A little about me and how I started to make a living out of Bitcoins

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Hi my name is Anidel from the Philippines, 19 years old, living off my earnings from doing cryptocurrency work, trading, Mining, and investment. I hope by sharing my story people may get inspired to go into cryptocurrency and explore the many opportunities that await them.  

My journey to the cryptocurrency world started when I decided to leave home last year to live on my own. At first, it was very hard since I am only living off my savings doing some odd jobs in between school hours. Work is hard to come by and looking for work for me is even harder since I was only a high school graduate.  I tried working for a local food cart business but the business did not do well and it closed down. I worked as a caregiver but my employer moved to another country and I was left unemployed once again. I tried being a waitress but an untoward incident going home made me quit. I was so traumatized by the incident that I limited going out.  

It seemed like a hopeless situation. I was already thinking of going back to my Mom and just endure all the verbal abuse I get from her, my step-siblings who treats me more of a slave than a step sister and Stepdad who is heavy on the hands each time I commit an honest mistake or did not follow his command. NO WAY! I told myself, years of abuse are enough so I started to analyze my situation carefully.  

First, I asked myself what do I like doing? I can surf the net and browse facebook all day and night long. I like making new friends and I don’t’ shy away from new acquaintances online.  

Second, what do I have and know right now that I can use to make a living? I know how to use the computer, search the internet and I love to learn new stuff. I have a laptop, a desktop, and a mobile phone. I also have an unlimited amount of internet since the landlord of the house I am renting is giving away free internet to its tenants. 

Lastly, I have enough money to survive at least one month and three months if I sell off some of my old stuff that I am not using. That’s exactly what I did, I sold my old phones and electronic gadgets and computer parts online. 

Now that I have enough budget for 3 months I started looking for “home-based online jobs.” In doing so I found myself looking at the different posts in facebook group pages which shows a lot about Bitcoins.  I know a little about bitcoins but I never view it as something that you can make a living off.  So I moved on and joined a local multilevel marketing and data encoding business opportunity called Plan Pro Matrix.   I tried doing the job but the job was too much difficult for me and the pay was too small. I figure the best way of earn from this is through recruitment. That did not work out too. People are just not willing to pay the registration fee of $12 dollars for work.  

I tried another home earning opportunity. This time the registration fee is $5 only. Again you earn by inviting people to register much like Plan Pro Matrix. It is called S2S or secret to success. The only difference is this one does not offer work but an online education on online marketing. Again this one did not earn me any money.

After two weeks of no result, I thought of learning more about Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency in general. I joined one group page about bitcoins and asked if one of the administrators can be my mentor. Luckily he agreed and began teaching me how to earn online. He introduced me to Neobux, Clixsense, and Get-paid.com. They are long-running and legitimate online “Pay to click” sites. He told me that there are no investment required to start doing this online earning opportunity.  He also introduces me to Payment processors like Payza, Paypal and Skrill. He then proceeded to teach me about Bitcoins.  He pointed me in the right direction where to find more information about a certain topic in bitcoins and explained in detail some concepts that I didn’t understand.  

The very first thing that my mentor asked me to do is to get my very first bitcoin wallet. Since I am living in the Philippines he suggested that I get coins.ph bitcoin wallet. It is the most popular and widely accepted bitcoin wallet in the Philippines. Here is my referral link on coins.ph. Then he asked me to register in xapo.com for a Xapo bitcoin wallet which I will use in faucet mining. He then instructed me to register in this faucet site called  Moobitcoin. He demonstrated to me how the faucet worked and showed me that some bitcoins were transferred to my Xapo wallet instantaneously  (currently Moonbitcoin does not remit directly to the Xapo wallet but Coinpot). Faucet sites are sites that give out cryptocurrency like bitcoin in exchange for doing a small task like solving a captcha or viewing an advertisement. Most of these sites are free and you can augment the amount of free cryptocurrency you can get by referring people into these sites.  

