My Verification Video - The Weirdo with the Pink Hair

in #introducemyself8 years ago (edited)

I wrote an introduction post on my first day here, which really wasn't that long ago. Since then, I've been told that it's recommended I do a verification post, confirming I am really me, and not some character someone invented as a pen-name or something. So I've decided to make a verification video!

I don't normally do videos, and you're about to see why. I am not camera shy, more like camera stupid.

This is my *duh* face.

If you're looking for that erotic fantasy novel, you can start here.


Hi techslut, let me give you a warm welcome to Steemit. Looking foward to reading your work.

Thank you! It's good to be here. :)

I don't know what you are talking about. You did great in this video. I saw your posts when you first started and liked your style. In fact, I resteemed one of your posts "How Steemit is Like Highschool - Musings of a freshman steemian", trying to do my part to get people to notice you. You are great.

Oh do go on! :)

I know her in real life! :))

Welcome, dig the hair.

Good way to present excellent video

Nice meeting you. Nice color hair. I dont have guts to color my black hair.

Doesn't take guts. It's hair. If tomorrow I don't like it - I'll change it. It's not like a tattoo or plastic surgery. It's like... long lasting makeup. :)

Nice to meet you closer! You look and sound great!

Thank you! :)

Welcome to Steemit. Have a good start.

Friends fan. <3

Lol I can hear joey saying it

Welcome. Thanks for verifying and I love the hair!

I was actually postponing making the verification video until I got the color renewed. Walked around all pastel and faded pink. Now, this is PINK! So it's me. :)

It looks cool and it suits you:)

Great intro post!!!!! Cool as!!!!

Didn't Simba tell you? I am one of the cool ones! :P

P.S. So when are we organizing that IsraSteemit meetup with boris from haifa and the rest of us?

Well its a bit far away for me (im in Russia atm), but im sure you guys can make a skype call, co i can chat some hebrew finally =)

Sounds like a plan! :)

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