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 Hello! Doing the traditional "introduceyourself" post since I'm new on here. I'm Alexa Nova, adult film starlet, nominated for 2017 AVN Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene! I've been shooting almost 2 years and I've shot a little over 100 scenes so far! I'm known mainly for my rough/BDSM/anal scenes. I'm excited that a social media site like this exists! Look forward to more posts from me! Prob containing nudity/sex! So please 18+ followers only! Added a pic so you know I'm real! And feel free to follow me on my other social media accounts! Twitter- @AlexaNovaXXX , Instagram/Snapchat - AlexaNovaNation
Video Proof: 


Hey @alexanova, welcome to Steemit.

I understand you're not worried about the nay-sayers but I'd also like to reassure you, not all Steemians/Steemers/people on Steemit are nay-sayers.

A lot of us don't have a problem with sex and stuff... after all, that's how most of us got here in the first place ;)

For the benefit of people who think @alexanova's post doesn't deserve the amount 'earned' on this post, never you mind, Sex Sells - fact of life.

I can't believe how you're OK with this (or, I can believe it, since most of society is so broken). This is a highly disturbed individual, and you're commenting saying generic things like "Welcome!" or "Voted!" without ANY reference to what it is that this crazy person does as a profession. Are you guys joking, or something? Are you that cruel that you would not only NOT state anything about the nature of her affairs, but enable it by staying completely silent about it and blatantly ENCOURAGING it by giving her positive comments?

Listen, if freedom is the future, and if Steemit is a part of that future, then we HAVE to practice at least SOME form of moral principles and not ignore really important and dysfunctional stuff like a complete jerk when stuff like that appears.

Are you seriously suggesting that we should refrain from welcoming users for engaging in consensual sexual activities we don't approve of?

Fuck that.

Why should we judge her profession as long as she doesn't judge ours? Not everyone shares your morals.

I support porn on Steemit, as it's good for the growth of Steemit. If there is sex trafficking then it's not porn and should not be on Steemit. There is a difference and all the moral outrage should be focused on sex trafficking.

Wait, what? Why so much judgement and hate? I'm very happy person. Not highly disturbed, you clearly don't know me at all and are making a lot of assumptions based purely on my profession. I am happy with myself and my decisions, I don't need yours (or anyone's) moral approval. Kindly, fuck off.

Some people want to play moral superior to others they don't even know. Perhaps because they have an easy high paying job and don't have to get their hands dirty.

So true!!! Either that, or "religious" lol
I knew a hateful comment was bound to happen!
But I've got nothing but love for my haters <3 :)

Yes, because nothing says "I love you" like "Fuck you!".

Lol, the words "FUCK YOU" in a hateful context, are never used during a scene. BDSM is about mutual respect and trust, consent is the most important factor. I wouldn't do the things I do, if I didn't enjoy doing them. I don't need you to understand where I'm coming from though.

Some people are not the most vicious kind of animal...

'crazy person'? That's just rude.

Since the 1960s, when contraception became revolutionised by The Pill, sex has been more about recreation than it has procreation. It's a multi-billon dollar industry, the sex industry in USA has regulations, medical restrictions etc to keep everyone healthy. If this young lady wants to make a living from her body while she can, who are you to call her crazy?

My husband was a miner. He went underground, in dangerous conditions for a living. This kind of living seems more profitable and WAY more fun... Crazy? Crazy is as crazy does...

What exactly is immoral here? Perhaps you would like to see a return to Victorian Values. If you want censorship and "morality" try Facebook.

Also I think we can see your entire lack of respect for another human being here:

This is a highly disturbed individual, and you're commenting saying generic things like "Welcome!" or "Voted!" without ANY reference to what it is that this crazy person does as a profession.

Sorry but I see that as an abusive post. Therefore I am going to flag you. If you want to make commentary about porn that is one thing but attacking an individual like this is out of order.

Edit: I will remove the flag if you apologise as we all make mistakes but I think it is disgusting that this is the kind of welcome that a new user is receiving due to their occupation (which BTW is perfectly legal).

