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Today I'm 50, and I decided to write my late introduceyourself post.
I'm not too fond of selfies nowadays, so I spent a hard time choosing the best one:

I was born in 1967, Nov-22. I was a shy boy. Not many friends. Probably a light Asperger. My childhood was kind of a farm life. I was at a school close to my house. When I grew up...


Childhood in school
More Religion
Still More Religion
Family and Home

...and that was the story of my life.



Hey welcome man, glad to have you here!!!
I am very curios about what you intend to use this platform for
What are you planning to post about?

My posts already talk about an editorial line. I like it (and I like yours)
What I expect from Steemit?
I'm trying to follow this:
"The best attitude to have is to expect to make nothing. Have fun. Get engaged. Make friends. If along the way you earn something - bonus!"

Well I can certainly get behind that :) I hope others would have the same attitude!

To end your curiosity i have an answer, he intends to post an apology that he is sorry for the surprise that his children and wife bought him a birthday cake.

Thank you, my "lawyer" friend.
But I choose to answer the question.

haha I was asking more of a general direction for his channel, but I guess you don't really need one :)

OK. @theartoftomas
BTW: Correct Enrepreneur and then I delete this comment.
Don't answer it.

Welcome to Steem @amaponian I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Thank you for the money. I'm still thinking where to spend it... lol

Thank you, Happiest Steemian Alive

You are most welcome @amaponian May all Your best wishes be granted on this special day your birthday...

Welcome to the community!

Happy Birthday @amaponian! 50 years young! Thank you for being part of Steemit community.

Welcome onboard! Hope you'll find it great in here..

Hey happy birthday and have a good day :)

Welcome to steemit. @amaponian
i hope your enjoy this community.
following you now. :D

I'm also following you and your interesting country.

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Good... Good... Very good. Thank you...