After joining and trying out several faucet sites that my mentor suggested I asked my mentor about mining bitcoins. He told me that there are two types of mining: Real mining, which requires you to have the hardware to mine and Cloud mining in which big mining companies rent out its mining power as a service to paying customers. He warned me that mining bitcoins might not be profitable anymore but if I want to learn about it he told me to check out Genesis and Hashflare. Genesis is the most popular cloud mining company and probably the biggest.  Hashflare is a mining company that builds its own mining equipment. Between the two my mentor advised me to use Hashflare as they give better value than that offered by Genesis.  Unfortunately, I am not ready to invest then even though it is a measly $1.2 was all that was required to get started. My mentor also forewarned me that there are a lot of scam Mining sites masquerading as a legitimate Mining site. These sites are called Pseudo Mining Sites of HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) mining sites. He gave me specific instructions to stay away from these sites as they will never make you any profit. 

As I was searching for legitimate mining sites an acquaintance that I met in some social gathering suddenly message me on facebook and ask if I were into cryptocurrencies since he noticed that I was actively searching bitcoin earning opportunities online. He told me that if I was really interested he could share information about what he knows about cryptocurrency. Little did I know that this acquaintance will not only be my second mentor but also be my cryptocurrency partner.  

Like my 1st mentor, he told me that I must be careful when choosing cloud mining sites. To help me weed out the legitimate, real mining sites from the scam sites he suggested that I’d be a member of HYIP Monitoring Sites. However, he cautioned me that these sites are not always 100% percent correct and a lot of these monitoring sites get their advertising revenue from the very same sites that they seek to monitor.   

My second mentor always believes that you don’t need any investment to succeed in cryptocurrency. You just have to learn how to leverage the different cryptocurrencies available online. Each of the cryptocurrency has its own strengths and weaknesses.  Unlike my first mentor that wanted me to focus on bitcoins, my second mentor stresses that I should be open to all cryptocurrencies. He asked me to open an account with the cloud mining site Eobot and micro-payment processor faucet hub

Eobot is offers mining contracts like Genesis and Hashflare. He liked Eobot due to the multitude of cryptocurrencies that it supports. It also gives automatically 1 doge every time you log in daily and you can faucet mine any cryptocurrency available there once every day. This can be converted or exchanged to Hashing power or mining power.  

Faucet Hub is a micropayment platform in which several cryptocurrencies faucet claims are collected. You don’t need to invest anything here. It also has a section suggesting supported faucets sites that are giving out free cryptocurrency. 

I did what my second mentor asked me to do. I Joined the links that he sent me and tried to learn as much as I could by myself and ask him for clarifications and things that I don’t fully grasp. One topic that I was really interested in is Mining with my own hardware. My current hardware was not really good for mining, fortunately, my second mentor, who became my boyfriend, by the way, lent me some of his old equipment. He thought me how to GPU mine using his old single 970 GTX graphics card. He introduced me to several pool mining sites and thought me how to set it up. Minergate and Nicehash. Both mining platforms were easy to set up and I was mining in minutes. I was advised by my second mentor that Mining with your own hardware is not profitable in the Philippines and I should stick with Cloud Mining if I really want to mine cryptocurrency. 

In addition to the Mining sites and payment processor he also told me that there are also “pay to click sites”  much like Clixsense and Neobux that pays in bitcoins such as CoinBulb , BTC clicks  and Bitter.io. All of these PTC sites are free and you don’t need to invest anything.  

Although I am learning a lot from my mentor/boyfriend the earnings I am getting from the faucet sites, free mining site and PTC clicks were not enough to support myself. I needed to earn more. I am on my 2nd month and I need to do something before my funds ran out. I told my concern to my Second mentor and he offered me financial support which I gratefully declined. I wanted to earn on my own and I wanted to do it with what I have already started and have grown to love. He respected my decision and advised me to check out Raiblocks

Raiblocks is a faucet site that gives out a cryptocurrency called MRAI just by solving recapthca problems. What stands out with Raiblocks is that it does not have any limitations when you claim. You can claim as many as you want and as long as you like.  My mentor thought me how to set up my account and showed me how to trade the MRAI to Bitcoins. In no time I was earning up to 250,000 -500,000 satoshi per day which is roughly equivalent to 300-600 pesos per day ($6-$12) at the rate of $2500 per bitcoin. For a country that has a minimum wage of $10 per day this is not bad at all. I was so pleased with the Raiblocks that I tried to share it with everyone. I asked my mentor if I can teach this to other people that I knew on Facebook. He gladly agreed he even suggested creating a group page which is now called the Coinfinity-Raiblock Community Team (renamed and repurposed to Crypto Digital Giveaway). That group page has grown well over 700 members.  

