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The definition of Legion is a vast horde of people. In Roman times a Legion could be 3000-6000 warriors

I have never been one of those people that just fits it. I am curious, I ask questions and I want to know why! I have learned to fake fitting in and it has made me miserable. I have been searching my whole life to be part of a community that will accept me for who I am. The best part about the Steemit platform is that it encourages people to be themselves. People have the option of anonymity and can be more comfortable "Thinking" out loud.

I am an empath. I have put myself in your shoes and I know what it feels like to be you. You want to be yourself and bring your original content to life for all to see. But, when you are new here, it feels like no-one sees your work.

I feel like thousands of users here on Steemit ,. checking their new post every five minutes to see if they received a vote or a comment.

I am only one user but I feel like many. I will read your post. I will comment on your post. I will vote on your post. I will resteem your post.

Here is what you need to do.

1.) Check to see that I am voting now here @i-am-legion
voting now.PNG

1.) Follow me

2.) Transfer any amt of sbd to me up to 1 sbd. Anything over will be considered a donation. In the memo include the link to the post you would like me to read

3.) Check my voting power here https://steemworld.org/@i-am-legion

I will not vote on any post until my voting power is over 70% . If my voting power is under 70% and you send me sbd it will be considered a donation. ( Yeah I know, that could suck but I am helping you be responsible for your actions). This means I will most likely be voting about every 2.5 hours

Here is what I will do. I will read your post. I will comment on your post, vote on it, and resteem your post. If your post it some kind of scam or shitpost you will get a vote worthy of your post.

I am not a voting bot. I am a real, live person. If you send me SBD and a link for your post I am confident you will be satisfied. If you are not satisfied don't send me any more SBD!

Here is a great thought! If you recommend someone else's post I will give them a more generous vote than if you recommended your own post.

How do I figure out what to vote? At the least, I will match the amt of SBD you send plus the curation. Well written, thoughtful posts, and overall great stories will get larger votes.

I am Legion

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Well that's an interesting way around the voting bot issue... A manual curation service that you can call on your own, someone who reads the post and considers its quality, as well as the generosity of nominating someone else. Hmmmm....

I'm empathic, too. I also have felt like I don't belong in many life situations. Steemit is different in how it encourages people to be who they are. @i-am-legion seems like a creative solution to an issue on this platform. I hope it is wonderfully successful!

Hey, thanks for the comment. We definitly belong, we are the ones who have the guts to swim against the tide. It will be intersting to see how this all works out.

Interesting concept. In theory I am against voting bots. Personally I have never used one, however I dont unfriend a guy that does.

My issue with a vote bot is a person could put up a pic of a dog turd and have it upvoted. It sounds like this is a bit different.

This is different. In your example, a picture of a dog turd would get a zero vote. The best way to be able to use this would be to give someone else a vote. Thanks for your comment

Agree. Although I belong to 2 communities with bots, I didn't join them for the bots... it was just kind of a bonus.

Bots can never be humans. The person to person connection is one of the best features of the steemit platform

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This should be interestinh=g! Good luck! I am trying one of mine to test you out! :) Tip!

I tried it and have to admit that it is amazing service! instead of the tips I give everyone, it will be nice to use when i see awesome content! Thanks for letting me test you out! ;)

Thank you @Dswigle. You could definitly use this service for tips. Your post was very high quality. I enjoyed reading it.

I am not a self-voter - however, now I can call you a tried and true value. Thank you so much!

Hi @i-am-legion! You have received 0.1 SBD tip + 0.03 SBD @tipU from @dswigle :)

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Am all over this like white on rice, first off...I like you, second off we Alliance fam, third off...I have a lot of bills staring at me and need a boost, <3

Thanks for the comment my alliance sister. I can feel you about the bills. I think 9-5 is scam and we should be able to support ourselves with what we like to do

My upvote is worth absolutely nothing apparently, but I tried because I too knows what it's like to be eaten away by debt every single day of life. If I could just donate I would. I tried, sorry. :(

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Happy Steeming! :)

I love your idea and I am exactly like you in that I check Steemit all the time. I'm new and still trying to understand all the ins and outs. I followed you not because you asked but I like your writing style and can't wait to read more from you. Good luck going forward.

Thanks for the comment.

Welcome to Steemit! Explore + enjoy :)

Hi @i-am-legion ! Great post, i like it, i just upvoted it ! PS: you may like to follow me ... @legsnheels

:) Welcome.

Wonderful! trying it out right now :D

So how did it work out for you

Super! Thank you so much :) I will be spreading the word about @i-am-legion among friends 🤘🏼

I don't know. In some way I understand your idea. And of corse personal upvoting is better than voting-bots. But isn't the idea behind Steemit to curate content? It is what you want to do. But you do it for money. I made a post today about friendship being more important than money. In fact I believe, if you make yourself some good friends here, you will grow anyway. But maybe I am just naive. I made my decision by now to be myself here. And I think I am more interested in making friends than in making money. I will give that a try. Maybe it will fail, then I will "just" have some new and interesting friends. Or maybe it will also work out financially.

My idea is that if we could financially support ourselves, doing what we were meant to do, we would be able to help more people be able to do what they love also. The reason I am charging money for the vote is because I have to lease the voting power from other users that are not using their voting power to vote. .Maybe they are just investors on the platform and do not create content or curate posts.In the end, this proably will not be profitable for me, but it will be profitable for those that receive the upvotes. They can then power up and pass the love down the line. I don't think it has to be a choice between Money vs Friends. Why can't it be both... I admire your ethics. I also belive that in time the money will come as long as you keep doing what you do.

Okay thank you. I see we have a similar opinion. Finding the middle or the best way seems to be a really challenging task on Steemit.

Sounds interesting. Are you buying delegation? I notice that your voting power isn’t very large right now but you have some Steem sitting in your account.

check it now. I delegated from my main acct @sostrin

Mate, that’s awesome. Will buy some votes soon. :)

Finally. Someone tries to help the newer people who may really have something to offer. I have literally posted several things just to see if steemit is a scam, because as a new person it sure as hell feels like one. Then there is that thought that maybe my posts are just stupid. At the same time, some feedback is better than none. =/ I upvoted you. I don't have any SBD but I will see if I can manage to get ahold of some. Thank you for what you do. I honestly feel like my stuff is getting lost in the matrix or something. :( I so far have only upvoted 2 of my own posts because I was afraid to because I thought it was looked down upon by the community.

Neither am I.

You are Batman

shhhh, dont tell anyone

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 20.45% vote... I was summoned by @sostrin! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

pretty cool !sounds like you can do some good work here, thanks for the support!