Introduce Your Hometown: Middelburg (the Netherlands)

Hi Steemit and dear followers!

Today I saw a fellow Dutchman ( @ernstjan ) post about his hometown using the hashtag #introduceyourhometown. Originally this idea came from @redtravels and I would like to join in by introducing my hometown to those that search on the hashtag!

A while back I wrote a short series about my hometown Middelburg. It is the region capital of the province of Zeeland. That's why New Zealand is new! Anyway, I'm not just going to copy+paste everything I wrote here, but I rather share the links to all separate posts here. I'd also like to share some pictures of my nice little town here that I haven't used in my short series, but still are worth showing.

Enjoy the posts and pictures!

Episode 1: Introduction
Episode 2: History of Middelburg
Episode 3: Let's go sightseeing!
Episode 4: Leisure and activities

An overview of Middelburg. From here you can see the most important sights: the abbey and Lange Jan belltower, the city hall, the Oostkerk (East Church) and the channel that runs through the city.

Dusk alongside the old quays

The East Church by night

Historical play about the Dutch navy

In my short series you can see many more beautiful pictures of my hometown! If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to upvote, resteem and follow me at @rvanstel. Have a nice day!


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Great you jumped in, and also great you did not forget to mention, where this idea came from!

This is so nearby from where I live

@rvanstel Hier Nieuw Middelburg maat,

@ rvanstel, very nice post friend..

Wow! I really like this idea. I think I'll follow suit with my current city, Portland Oregon. Also, Middleburg looks lovely. I'll have to check it out next time I'm in Holland.

Great post @rvanstel! let s follow the flow with this posts! all your pics are cool too. I wrote yesterday mine:

check it out and let me know how i could improve. in the meantime follow and up vote you for this awesome post :)

Looks like a neat little town. How many people live there @rvanstel? I'm stealing your idea and presenting my hometown - Varna, Buglaria. I'm probably the first one here with a Steemit account haha