Since then my second mentor introduced me to Bitcoin earning opportunities that require investments. With his guidance he let me invest in HYIP program and Mining sites. I’ve invested in Hashflare and Eobot. I also invested in Ethrade and other HYIP programs which since have either been turned to scam or disappeared without a trace. I wanted to cry when I got scammed but he is always there to comfort me and encourage me. He told me that I take those mistakes as lessons and learn from them.   

All the investments that I made on these sites came from free sites like Raiblocks and the different Bitcoin Earning opportunities that I have joined.   Based on my experience with dedication and effort one can start earning Bitcoin and make a living out of it. There are even cryptocurrencies like Steemit that give you some reward just by being social. 

I believe that I have stumbled upon an earning opportunity that will be a proponent for positive change not only for me but for those who seek financial freedom and success. I am sharing my experience in the hope that people seeking opportunities to earn an extra income or to gain financial success and freedom to check out cryptocurrencies. It is my firm belief that cryptocurrency will emancipate money from those who seek to control it. It will enable those who lack access to the world economy the chance that has long been exclusive to those who have money and influence. Through cryptocurrency, inclusive prosperity will be attainable. 

That is all, for now, my friends and I hope to see you again when I share the details of my cryptocurrency adventure on the different platforms that I have joined. I can’t wait to tell you how I made $900 dollars in less than 45 minutes only to lose it in just seconds (hard lessons in Binary Options).  


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Thanks for the kind reminder. I will check out that article. followed you and upvoted your reply.

I think we are a part of something truly special here, and I welcome you! Another early adopter to this amazing technology.

Thank you. Yes I think we really are being a part of something real special.

Great account of your journey into crypto space.

Yes it has been a great journey so far.

Nice to know you here ankarlie. Welcome to Steemit! Just keep on writing!

Thanks for accepting me in the team sir I hope i will make many friends here that I can share my life experiences.

Wow many rakets huh. You can teach me how? hehe. Joke friend. It wasa challenge for you who encountered a fate like Cinderella but it made you for who your are now. Thanks to them.

Yes it helped me build my character and the attitude I have now. I am always here to share what I know specially about cryptocurrency. What i know now was shared by someone else and it is moral obligation to do the same.

You welcome @ankarlie to steemit.just a little advice, to succeed here you need a lot of diligence and patience. Enjoy the journey even as the funds flow in. I upvoted you. You can follow me so we can connect. Goodluck

Thanks for welcoming me hear sir. followed and upvoted you also. Yes I am already enjoying my stay here.

hello ; I'm an ex-pat living in the P.I. , let me tell you the lucrative way's to earn online for me in the past 12 years: paypal , steemit ,hashflare minning , td ameritrade , twitter , busker.com , bitcoincasinousa.com , periscope.com . The must have is steemit , periscope.com and busker.com. I upvoted you and followed you, good luck.

Hi. Oh yes sir I have paypal, steemit, hashflare, twitter. The others i don't i will check them out later. If you have referrals links why not send it here so that i can register under you link and benefit also. :)... I will upvote you and follow you also. Thanks.

sure I can do that: go to my twitter feed http://twitter.com/sandcommander and click the links in my profile. I'd love to have you as my affiliate !

I followed you in twitter sir and read your previous tweets . There is a wealth of information there sir. Where do you recommend me to start. Wanted to try out some the programs you have joined later.

ok and thank you for the compliment. Start by reading the instructions on the espressoexplorer siite for affiliates and e-mail me with the coinsph address where I can send you btc. I'm a member of coins also.