Your "holier than thou" bullshit has gotta go bud.

What's wrong with a little consensual sex involving sex with bondage?

Have a flag. Judgmental dicks like you are part of the reason our societies are shit.

I find porn the most offensive abusive evil form of misogyny and this site is totally disgusting! And it makes me want to weep that so many whales have upvoted it! I guess I am in the wrong site after all!
That is probably not even your REAL PHOTO and you probably look like an old hag or are a man. Read this if you can even read:

That is probably not even your REAL PHOTO and you probably look like an old hag or are a man.

Really? Is this how we welcome new users? Flagged for abuse.

I have already unfriended you...@cryptofiend, not worth bothering with, since I know where your tastes gravitate.

I have already unfriended you.

The fact that you think I care about that illustrates just how deluded you are.

The worst thing is you make so many posts every day and yet you still know so little about this platform. Un-friending is on Facebook.

Harassing new users because you find pornography distasteful has illustrated your mentality. Further the fact that you are unable to tolerate other opinions without lashing out has illustrated how fragile your ego is.

It is quite clear that you don't give a stuff about this platform and are trying to use it to spread your bile and promote your personal opinions.

Best of luck with that.

Sorry, I meant un-follow! Better @cryptofiend?

Sorry, I meant un-follow! Better @cryptofiend?

Too late you have already enumerated your intellect for all to see.

Half the internet is porn. Get over yourself and your prudish beliefs...

Human beings have sex. It's just what they do. Judging people for it is wrong.

I find porn the most offensive abusive evil form of misogyny and this site is totally disgusting! And it makes me want to weep that so many whales have upvoted it! I guess I am in the wrong site after all!

I agree with you. This compelled me to change opinion about this site. Although at first I saw a lot of good on this site!

I love that: "Jesus loves pornstars." There's actually a lot to be said on that topic: I've done a bit of research on the matter and concluded that the bible not only never condemns sex outside of marriage, it actually assumes it's going on, wouldn't dream of condemning it, and even celebrates it. Now, everyone who's been told by a church what the bible says is going to scream that I'm a heretic, but I challenge them to find me one single passage that says it is wrong to have sex with someone you're not married to. Even the draconian old-testament law was careful not to ban this in its regulations on sex. Some might cite 1 Corinthians 7, where Paul says "Each man should have his wife and each woman her husband" and yes, this is a clear recommendation of monogamy, but it's just that: a recommendation to particular a particular people, place, and time (one that makes a lot of sense, when you factor in the context of Corinth at that time!). Also, even modern research is clear: the optimal environment for raising kids is stable monogamy, so it makes sense to recommend it for specific things.

Many scholars argue that Song of Solomon, a book in the bible which reads like a playboy article if you understand the idioms of the day, is about sex between a non-married couple.

So yes, going off of the bible, Jesus does love pornstars, and may not even have condemned their content.

Personally, I'd love to see material on Steem which reminds us that porn actors are people too, and gives them a venue to share some of their lives outside of getting reamed on camera. :) I am grossly dissatisfied with most porn I find simply because it's unnatural, unemotive fucking for the sake of fucking. There's no romance in it, there's no love in it, there's no emotion at all in it; and divorcing sex from these things leaves it empty and disgusting to me. It's like eating an ice cream cone without the ice cream. And personally, I think most men are wired that way, but many of them have just gotten used to eating dry ice cream cones because that's all that's available, and for some, all they've ever known.

There's also some seriously dark occult stuff going on in porn, where the stated goal is to divorce sex from the emotions that make it beautiful (you think the psychopaths implicated in pizzagate aren't involved in adult porn too? Think again; it's a religion to them, and they want to spread it), and I hope places like Steem become reliable sources for a better kind of porn than that filth.

Welcome to the blockchain, @alexanova, and I hope you share what's alive in you with us along with what's sexy about you. :)

Wow, that was a very well written, really awesome comment! Thank you!! I feel you 100%

LMFAO you made me smile!

Welcome to steemit don't let the haters get to you, I have no problem with porn on here as long as it's all tagged correctly.

