Introducing myself at almost 200 Followers! #Bartcardi

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I have only been on steemit for around 15 days and already at a 170 followers at the moment! I was mind blown of how fast my profile was getting visitors and people that were genuinly interested. This is one of the reasons i am introducing myself at almost 200 followers, because now i know steem is great platform. 

Who is Bartcardi

I'm a 19 year old men from the Netherlands. Currently i am studying at Avans Hogeschool in Breda. Marketing and Sales is the study that pursuing. Eventually marketing is the way i want to go, because you actually need to understand the market with that. Sales is mostly just exploiting people in my eyes. With that being said i am in my second year of my study and it will take 4 years to finish it. 

Why am i called Bartcardi?

Bartcardi is my actual nickname, because i like the drink so much. I decided to also create my online profile with the name Bartcardi. Just because it is unique and just with my content everything has to be unique. I mostly drink Bacardi with cola with friends a night out. I am sure i am not the only one right guys ;)

A roof over my head

I'm from a small town in the Netherlands. It is in province Zeeland and not very big. Maybe around 30 thousand residents. I am not from Amsterdam, everyone keeps asking that just because they only know that i guess. I also live here during the weekend with my two brothers.  During the week i am in Breda for my study. 

How i get around in this HUGE town

I get around in this HUGE town with this little red car. It is a peugot and really fun to drive in. The Peugi it is called in our household. It is actually my mothers car but my brothers and me can also use it. It is nice to drive around in a small car you can park anywhere and learn how to drive properly.

This was my introduction of my life to steem! i hope you liked learning about me and more to come about cryptocurrency and marketing! if you are interested in this go ahead and join my team and start following me.

Join the @Bartcardi team and Upvote,follow and resteem!

Comments are always appreciated!

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Lovely introduction. But don't drink too much. Drinking alcohol is not good for your liver and the rest of your body. Take care


good suggestion!!


i think everybody knows that they just ignore it haha

Well, you have earned another follower. Look forward to reading more of your content!

Nice intro and your car look cute and awesome! Congratulation for acquiring 200 followers, best of luck!


Thankyou @purepinay
To a good steem year!

A perfect beginning

Welcome, @bartcardi I always get The Netherlands mixed up with Denmark or Holland. I know one has the tulips or windmills and the other has the wooden shoes. And one of them is Dutch, I think. It would be so much easier if they merged into one country. (just kidding) ;) Enjoy your time here on Steemit! :)


Holland and the netherlands are the same! hahaha
Thanks mate i am the country with the windmills and the tulips ;)


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Nice to see you bro!! I really like your country!! Because I was working in Netherland national wheel chair basket ball team as interpreter!! Netherland people are really kind and active!! Anyway your post is interesing for me! Hope to keep in touch each other!! :D


Nice to hear u had a great experience!
Yeah mate will follow u keep in touch

Aaand now you're at 665 followers! Good job mate - keep doing what you're doing!

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Hello my fridend,i am coming for club i am so fckin drunk
Love you alll steemit ppl:)
And all the best


haha love it mate

You from Amsterdam?


haha yeah mate!

Hahahaha you not the only one. I also love to drink myself, maybe that's why you had followers in a short period of time. It's your username. You probably made some of your followers think of Barcadi lol.
Steemit is a platform for having fun. Followed ;-)


Haha thanks mate. I am here to promote bacardi!! hahaha

Sales is a transaction between 2 people. If you're customers are happy and delighted after the transaction is complete then that's awesome. But if they feel exploited after the transaction is complete then that's what you want to convert to Happy and Delighted customers.


iknow just hate sales

Bacardi is a very good choice my friend ;)


You got taste my friendd

Joined your blog. I wish you continued growth


Thankyou very much!