Just read your email sir sorry for the late reply been busy lately.

Welcome to Steemit!

It looks like you've tried a lot of things. I wish you success. Keep reading, researching and learning.

Steemit is a great place to learn. I've learned so much since joining several months ago. The most profitable things I have learned is how to trade using the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange. An easy way to get started is with OpenLedger: https://openledger.io/

A lot of people here on Steemit use Bitshares and there are many articles here that you can learn from.

Keep writing and posting!

There are so many things I still have to learn about cryptocurrency. There is so much time that I spend learning that sometimes I ask myself if this is the right way to do it. I spend so much time learning I have less time doing the actual work like trading, investing, monitoring and stuff like that. One effective way is just look for good mentors or join good groups. In doing so you can harness their experiences and combine it with what you know so that you can leverage whatever you are trying to do. I will check that site Matthew thanks for sharing it. Followed you and upvoted your comment.

Thanks for following. I'll be writing more about Bitshares in the future.

If you invest time in learning how to do it, trading can be very profitable. I only started trading about a month ago and I'm surprised at my success. I hope it continues.

Hi passed by your steemit page to check if you have something new about bitshares but nada. I guess you are too busy with work. I do a bit of computer sales and repair myself. I wanna learn about bitshares and about the open ledger. Do you know of sites where i can find useful information about it? thanks in advance for the help hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks @ankarlie for commenting.

Yes, I have been really busy. Lots of changes in my business and life right now. I have still be trading on the Bitshares DEX and doing really well.

I think there are some good tutorials on Bitshares here on Steemit and Youtube. I did a lot of reading, watching and experimenting when I first started.

Once you sign up for a Bitshares wallet or account, you can use that credential to login using the Bitshares app or OpenLedger. I use the wallet model because it is a little more secure, but you have to make sure that you securely save your downloaded "key" and memorize your password. Without those, you don't have access. Just like if you loose the private key or seed to your Bitcoin wallet.

Once you have an account, you have to transfer some crypto into Bitshares. You can do this with OpenLedger and deposit Bitcoin or Litecoin (and a few others) into Bitshares. You can also use a service like Blocktrades to convert Steem Backed Dollars into Bitshares and then have it sent to your Bitshares account.

Here's a post where I show how I did that: https://steemit.com/bitshares/@matthewdavid/just-bought-my-first-bitshares-using-blocktrades

Hope that helps!

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I will try learn as much as a could about bitshares. Bitshares is doing really good these days.

For Bitshares how-to videos: Tony Peacock is posting quite a few of them on his Steemit page: https://steemit.com/@tonypeacock

Thanks i will check them out later :) see you around.

Congratulations @ankarlie!
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Oh wow thanks!

Congratulations @ankarlie!
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Is this for real? Thanks!

kumusta ankarlie! :) welcome to cryto world and to steemit! it sounds like u are already involved with many crypto things. are u currently trading? congrats on finding what works for u and i hope u can thrive always. come and chat with teamphilippines.. https://discord.gg/8gkSRCP
im following u and upvoted now.

Thanks for welcoming me here. Yes I am currently trading in several platforms together with my boyfriend/mentor. Okay i'll check the out what is it by the way?

u mean the chat thing? it's just a way for fellow PI steemians to communicate and learn.. just a chat place.. but have u registered with the bots yet? it's good for many upvotes!

Bots? how do you do that? are you referring to the minnows bot? sorry I am really new here don't know what are you referring to.

hi.. yes, the minnowsupport and banjo bots. combined they are worth about 50 upvotes on each post u submit. u can come get help with that on the teamphilippines chat.. just DM (direct message) me, or there are posts already written that explain the register process.

Chat? where do you dm you ? here or in facebook. Been trying to figure out how to directly chat with people here but I can't find it. I am really interested to know how to work this bots to get maximum rewards in my post.

very cool ark, here's a link generated directly from the teamphilippines chat im talking about.. https://discord.gg/mzXf2bK

after u are on there, just DM me (put 'chinito' in the black bar on top left of screen) and I'll walk u throught the registration process. yeah, the bots are great and really do give u some good upvotes. :)

ps. steemit chat does work.. kinda.. but I find the discord app to be way better..