I thought we all new steemit was about? We don't have censorship here and we don't want it, so please stop trying to push that agenda here it will fall on deaf ears.

Porn doesn't hurt anyone, people hurt people. If you don't like it don't watch it - I just don't see how this affects anyone - let alone being offensive abusive or evil.

Porn is sex with a cam in the room, sex is a way of expressing love - surely Jesus wouldn't want hate spread this way?

I would like to see a bit more content and work to go into your posts, especially given the size of the reward pool you got with this post.

I understand this is an introduction post and you probably just wanted to get it out there and see how it went, some people may have gotten a little over excited at your appearance on here.

I also think that you may have been rewarded for the possibility of you cross promoting steemit to your massive fan base, this has happened many times before and you shouldn't be copping flack because of it.

But besides that good luck with it and hope you enjoy your time on steemit :)

"Jesus loves pornstars" best quote ever

Thank you for your comment!! <3 yes I do intend on posting more quality, creative, and original content. Truth is, I don't have much professional content that I own the rights to. I need to work on building more of that. I have some, but mostly from when I had brown hair/no bangs.. so im not sure people would recognize me as the same person if I posted some gifs of the older videos I own (from past 2 years)... I do plan on posting other production company's photos/gifs of myself occasionally, but won't be removing watermark and will promote the link to the site! I will refrain from doing it all the time though. Please be patient with me, I've had a very hectic/busy day handling a million and one business things and I'm also a single mom... but, I do plan on posting more as soon as I'm able to! <3

Jesus loves people! And as long as the person is alive, he can repent of sin!

Good morning, I think Jesus does not care if the person does porn or not. At his time, he saved a prostitute from being stoned. As there were also people of all races and homosexuals, and he did nothing against them. So for Jesus, in understanding me, no matter what you are or no longer being anything, what matters to him is whether you do good to others.

Ya'll are far to close minded and judgmental to exist in this day and age anyways after reading your narrow minded beliefs and watching you try to push them on others.

You are in fact on the wrong site if you think coming into someone's post and berating and judging them for their profession and sexual preferences. No one forced you to read this girls intro post, nor comment on it.. If it offends you the best thing to do is mute her and ignore it rather than show your true colours of judgement and bigotry.

What's disgusting @elewarne is your attitude towards people and lack of acceptance of others.

Well said. Completely agree! Thanks for that!

Cheers lovely.

Don't let the old narrow minded hag get you down.

You wanna make porn, go for it. Fuck anyone who tries to tell you otherwise!

Freedom of speech and action is the foundation of democracy. Until porn directly affects you, keep your complaining to your self. If you don't like it don't watch it.

Your offense means nothing to anyone. Go fuck yourself with a sharp stick and go back to your safe space

use the mute button or leave steemit.
This is a free speech no censorship site not a only what elewarne likes site.

Your comment is based in emotion and failed logic.

  1. Porn is a woman dominated industry with women getting paid far far more than men in it today.
  2. 100s of millions of women watch porn
  3. Most big name porn studios today are owned and run by women
  4. Alexa does not have a pimp she is a camgirl which means she is in business for herself and gets 1099ed at the end of the year.
  5. I find your over emotional feminist based comment one of the biggest forms of evil. Totally Disgusting!

I find porn the worse abusive form of misogyny and have no respect for anyone involved in it!

I don't see it that way at all. I am making choices out of my own freewill, I only work with respectful professionals.
We all have our own perspective. Since you hate porn, go elsewhere then <3

Exact neither more nor less is thus, I completely agree by a certain welcome.

You, I think need to go elsewhere, back into the dark hole you crawled out of.

"You, I think need to go elsewhere, back into the dark hole you crawled out of."

Her mother's vagina?

I've no respect for people who judge others through narrow mindedness..

A big thank you for a decent human reaction to this sin of Sodom. Satan celebrates his victory!

