DTube Intro: What to expect & why I'm here to stay.

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What to expect from my channel: Travel, cooking/recipe videos, lifestyle, crypto info and other fun stuff.

Why I'm here to stay:

Originally, I said I would test out Steemit for about 1 month or so to see how it would work out and if I would continue posting etc… Just a little over 1 month now and I'm here to stay! Powered up some Steem… and here are my reasons why:

There's obviously an incentive to post on steemit because your rewarded with steem currency but that's also an incentive for people to post great content, (that alone beats facebook/Instagram) because let's face it, bad content just won't get upvoted. It's also an investment in yourself and your future… I think that with persistence, can you imagine what Steemit will look like? I've been here just over 1 month now and I've learned a lot about steemit and the platform. I think it's a great platform for many reasons and a great use of blockchain tech.

This was something that I never expected…Community on the blockchain! In the short month I have been there I have met some incredible people and learned an incredible wealth of knowledge that I can take with me the rest of my life…I have made friends and become part of a crypto world community it's truly impressive. I've met some pretty cool peole on discord and been able to make some real steemit friends very early on.

Shout outs to channels I've been able to join &:
Cryptocurrency focused discord channels: (Team-Bartcardi) https://discord.gg/pcBhuZN
Travel related discord channel: (Steemit Travellers) https://discord.gg/BBHYkaa

Literally any interests you have has a large user base where you can connect with people and gain. Grow in many ways.

I didn't realize how dedicated some of the top dogs actually are. Minnow projects all over the place helping out the new comers to Steem and promoting their posts if the posts are good enough. From a new users point of view, it could seem like the posts are just racking in huge amounts of money but it's actually due to the fact that they are working super hard on promoting and improving the platform.
-I recently learned about Minnow support project and how hard they are constantly working to help out minows with upvotes on the automatic bot.
-One of my travel blogs was recently upvoted by @curie which helps promote minnows with good content, for me that was a huge morale boost and kept me going. I didn't even know what @curie was at that point until I started doing some research and saw how hard they are looking out for minnows. Coming
into steemit I didn't really know so I was posting weak content and expecting it to get upvoted or viewed but it didn't, until I began posting better content.
-@dtube has been helping out minnows with huge upvotes which is awesome to see because I think it's a great way to promote and attract new steemit users.
I could go on forever about how they are actually working but it's just awesome to see that there is a support system for new users to utilize and it's not just racking in huge profits and cashing out.

I don't mean me shouting out to smaller channels, I'm a minnow anyways. However, I love to see when big bloggers will do shout outs to the smaller ones. This can only serve to help promote Steemit and not hurt it when people help each other out it just creates a better morale throughout the entire user base and helps add to the incentive of creating great content. YouTube used to do this like 5 years ago where big channels would shout out to smaller ones. Now that just doesn't exist anymore they got too greedy. I hope steemit will continue keep doing this because it's awesome for the small fish on steemit.

It's said that knowledge is worth more than gold or silver…And I believe that Steemit is a place where you can learn as much as you want whenever you want about whatever you want. All my interest points are covered on Steemit and there is just so much knowledge to be gained (as long as its trustworthy) and some of which I have already been able to apply.

Lastly, I would like to give a Thanks to the entire Steemit community, It has been an exciting month and I'm looking forward to the future and will be posting a lot more on dtube in the future along with my blogs.

This is my first DTUBE and I want to point out 3 users that I have learned to model my blogs/vlogs from. They all post amazing content and are worth following!

@theaudgirl, @coruscate, @dewdrop

(fingers crossed it uploads properly)

Thank you!


▶️ DTube

Welcome to the community :-)

I hope you have much success on the platform.

I have a question if I may please?

How on earth do you get a video on DTube? I have tried for 5 days without any joy, I have tried different browsers, compressing the video and more.

Did you find it easy and if so what was the process you used?

Many thanks and good luck again :-)

Thanks @furn01. I really appreciate it! I'm not gonna lie it took like 5 tries and a lot of prayers haha... but in the end I think I got it uploaded with Google Chrome, I tried safari and brave and it would upload complete but then just disappear...like I never uploaded it. It worked the first time on Chrome through. I didn't compress it or anything though...Hope that helps!

Thank you for responding I really appreciate it.

I feel like giving up on it, I've tried chrome, firefox, brave and IE.

Did you upload you snap and video at the same time or wait until the video was uploaded first?

Thanks again

I think at the same time. If you use advanced settings I read to minimize the tab once u actually hit upload. I did and it worked but I don't know if that was why or not. Give that a try

Super excited to have a great content creator on this platform!!!

Do you have a fix for watching videos on firefox?
I can't watch them otherwise.

hello @alphasteem good intro welcome to the community

Thanks @mexithai, it is indeed a great community to be a part of!

Welcome to steemit very good introduction! :) following

Thanks @jordan1219444. Appreciate the warm welcome!

That's a good start! Steemit Rocks! Team Bartcardi! Rocks! @alphasteem shoutout to @bartcardi and others! 😁

@piratemonki you know it sir! Steemit taking over!

steemit is taking over! welcome to the revolution

Indeed it is! and thanks!

What a great post! Thanks for mentioning me, my friend. So happy you spent the time to read my blog. You've just motivated me to write another one. Have a great day!

You are very welcome! I've been waiting for another one so glad I could motivate you to do it!!!


We're having a dtube meet-up at Niagara Falls! April 11 if you can make it!


