Hello steemit! The music and its influence in my life... #introduceyourself

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My name is Albert Mora, I was born in Cuba, but right now I am living in Venezuela, currently, I am 19 years old. At this moment I am a young man who is working hard for his future, I am a musician, I can play the double bass, it's my principal instrument, but I can play the guitar too. I can say that now my life is not bad, I play with different orchestras in my city, and I have a good reputation like a bass player, I have been playing with international musician that visit my city and I have the opportunity of playing with several famous popular bands in my city, but the best thing that I can say about my life is that I am very happy, I can say that I have a beautiful, wonderful, optimistic and productive life. All the thing that I have is thanks to the music, thanks to the art... Let me talk a little about my life!


I was born in Cuba where my life was based on going to the school, after it, go to the sport, go to my house and sleep. I had a monotonous life, to be honest, my life was not bad, because I lived with my mom who helped me with all my problems, and I had good friends, but my problem was that I didn't know what to do with my life, because I love the music but my economy wasn't enough to pay for my career, with it I want to say that I felt incomplete, I wasn't able to see a good future for myself because I didn't like other careers apart from the music. When I was changing my mind about my future musical career I was able to talk with my father musician, a bass player who lived in Venezuela at that time, I told him that my dream was study music and play the double bass like him.
He was very excited about the news, so he acceded to make all the documentation necessary to help me go to Venezuela to fulfill my dream of study music. I arrived in Venezuela at the age of 13 years old and I started to study music. How I love the music, I studied without stopping, and with the time I started to improve my level very fast. One year later I was able to play with one of the most popular bands in the country like a principal bass player, and later I was accepted into the big band jazz of the city.


Because of all the problems in Venezuela, my father decided to move to The USA, I stay alone here studying and improving my level with myself and a great help of one of the best bass player of the city. He helped me a lot with different rhythms like the jazz in general, salsa, classical and more. That year I started applying for the university Berklee College of Music, where I was accepted as a musician but I was not able to pass the English test and unfortunately I lost that opportunity. But I kept studying hard the music but this time learning languages to have more opportunity to study in a good university later. My teacher for the problem of the country left the country looking for jobs. I stayed here studying and improving my level by myself, but sharing music with my best friends, in his jazz band I have been the opportunity not only to improve my level on the music but also improve my culture, and my knowledge about the art in general.



One year ago I started to gain interested in reading a lot, things like motivational content (I love it), poem, music, and more. I started to create my own poems and write my one motivational phrases and in addition, I started creating my own music. Really I am in the moment where I want to give my best to be better person and musician each day, that is one of the reasons I am here, because I want to share with you all the thing I have saved in my heart, I want to share all the poem I want to write and take all your opinions to improves it, I want to post some motivational thing to give you several advices that I have been learning in my short but long life, and of course, the most important for me, I want to share with all of you the feeling that I have stored in my soul through my music.
Nice to meet you friends, and thank you steemit for giving me this opportunity. I am willing to give all my best to share with you all the beautiful art I can show, and always with great dedication and humility.

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Holaa Albert


Epaa saludos

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Thank you @steemsociety, that is very helpful for me!

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Thank you so much!!

Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here:)


Thank you!

Welcome to the Steemit community Albert! Can’t wait to see more of your music posts! You have an amazing talent. Good luck and keep posting. :-) And I’ll see you around.


Thank you so much @cookntell, soon I am going to post my first video playing...


@albertbass Awesome! Can't wait to see it. Good luck!😀👍


That is correct my friend!!! :)

hello @alberthass you aere welcome to steem.

Wow! You are handsome!)))


hahaha Thank you!!! :)

Welcome to Steemit.
Your English is just perfect.
Good luck with your studies.


Thank you so much!!

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Ready my friend, nice to meet you!

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