Madam You are very mistaken. Unfortunately the devil exists. And he is very fond of human weaknesses. And especially he triumphs when people violate the commandments of God and in defiance of God sin. Hell, if you know he is the prince of sin. And we have reacted so violently it to sodomy, which is very disgusting to God.
According to the Bible, we have no right to judge a person, but we can not remain silent on the sin. For it is also a sin. Sorry for the tautology, but in a different way then you will not tell. We have to love the scriptures of people. And hate the sin. And this is the will of God the Creator.

"Madam You are very mistaken."

I think it is you who are mistaken. Do I look like a "madam" to you?

"Unfortunately the devil exists."

The thing is, there is nothing to prove that claim. I could say there's a living pink unicorn in my drawer, but since I can give you no proof you don't have to believe me. The same goes for gods, ghosts or demons. Since you can't provide any proof for those claims I don't need to take them as facts.

"According to the Bible"

The fairytale book. There are some quite interesting stories in it. Not that they are in any way more credible than those of say Stephen King, J.K. Rowling or Shakespeare but interesting nevertheless. The people in the bronze age did have quite an imagination; talking donkeys and snakes, zombies and fairies. ;) Pretty good stuff, alas they are still mere stories, and not based on reality.

Sorry, I meant to write it Alexa Nova! She is madame.

Agreed. Facebook bans porn and if this site doesn't it is uncultured and pure filth!

This site cannot ban anything... that's the whole point of it... I'm curious: why did you come here?

For the porn....hahahaha blah.

then go to facebook.

I will defend this woman's right to post whatever she likes on Steemit, and I'm an ultra conservative, mainstream Christian.

I want nothing to do with porn, but I also don't like seeing a lot of cursing (and a lot of you do that), I don't like seeing women wear pants (probably most women here wear pants - duh)...I don't like a lot of things that many of you consider no big deal.

But I believe in pure freedom of speech. No censorship.

That's why I believe in Steemit.

Some people hate Christians too. And that's fine with me, but on Steemit I'll say what I please, knowing the worst that can happpen is that a post may be downvoted to obscurity.

But the post will still exist, and I can still share the link to it with others and they can view it. That's a wonderful thing. Not the best outcome for a post here, but a much better result than deletion or banning.

To me Steemit represents an ideal community where anything goes, and you choose what and with whom you will associate yourself with.

No singular or group morality can ever be allowed to control value or worth here. Upvote if you like something; don't upvote if you don't. Pretty simple.

If you can't handle that, then leave. Go back to Facebook where you'll feel more comfy under tight regulation.

If more porn stars show up and start posting their sex videos and pics, so what? If a gazillion Christians flooded the place with daily devotionals, that would turn away a lot of investors too.

Not every person or investor in the World is going to love Steemit - only those who truly love freedom and understand what it really means.

Well said. Respect.

Hi, but what happens if the Satanists show up?
What happens if the pedophiles show up?

There's free speech and then there is evil.

Someone famous said "Evil is what happens when good men do nothing"


but what happens if the Satanists show up?

same thing when anyone of any religion shows up.

What happens if the pedophiles show up?

They get reported for breaking the law if they do.

There's free speech and then there is evil.

nothing to do with each other. what you consider "evil" is subjective. You are not the moral compass of steemit.

Someone famous said "Evil is what happens when good men do nothing"

Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
he is not talking about evil like the devil. he is talking about people standing up to your bullshit so that the evil of censorship doesnt win.if we dont do anything and let ignorant people like yourself push then evil will win.

Lol who are you to call people ignorant? From what I can see you haven't a clue.
As for you putting words in my mouth get stuffed! you don't know me from Adam. I don't talk about the "devil" ever.

I despise politically correct thinkers like you.

I quoted your comment.

word for word.
I am anti political correctness.
my statement stands and I think you just proved my point.

Fools can't be educated easily. I won't bother trying. all you do is fling insults.

fosho, good luck with all that bruh.

Satanists have as much right as Christians to freedom of speech. In fact, there was a satanist here already. She was nice and discussed her world view intelligently.