Thanks for the advice sir i am already in discord actually we have chatted there already..I think.

Welcome to steemit
upvoted and followed

Thanks for upvoting i am upvoting your comment sir and will be following you. I am newbie by the way and my vote might not carry much weight.

You welcome @ankarlie to steemit.just a little advice, to succeed here you need a lot of diligence and patience. Enjoy the journey even as the funds flow in. I upvoted you. You can follow me so we can connect. Goodluck

I hear you sir that what everyone is telling me! :) I've also upvoted you and followed you sir. Good Luck to all of US.

Yah good luck to us. Followed

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Welcome to steemit

thanks for welcoming me.

Amazing post and narrative.
Thanks for sharing such great post with us!

Thanks for upvoting me. I will do the same to your blog also. If you have one.

Welcome to Steemit @ankarlie! It's a bold move to move away from home, all the more reason for trying your best at any advebture that may cross your path. That's a lot of different types of jobs, along with learning about cryptocurrency in general. You've come to the right place, keep writing and keep working hard!


Thank you sis. I really love what i am doing now and if you can get some sort of reward aside from the satisfaction of helping others in doing so I am all for it.

That is a great way to look at the future c:

I don't personally mind but you'll have your posts flagged if you use referral links on here, as i did lol

If I've had known I wouldn't put my links there. Is it restricted here?

We have same interesting in crypto

Really? that is great! Maybe we can share information on good earning opportunities on cryptocurrencies. started following you btw.

Hello @ankarlie. Welcome to the platform, hope to hear more interesting articles from you. Enjoy steeming. :)

Thanks for welcoming me. Yes I have a lot to share here but I am still learning the do's and don'ts here. I hope i don''t get flagged for sharing great and amazing opportunities.

You will surely learn a lot from this community. Keep posting.

Wow, can you be my mentor too? I want to improve my living situation too soon as I can and I believe going crypto can be the best option.

Sure no problem, look for me in facebook or join our community team there. here is my teams group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/raiblockcommunityPH/ we mentor and teach newbies about cryptocurrencies.

Oh my Goodness, @ankarlie 😊
I am really astonished and surprised by your Crypto skills. 😎
I appreciate & respect your hardwork and will power to learn the much needed Crypto-skill. Also I see how brave you are to start living on your own at the age of 19.
Literally, I took a notepad & started scribbling all the Imp sites & info mentioned in this post. And I feel that today was one of my most productive day as I learned so much that I was clueless about.
Believe me, you have done a debtless favor to me.
At the same time, I also regret that I got introduced to Crypto-currency so late. I feel inferior for that, hahah.
I want you to be my Mentor, Plz help me gain all the knowledge about it. And make sure that I don't miss out anything. I see my Interest pouring into the world of Crypto-currency. I wish I could learn as much as possible under your mentorship.

Thanks Miss Anidel.
You are a statue of Inspiration.
Lots of love, Respect & Best wishes from one of your learners. 😇💙

Welcome to Steemit! Great post and a wealth of information. I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Following for more :)

Likewise denise. I am following you also. :)

Looking forward to getting to know you :)

Hello there! Almost the same story minus the hard family members, plapromatrix, s2s and the paid to click jobs! I earned my first cash-out from coinsph thru amazing5 and it was a referral commission of 10 Dollars ^_^ hahaha! and I encash that one out instantly in Cebuana Lhuillier. Bought ice cream and literally enjoyed my first 480 pesos I got. From then on I began to be an affiliate marketer to all the sites I could possibly go thru my eyes and invite tons of people! I get a few big fish and that made me gain some rolling funds to start on my own. Also been scammed a lot of times. So it was a real-hard lesson for me. On the binary Options I just did a few clicks from the Free 1,000 USD trial funds. Keep it up and never get tired inspiring people about how you get successful doing bitcoins. We will always be here to support you if you show some people this link as a motivational promotion for them.

