I am New on Steemit Kindly guide me about steemit.

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Hi guys! I am New on steemit. Kindly guide me about steemit.



My Name is waqar adil. I am from pakistan. I am 22 years old. I study software engineering from Abasyn university peshawar. And now i am working my final year project. my final year project as a SuperHero Game.
we will develop a SuperHero Game in Unity game engine. And now i am working the Designing of the Game i will be design a Complete City for SuperHero Game.i will be completed the Design in 5 days. After completing the design of this game i will strated the development of the game.

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Welcome to steemit here people will surely support you if you have the will and hard work if you have any doubt then you can ask in general steem.chat .

Always remember that quality is better than quantity so post quality content your original work.

No one is perfect everyone improves so learn from mistakes and go ahead 😊

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Hi @adilstudio, A Warm Welcome to steemit community.

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I Hope You Will Make Most Of This Website & Best Of Luck For The Rest Of Journey :)

A warm welcome from me!
Wish u all the best,
Think wisely,before u post,it matters!
Be yourself,dont be ashamed about anything,show your true self,and everything will be as u want!
Good luck,and will see u around!

Welcome to steemit!

Hi @adilstudio, welcome to the steemit community, may you have a great time here and enjoy the freedom of creating content.

Welcome to the community @adilstudio, Hope you will spend good time here. If you have any questions, you can ask me freely. Meanwhile, also join the discord and interact with other community members. Good Luck

Welcome to steemit :) I hope you like it here, for starters have my upvote ;)
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Hi, @adilstudio, and welcome to Steemit. You will soon discover how to move around but I wanted to say that the steemit community is very nice and I am sure you will accumulate followers and get great feedback on your posts very soon.
I'll be following you from now on. If you want to read about good food, travelling, games and cryptocurrencies, feel welcome to follow me. Good luck with Steemit!
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Welcome to Steem, @adilstudio!

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You are great.