Pedophilia is criminal. Obviously, we aren't going to allow visibility of posts from people who harm children, or serial killers who want to brag on Steemit about their latest murders, or posts from rapists, etc. That falls in the rhelm of being worse than "hate speech", which is also not allowed visibility here.

And yet, those kind of people could post here and their posts would remain on the blockchain permanently, unless they deleted the posts themselves within 24 hours of posting.

I'm the opposite of an ultra-conservative christian, and I must say I like you :-)
You attitude is awesome!

Thank you! :)

I have to say, I'm a little disappointed in the Steemit community. Since when did a photograph and a small paragraph become worthy of the highest trending post? Especially in a time of such economic and political turmoil. There are BRILLIANT articles that have been posted in the last 24 hours, I know this because I have read a fair few of them. For us as a community, to choose to upvote this post to the very top of the trending list, is promoting the wrong message.
I have been anticipating the arrival of this type of thing on Steemit, and I believe there ought to be a place for it too. But, I think that Steemit should have a place for adult content, not be an adult content site with a place for other shit.
To any users who join while this is trending at peak position, they may get the wrong impression about Steemit. Do we really want people to think that this is what is the most valuable content on the site?
If this was a long, well thought out introduction with some humour or something of the likes, then I would not be saying this. But, to make the highest paid post of the day one image and a few lines of text will encourage other people to flood Steemit with more of the same.
I get that she is attractive, and there is a taboo factor to her being a BDSM pornstar-- but one would think we are a community of teenage virgins to be upvoting a small introduction to this extent.
If we now get an influx of catfish posting pictures of attractive women hoping for massive payouts, then it is our own fault.

That aside, welcome to the community Alexa. I mean no disrespect and I have no problem with you being on Steemit, I just think we are promoting the wrong message by ranking this small introduction at the top.

I hope you do well here.

Well thank you?
Sorry I didn't put more time in making my paragraph more elaborate. I highly doubt the users on here would fall for a catfish, I posted the picture and linked my other social medias so people could verify, it's actually me. So I'm sure other people would be expected to the same , if they were claiming to be some sort of model , that isn't actually them.
I kinda get what you're saying though, I'll do my best to make my posts more well-thought out in the future. Thanks for you input.

You needn't be interrogative with your gratitude, as I was sincere when I wished that you do well on here. Just to clarify, I was not asserting that your post was unworthy of praise. I do believe it deserves to be on the trending page. As someone below stated, this represents progress-and I'm ecstatic about that. I merely don't think it should be at the very top of the trending list because of the aforementioned reasons.

When it comes to your future posts, it is my understanding that you will be sharing your videos? If this is the case then putting thought into those posts is not necessary. If you are going through a hardcore bondage session, then you have worked hard enough and deserve your reward for that--regardless of whether you take the time to write a thoughtful message after providing the link.

Once again, good luck on here. I suspect that you will do exceptionally well.

Did not intend to seem interrogative in my response. I really do appreciate your comment!! <3

We actually did fall for a few catfish back on the days when practically every intro post was making $1000. It's still a sore topic.

Ahhh damn I see, but you guys have learned from this experience I assume? :P

I'm not saying that you're not real. I was commenting about guys learning anything when the topic is porn. ;)

We've learned that it's hard. It's easy to be lax and get fooled, but it's also easy to go overboard demanding evidence or do it in an unwelcoming way.

"@alexanova I'd say I've likely seen your work myself, with probability rising to 100% by the end of today ;-)"

Lol. What a legend. This is my favourite comment of the week. Thank you for that-

@alexanova I'd say I've likely seen your work myself, with probability rising to 100% by the end of today ;-)

True that, which is why I provided my evidence upfront since the tutorial mentioned to do so if you are claiming to be someone "famous"
I'm hardly famous honestly, but I'm definitely somewhat well known with people who enjoy hardcore anal sex, lol

Guys? Learn? Porn catfishing? Keep dreaming! The same people will buy it every time!

Have you not seen me post on my twitter and Instagram that I made an account on here..... pretty sure my fan base knows I'm legitimate.

I want Steemit to be visibly uncensored and uncontrollably free. I want it to have horrendous, disgusting content on it. And I want the ability to filter it out.