Hi there fycee. Not sure if you are a guy or girl. Actually you have more experience than me since i only started doing cryptocurrency this year (Already read your intro). Just lucky that i met some good mentors that guided me to the whole process of learning it. Great to hear many compatriots that were able to go in relatively early in the crytosphere and willing to share what they now.

Hi @ankarlie, welcome to Steemit!

Nice to be here mike. I hope you have a nice weekend ahead of you.

Thank you! I hope you have a nice weekend too!

Welcome to this amazing platform that have already changed the life of so many.
Glad to see that you manage everything that you mention by your own... well done!
Keep in mind that you can write as well about your life your ups and downs... the platform its not just about cryptocurrencies!
Be patience and consistent here and everything will be possible. Enjoy your time here and the rest will follow!
Take care and have a great weekend!😉

Yes I'll keep that in mind. Likewise to you my friend and enjoy your weekend.

Welcome to steemit

Thanks marco. I am been enjoying my stay here.

Hi! Welcome to steemit! You know a lot more than me about cruptocurrencies, maybe I can learn something from you :) Great job on your introduction! I followed you and I'm looking forward to your future posts :)

Thanks! what i know in cryptocurrency i just learned from my mentors who had been generously with their time and effort I feel compelled to do the same.

Welcome to Steemit @ankarlie..ang galing! you are well informed on crypto .. keep up writing on this and in a short time you'll have many followers..keep on steemin!

Thanks mam i had good mentors kasi and you as one of my mentors i am sure I can do better next time.

I'm also interested to learn more about cryptocurrencies and bitcoins. thanks for sharing this.

Thanks you liked my post it is a bit old already in steemit. I will share more in my newer post. hope you follow me. :)

followed. :)

I am so amazed with all you have tried and learned. Grabe you really have the potential and witty ka talaga sis. You have managed to study all of these sites. Anyways, welcome to the steemit family. This will an additional on your online jobs :)

Although I acknowledge only two main mentors actually i learned from each and everyone i meet online. They might sometimes run contrary to what i know but you can get something our of it just by interacting with them. Everyday is another day to learn and discover.

Welcome to Steem kabayan.

Thank you kabayan. Good to see that we have many Filipinos active here at steemit.

Welcome kabayan.

Welcome kabayan, everyday lalo tayo dumadami.

Welcome to steemit. :D

Thank you :)

Welcome to steemit dear... We are one big family here...have fun...be active by reading and commenting intelligently...
Follow successful people like @kenhudoy
Ensure you post original content and enjoy urself. Success😏 and hey...charming smile...😘

Thanks for welcoming me here. I am still learning and I am sure I can do better next time. Thanks for the tip i will check it out. Will be following you as well.

Sure ...keep steeming and perfect with time... Do also check my blog posts and learn more . regards

Losing 900$ in just a blink of an eye? Tsk3. Anyway, good luck on being independent as early as 19 years old, I know it's not easy but as I see you, you already have the mind of a mature person with the determination to survive no matter what , so I can see success in the future. God bless!

Well yeah I lost $900 but my initial investment was only $10 dollars so technically I lost only $10 dollars. I will tell my story in one of my blogs when i do an article on one of my Binary Options adventure. I think maturity is not a function of time but the culmination of of one's experiences and the influences of the people around him/her. And yes Indeed I am determine to survive. Determination is all that is holding me together (aside from my boyfriend that is) from the loneliness leaving my family.

I thought I had finished learning and here is one who will be my mentor. You got a mentor and I want you to be mind.
Minnow Guide: Should We Ask An Upvote For An Upvote — Steemit https://steemit.com/upvote/@stbrians/minnow-guide-should-we-ask-an-upvote-for-an-upvote

Thanks for the link about the upvoting i will keep it in mind. Started following you by way. if you have any question about cryptocurrencies i will be glad to answer them if i can or point you to the right direction where to find the answer.