Hmm 🤔 sounds intriguing...would be a nice spot to visit!😁

Thats quite amazing. Travel and recipes i will be moat likely waiting for as i love both

Thanks @genelia, those are the like the 2 best things in the world right? well maybe cryptos now too haha. Appreciate your time!

hope to see more content from you :)

That's great to hear that you are here to stay :) Sounds very exciting that you are remodeling your house. Good luck with everything Xx

TY miss, it is exciting at times but also very stressful, its coming together though! Good luck with everything on your end also...it looks like your a talented singer ;-) Steemit will be excited to have you! I'll be tuning in soon.

Thank you @alphasteem :) great to see another female here on the platform ^_^

nice video


I am agree with you Steemit is a great platform I learn a lot since I am here . To your sentence it said that knowledge is worth more than gold or silver ... I would just add that in my opinion the optimization of knowledge is worth than gold or silver.... Steemit is the platform is the one to optimize it .

It sure is a great platform! That is very true I'll have to remember your quote! because knowledge without being optimized or applied is technically useless right? really appreciate the time and input! looking forward to the future of steemit.

So glad to have you here, lady! Looking forward to some awesome content from you! :-) Huge amounts of luck with steemit!

Thanks @yasminep really appreciate it... Looking forward to yours also! Good luck!

welcome .it is one of the great intro i have see

Thanks @jooley 😁. Welcome to steemitt also!

I love food and crypto so im stoked! Welcome aboard!

Woo hoo! Who doesn't right? Haha Thanks. Appreciate the resteem btw your awesome!!!

The knowledge is the most important quality of this particular community i appreciate. The reward is a form of motivation to improve and post valuable contents. Thank you steemit for improving and rewarding us at the same time

Welcome and greeting @alphasteem, great video!
I'm also new here, sharing travel and exploring . Keep up the good work! Lets follow and upvote each other!

Thanks! Good luck on steemit, and welcome also.

So happy you took the time to make this intro video .... and yes, everyone who signs up for Steemit thinks .... woah .. you can make money by posting here BUT then you realize it's so much more. The potential of the platform is incredible ... BUT the best ... the community.

Before we knew about Steemit it felt like we're blogging for a whole bunch of thumbs and emojis ... here people make an afford to say hello, be nice and to leave a thoughtful comment.

We think you're going to be very successful here!

Thanks @for91days it really is an awesome community, I'm glad I joined steemit travelers its pretty awesome to meet everyone here and actually have interaction and look at the adventures everyone goes on its pretty cool. And you can get good advice like I did from you! haha...Looking forward to your future travels! Appreciate the time.

Welcome. Send travel tips

sure will ;-)

Welcome to steemit.

The bible has made us to understand that, we are in the end time and before JESUS ascended , he told us to do the work of he that sent him, if we believe in him and also in the work he did while on earth. Once in a while try to promote, spread and preach the gospel of our lord jesus using your blog.

May the peace of our lord be with you now and for ever.

Once again welcome to steemit

Thank you. And yes that is very important to do :-). God bless!

nice intro @alphasteem! can't wait to see more posts from you! ^_^

Thanks miss. 😁 when's yours coming?

haha i don't think it will come at all, will never happen i think haha... nothing to show nor post hihi! will just watch yours :)

lol, I appreciate that. But still you should! I encourage everyone!

Welcome to D.Tube! Its great to have you and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your content :)

Thanks @nick.visco appreciate it! good luck on steemit! Keep on working hard...

Hello! Welcome to Steemit, you will enjoy it here :)

Fellow Georgia resident here!!! Just jumped on Steemit tonight but I'm intrigued... Love the reddit community, so this seems up my alley!

wooo whoo ATL in da house! I was never into the reddit community but I'm sure you will love Steemit. I'll give you a follow to help out a fellow Georgian also!

Wow i really love this. So glad you learnt some things and it has been really helpful to you.
I also learnt some things in the last one month i joined and some days back i compiled it into a post. You may like it because some curators stumbled on it and they loved it.


Thank you, it is a great place to learn about anything you need or any specific interest you have, I love it. I'll check out your post soon!


Welcome to Steemit! You'll fit right in as the community loves content creators :D

Thanks, @lpreap its all about good content on here, makes it a better place. :-)

Super post and thank you for sharing - I am just starting out and insights/tips like these really help - my intro video is here
Looking forward to being part of the community.
C :0

Aw thank you so much @inspiredgideon - really appreciate you sending me this will get onto it now Cheers C :)


welcome @alphasteem
so let's make friends and vote each other and follow too

Hi how are you? Really nice intro and post, i love it ! I would like to connect with other cool and creative steemians, artists and musicians. I’m posting music tutorials and other things related to music (and bitcoins:p). I’m the founder of the free music school communicasound. I'm really pleased to meet you. So i give you my vote, follow you and i will be happy to read your next posts in the futur. If you want, you can do the same and follow me. It’s important to have a family in Steemit :) Greetings from Paris. Peace.

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All the Best!!!

great! waiting for more crypto news!

Welcome to steemit 😊

Thank you Sir! Appreciate it!

Welcome to this great community. Wish u all the best.

Thanks! best of luck to you also! your doing great ;-)

Thanks dear. I'm new though, wish to be friend.

Love this video!!! Ugh I can't believe I didn't see it until now!! You killed it and I can't wait to see more videos. Proud of you girl! And thanks for the shoutout. You're awesome

It's ok no worries. And your very welcome!

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