I'm not arguing with that, and I don't even consider this content disgusting. I was only expressing my concerns with the community's decision to select this as its most worthy post of the day-

It's easily worthy of top billing to me not because it's titillating but because of the free speech subtext. I'm a new arrival since the "fuck /u/spez" controversy at Reddit, but truly I've been on the lookout for a decentralized Reddit for a long time. I'm still wary, but Steemit seems like it might do the job. More porn, especially tasteless porn, helps prove to me that it is the real thing. If we need to introduce mechanisms to filter out things we don't want to see, so be it. That should be inevitable.

I agree with you @son-of-satire but have to ask, what happens when the Pedophiles show up? What happens when the Satanists show up?

Because porn actresses moving to Steemit represents the first significant new growth in months. Porn is the most viral material on the Internet.

@son-of -satire I agree with you on this

There are BRILLIANT articles that have been posted in the last 24 hours, I know this because I have read a fair few of them. For us as a community, to choose to upvote this post to the very top of the trending list, is promoting the wrong message

and this, too

If this was a long, well thought out introduction with some humour or something of the likes, then I would not be saying this. But, to make the highest paid post of the day one image and a few lines of text will encourage other people to flood Steemit with more of the same.

I upvoted this cause @alexanova has at least properly introduced herself with that pic and all and at least she's not naked. I did - remove my upvote later on sorry @alexanova - I do not judge you - who am I to judge? I don't know where you are coming from indeed and what is there to judge with this post. As to what you do - its none of my business - its your life but I removed my upvote cause I have my own reasons why I did that. I wish you a good journey here and hopefully decent post , funny ones instead of naked please . There are children here and though you did say 18 above only - we can't really control their curiosity ;). Who knows maybe you have a talent with photography like @halo or cooking or art - some of those who do what you do have other lives outside what they do so I wish you a good journey - just that.

I agree with you to a point - we most undoubtedly do

Especially in a time of such economic and political turmoil. There are BRILLIANT articles that have been post

My thought is your sentence is missing a key word - SOCIAL. So I will add it in alpahabetic order

Especially in a time of such economic and political and social turmoil.

My observation of what is happening in elections around the world is that the people have become tired of the economists and politicians not listening to them. We are in the midst of a massive social revolution - which probably started in the 1960's. And to quote Fidel Castro

A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past

I am not sure the social revolution is going to be a struggle to the death. When it gets to that point it will also be a political revolution. This young lady represents a sample of the social revolution - freedom to express herself; freedom to choose her own way to make a living; freedom to participate in sex in the way she chooses; etc. There will be a bunch of economic and political drivers that made it this way.

Welcome to the social revolution and thanks for making Alexa welcome.

And welcome Alexa.

Welcome to steemit Alexa!

I think you will love it, here we have a great vibrant community!

If I may ask, would you be open for an AMA? Like in reddit but in steemit :)

Thanks! Ya so far everyone has been really nice and welcoming! Appreciate that!
I'd be down for an AMA thing for sure. I can make the post later tonight :)

Awesome! Just let us know which day and hour it would work for you and we'll make sure to get enough attention and visibility, it will be fun! :)

Okay cool! Just post an announcement when I know of date/time that would be good for me?

As you prefer, you can make an announcement or just respond to this very message and we will make sure to get people ready and build anticipation for your AMA.

The only important thing is that we know in advance so that we introduce you properly to our community :)

As you can see in This post we just announced the short content form in steemit, two weeks ago.

Take your time. have fun, whenever you wanna do an AMA just let us know here :)

Too many haters out in the world. Do what you want if it makes you happy, and not hurting anyone.

Absolutely! I support that statement! xoxox

Sorry I forgot to welcome you as I was so incensed by the Puritanical hate mongers! Welcome and I think you will find that the majority of people here are very helpful and pleasant (even if they disagree with each other). I have many people on here that I disagree with but we still get on very well and have fun.

Awesome, welcome! Sex sells and the porn industry tends to be early adopters of the tech that ends of eventually being adopted by the mainstream.