I need to follow your footsteps. I have no investment but I have a willing heart. I loved the steps you went through

Thant's so nice to hear. I wonder if I can have a living out of this as well. Can you be my mentor? :D

Thanks @ladymyx. Yes you can make a decent living with cryptocurrency but there is always risk and some of your holdings might lose more than half their value overnight (of course it could go either way). I always help out those who seeks cryptocurrency knowledge so I guess that is a yes but you have to understand you are not the only one that I am mentoring. First lets get to know each other better. Maybe a proper introduction post will do :)

That's so nice to know. I am hearing a lot about this and about bitcoins as well but I am in awe since I do now have a good background. Will it be a lot of things to learn?

PS. I just posted an introductory post. Thank you for bringing that up!

thanks for sharing :) where exactly do you come from? I was in Davao last year and it was really nice there...still remember all those wonderful tasting durians ;)

I grow up in Muntinlupa city but i am now residing in San Pedro Laguna. You mentioned the Durians did you like the smell as well lol?

You have though experience out there miss. I hope you will be successful here in steemit. Just be yourself all the time. Followed.

Thanks sir. following back.

So sad to hear about your experiences with your family. It was a good thing that you managed to stand on your own and earn money throught this cryptocurrencies. I'm actually familiar with some of the sites you have mentioned before but I already stopped long ago. I knew bitcoin when it's still new and as I remember, it's price before is equivalent to only 6-9k pesos. How I wish I saved that up instead of withdrawing it. i would have been rich by now. haha nice to meet you and I followed you ☺️

It is never too late to discover new and exciting things in cryptocurrency. If you look at trading sites you will see that everyday their are many relatively unknown altcoins that are gaining 100-1000% in value. Take for example Regalcoin which I recently joined. In less than a month it has reach prices as high as 2000% of its original value. Nice article about Mobile phones by the way. Followed you also.

Hoping you will find success on steemitas well.

That is what i am hoping to achieve here also. To our success sir cheers!

Wow a lot of site.. Welcome to tge steemit club

Thanks. That is just the tip of the the iceberg my friend. I will share many more please follow me if you like and I will follow you back.

my nephew is into mining not sure but on hashflare and genisis he wants me to join but the investment is big $100 but I told him isf I earn more than $100 on steemit I might. Welcome to Steemit

Cloud Mining is not as nearly as profitable as investing in trading and lending cryptocurrency. However a lot still invest in new cryptocurrency to mine since they have the potential to have exponential growth. Mining also is the mechanism that drives bitcoin transaction verification. It is essential for the bitcoin ecosystem.

Welcome to steemit @ankarlie. I also love investing in bitcoin and crypto. I am in eobot, genesis, USI-Tech and hashing24. The best one for me currently is USI-Tech that is earning very well. Next I want to invest in bitconnect because I have heard it pays out well. After reading your post I am now interested in Raiblocks and will be joining your facebook group to learn more. Am wishing you all the best and lots of success here on steemit :)

That is great! what is your username in facebook so that i can add you. Yes bitconnect pays real well. It is doing so well that other ICO launch their ICO dubbing themselves as the next bitconnect e.g. RegalCoin which I am also a part of. It worked they gained 2000% appreciation from its original value.

Yeah, regal coin worked well, too bad I had no cash to invest in it. I have seen another one, I think it is called hextracoin or something like that.You can find me on face book at eric.kuya ; do add me to that raiblocks group, I would like to know how to get started :)

Joined Hextracoin two days ago but was not able to buy coins until now. I am beginning to think the demand is just being fabricated. Lost the password on my first account had to do I new one since it does not offer password retrieval. The site in my opinion lack security and their whitepaper is little to be desired. I not sure about hextracoin I am sticking with Bitconnect and RegalCoin for now. I have no FOMO whatsoever.

This was really fascinating and informative. Thank you.

Thank you for you compliment.

Nice job with your determination to succeed! They say if there is a will there is a way...

So true my friend.

