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Greetings Steemers,

Bullshit entrepreneurs cry about the way they want it to be, instead of reacting to the way it actually is / Gary Vee

I believe each and everyone of us, the early adopters of Steemit are entrepreneurs at heart. We praise the technology, take all the difficulties we may get from it because in the end of the day, we want to be the first. We optimistically predict the opportunities at hand but in the same time understand the loss we may suffer from it. We understand that innovation is expensive and not everyone is willing to pay for it.

This is me! Obiously

I'm Pooria, a developer and previous startup founder with a vast amount of experiences. Some of them bad experiences (ignore the Donald Trump reference) and had lots of failures with my businesses. But in the end, survived, started over and built my life around the new changes. I hate safety.

I'm originally from Iran, but during the last year I'm living alone in the heart of South East Asia, Malaysia. If I'm not coding, I spend most of my time like this:

Reading stuff

Or this (Food in Asia is crazy):

Asian Cuisine

Asian Cusisine

City life in Kuala Lumpur is so vibrant:

Kuala Lumpur

Right now I'm a regular developer in Busy Project that is a social network based on Steem's blockchain. We're trying hard to release the beta in Q1 of 2017 and we hope it brings a great value to the ecosystem we all love. Our team is also maintaining 5 other open source NPM packages for Steemit including SteemJS.

By the way, who likes the idea of Steemit Coding Class? A regular series of very basic coding articles which everyone can learn the basics of coding in 5-10 minutes a day. Being practical and communicative inside comments. Let me know about your ideas.

Connect with me:

We love verified accounts:

Until next time,

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yes. plz. upvoted + resteemed + followed = trifecta. =)


I appreciate. Here is the first episode

who likes the idea of Steemit Coding Class? A regular series of very basic coding articles which everyone can learn the basics of coding in 5-10 minutes a day.

I like it.


Thanks. first episode is already out :-)

Steemit coding class? Do you mean just a general coding class on Steemit, or a class about how to code for the Steem blockchain? I'd be interested in that.


Hi @kendewitt. Nope I'm talking about a beginner class for non-tehnical people. However, our team is supporting a vast number of JavaScript libraries related to your interest and we provide support through github issues if you have problems working with blockchain's API.


@p0o Me likey!
would you please post it here instead?
video or something ?
may I request that you also make it idiot proof?
thank you!



Yes I will post Steemit Coding Class regularly here starting from tomorrow. Thanks for support. Also don't worry I'm definitely idiot myself so whatever I explain is naturally idiot proof.


@p0o ah, thank you!
already looking forward to it!
all the best!

@techslut I hope you see this ;)


Thank you. The first episode is ready. Let me know about your feedback please :-)

I like it! :))


Thank you! You can read the first episode here. Let me know what you think :-)

Hey p0o. I am always looking to talk to people about this as well. Would you consider reaching out to me on steemit.chat? My name is fuzzy on there.


Sure I messaged you there.

Great initiative, I look forward to learn the basics of coding and am following you now!


Thanks for the support. The first episode is already out!


Thanks, will check it out later :)

Great idea. But you should do it for Bitshares, real Graphen blockchain. On Steemit whales and their bots will eat themselves.

GREAT! looking forward to being your coding student (if I can spare some time) and, even more important, to see project busy activated! followed and resteemed.


Thank you very much! Two episodes are already out. Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think. Yay for Busy 8-)

Sounds good, always wanted to learn how to code, probably a basic requirement these days. Followed + upvoted.


Absolutely, coding is for everyone. Three episodes are already out so feel free to find them in my account and join the classes :-)