Also nice to have interesting people of different backgrounds...

Welcome, don't worry about discussion, there's a "mute" button to keep unfriendly people quiet!

Was wondering if there was someone kind of block or mute... haha, but for the most part, I've been able to debate with some of them and they haven't gotten too out of hand so that's good

The best feature of steemit is "no censorship", your life, your business, feel free to share your thoughts!

Part of what is so great and what I love so much about the site!! Been soo busy traveling and doing errands the past week, but I plan to start posting gifs of my own HQ adult content very soon! Just have to get on my laptop and make em! :P excited, because I love gifs personally.

That's awesome! Very good to know!!
Apparently the iPhone app isn't as functional as the browser site

You should check out my Account for guides :)

here is our Steem pornstar :)
cant wait for a livecam Steem project or porn Steem movie

Am I the first porn girl on here ? 🤔
Regardless, yeah I'm excited to post some porn on here for you guys! Hehe

This is more important to me than people getting off; it validates Steemit as an open, uncensorable forum. I was very disturbed by the lack of porn as I tried to determine whether Steemit is a scam or not upon arriving. I'm still somewhat concerned that it can't seem to pass my 'jailbait test'.

I don't enjoy or condone child pornography, but I expect it to occur as a necessary evil in the kind of forum I'm seeking as an alternative to Reddit.

I agree! Child porn is NOT okay, whatsoever.
Porn involving consenting adults is the only kind I support.

Child porn if I see it on Steemit will always be downvoted by me. I would think most others will do the same.

As it should be! I didn't know we could downvote things, though... are you sure about that?

We can downvote anything. But nothing can be removed from the blockchain.

yeah please do. please although join
you can bond with the audience.

Ok awesome! Will do, once I'm back home. Driving back from LA right now x

On Steemit you can make profit here just being yourself and being a part of the community. Please feel free to share your thoughts, feelings, personal biography, or ideas. You may be rewarded with upvotes.

And you'll be surprised how much money you can make just doing that.

Alrighty, yes seems like a great community overall! I'm usually a fairly good writer when I put time and effort into my writing , so I'll do my best to do that in my future posts. xoxo

I'll be the judge of this...

I'm Pappi Juan (Former Cinemax Star)

I'm unsure to welcome you to this steemit community or request we do a full on Who Can Do It Better To verify your commitment to your profession.

I'll let the Steemit Community be the judge... I might be over 30... but I'll never be too old to pull out my rusty and suave looking cinemax moves

I'm Out,

Wow, looks like you have gotten quite a welcoming part divided on opposite sides! Know that steemit is constantly changing so some of the changes surprise people when they encounter them.

Even though steemit has always promoted uncensorship, all people here support it until that person encounters something that they don't like, then they attack.

Overall you will be very popular here and well supported. Just know that their will always be the people that will constantly flag you/attack you in an attempt to bring justice to steemit!

Oh, also welcome to steemit! Good to see that most of the comments here are open minded to you, even if porn is not there preference. If you ever have any questions feel free to message me on

Thank you!! :D appreciate that!

Good morning, I think Jesus does not care if the person does porn or not. At his time, he saved a prostitute from being stoned. As there were also people of all races and homosexuals, and he did nothing against them. So for Jesus, in understanding me, no matter what you are or no longer being anything, what matters to him is whether you do good to others.

Welcome onboard! Also know there's to reach out, but so far looking at the comments - looks like u're well taken care of! Hope you enjoy your stay!

Yes! Thank you! Just signed up on Steemit chat! 😘

Some of us have been here for close to 6 months, and the community is quite dynamic, helpful, and always changing with the tides. I think you'll have fun learning the ropes and getting to know your way around this place! I'll be on chat with the same username :)

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you find a nice community here. Followed/lifetime upvotes from me.

OH MY GOSH ....People will love you and people will hate you and the funny thing is it has nothing to do with you!! Welcome to the free speech site....I wish you well Alexa, i love authenticity, people who are offended, watch this!!

