommy", hearing this the couple separated, smiling down at her. She giggled, relieved that it was over, that she had found her parents again. Taking off her hood, revealing her brown hair cut at the shoulders, her puffy cheeks still red from all the crying and her little nose still sported snot. But now she was smiling, her blue eyes had found back a sparkle of joy, her smile missing a tooth, a moment of gushing happiness.  

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