When we respect the person whether we agree with their choices is when we are in a free society, when we respect the person and treat them with love, then we are in a free and loving society, We all want these things and yet there are those of us who want to stop someone from expressing themselves and their choices in a free and loving society. Unless someone is not consensual with these expressions then it is literally none of our business what someone does on this journey. As for the Christians, I believe the only time Jesus was angry with anyone was the money lenders in the temple! He loved everyone! so lets follow his lead shall we! Welcome Alexa, We wish you well. Namastaynpaint! Thanks for being Brave and true to yourself. Follow me or unfollow me if you like or don't approve of my comments or beliefs, I would sooner live a day as a lion than a lifetime as a scared sheep. We create the world we wish to live in by the way we love everyone. Its called unconditional love! :)

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Hello and welcome to steemit Alexa and upvoted from me.

Thanks for the welcome/upvote!! xoxox

Welcome Alexa! I started on Steemit yesterday and so far I'm really enjoying it... Though at the same time I'm learning my way around site :)
I'm sure I am not alone when I say you will do well here on steemit and remember don't be shy to ask questions... The community is very helpful!!!

Thank you!! Yes you all seem to be very helpful! <3

hello sexy! wish i'm as sexy as you. upvoted and follow, could you follow me back?

Hey Alexa, great to have you here! My only suggestion is to be patient with this site, there's not a lot of nsfw content now, but it will surely evolve over time. So keep the posts coming... we're still in the early days;)

Oh okay, right on! I'll help build up the #nsfw content! ;)

Let me know if you want to work on the @girlsgonewild steemit acct. Could figure out how to make things work for sure email me: [email protected] .

Did you make that account ? Or did the company that owns "girls gone wild" brand make it?

Hey, I'm the one going to help market it for them. It's the first real 'adult account' so to speak on SteemIt. I'm also on a lot under: steemitqa . Find me there to discuss.

Oh so you're gonna help me post/market the AMA thing? For sure. Well I'll be making a chat account soon so I'll tty more on there later :)

It wouldn't let me reply to the other thread there lol :) so this is what I wanted to write....

Hi Alexanova I meant to say market the @girlsgonewild account :)
I can help with the AMA ofc also :) . I'm talking to someone about steemit video hosting and all that. Just hit me via email whenever you can: [email protected] or chat ( glad to see you'll make a chat account ) .

Welcome @alexanova.
One thing about this post, your intended twitter link is linking to the steemit instead.
Instead of typing just “@AlexaNovaXXX", I suggest you edit and put in a link as

Making it a link, wasn't my intention.
The @ just signifies that what follows the @ sign is my twitter handle..... can easily search the name in Twitter. But I suppose I can change it to link form.

Well nvm, the editing feature is not functioning properly on app via iPhone. Just search name in twitter please! But I appreciate the comment and the welcome! :)

I found phone is not the best to work for now. I use Android and accidentally resteem twice on different days checking my feed in the morning. Then I wrote 2 gripe post about that. :-)
Since then I try not to work with my phone when I wake up but resteem has now a confirmation prompt now which is better than when it first came.

Welcome to Steemit!!!!!

Thank you!! 😘

Welcome to Steemit @alexnova :-)

We could do with more adult material here :-)

Sweet! Thanks for the welcome!! 💋💋

Welcome I think this is great for Steemit. Look at Twitter half the accounts are porn lol. Here if you want to be a successful porn account its got to be OC at-least. Win!

Yeah for sure! I'd think original content would do best of course. I'll be posting more soon, I just don't have too much content that I own. I do have photos/gifs that I'm in that I'm authorized to use to promote with though, as long as I keep watermark on them and credit/link to site... but idk if members would approve of that?
I also make dance videos sometimes, lol... so I'll post them on here too.

I had to check you out, I don't normally watch multiple videos in a row, but damn...

Heheheh :P I'll take that as a compliment. ;)

ГАНЬБА!!!!!! Позор!!!!! A shame!!!

bom dia seja bem vinda a steemit.

Interesting Tags... By the way do i miss anything here !!?