<Receives our salutes from Skaro planet @Ankarlie>, We <The Daleks> (the humans behind this social account) lost all our earth money in a scam, and now we are triying as well to make money from this human crypto technology. But it's really difficult to trust in all those "home job" oportunities after being trapped in a scam. We are doing trading for living (Units needs energy y fuel to function, you know?) and we are getting ready some post to share in the near future with the steemit community about our intraday estrategies and techniques learned from a well known professional trader (wich happen to be our mentor). For now, we followed you up, feel free to keep in touch with us as we can share a lot of experience in this "make a living out of crypto" difficult but fascinating journey.

I am following you as well i think i will learn a lot from you as a collective. Where is Dr. who by the way lol :)

I used to do ptc that pays thru paypal and payza before but got busy at work with no extra time so i stopped. One fb friend introduced me to bitcoin before when it was the only cryptocurrency but i wasn't much interested and had not much funds so i didn't invest in it, i could be rich by now if i bought btc before. Argh! Im now investing in crypto now as sidejob since my dayjob as a tech doesn't earn me much now because of lots of competitors in my place. I hope my crypto venture works well and goodluck to all of us.

That is where I started. I did full time and did some extra doing buy and selling computer parts and gadgets. There are a of people by now know about bitcoins but I am not sure if they fully grasp the full potential of it and how it can be a life changer. Since you are also into investing in crytocurrencies maybe we can exchange information. I'll follow you and hope you do the same thanks.

You have such a good story. Can't wait your next article about how you can make a $900.

It my be awhile before I write that up. I will do some basic stuff first with low or no risk on investment.

Hi and welcome.. nice post allthough I see what you did here.. all reference links that make you money if someone subscribes ;) isn't it...but yeah why not

Hi thanks for the welcome. Yeah if you look at it that way yes . But it will also make them money as well. One thing that I've learned from doing this stuff is we do not need to "reinvent the wheel" If you see someone who is doing relatively well then copy it and if you think that will help others why not share it. Profiting along the way is not bad at all although that is not my intention :)

wow hey dere ;)

HI :)

Im also interested in cryptocurrency 😊 but I need to know more about it

Hi sis if you are really interested with cryptocurrency please join our group in facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/raiblockcommunityPH/ you can also follow me here as I wll be posting some tutorials and reviews on the different cryptocurrency earning opportunities. Will be following you also.

Welcome to Steemit @ankarlie. The cryptocurrency world is getting really exciting. Looks like you have done quite a bit of work and research. Good luck on Steemit, I'm sure many people will be interested in your posts.

Yes indeed it has.. there are so many opportunities in cryptocurrencies out there can't wait to share it to the world. It has really helped me a lot and i feel compelled to share it to everyone.

Hi! Great article 😊 I learned a lot about Bitcoin from your post.. Followed you 😊

Thanks for the compliment. I hope to share more information about cryptocurreny here in steemit. followed you as well.

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Welcome to the Steemit community. :)

Thanks zararina glad to be here. :)

Welcome to steem it! I enjoyed to read your post! You earn a follower!

Hi. I am glad to here you liked my post. I am following you as well :)

nakikita kita sa facebook palagi, very inspiring story you have. @ankarlie

Hi sir what is your facebook account so that i can add you as my friends.

This is a good read. I dont know anything about crytocurrency but when i read Railblocks there is an urge to know more. About it. Hahahahhaha tell me More 😍😍😍

sure no problem i will be writing an article about that soon please follow me to keep you updated.

Welcome to steemit Anidel you have a fascinating story and very strong spirit . Trading crypto feel like roller coaster so be careful . I will follow your story of succses.

Yes it is. My cryptocurrency adventure just started this year. Although it has its ups and downs I really enjoy doing it. I am always willing to learn new stuff about crytocurrency and I am not afraid of failure. Failing is part of learning. I heard in one inspirational video to succeed one must fail. Oh I forgot to tell you I will also follow you. I hope we can share information our life experiences and both learn and gain something out of it.

Thank you Anidel. I will quote one of my favorite movie "this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

Nice to meet you, Anidel and Welcome to Steemit. Hope you enjoy your stay :) See you around!

Nice to meet you here also. I am already enjoying my stay here.

Good luck and good to see a dedicated girl like you

Thanks sayee.. good luck to you as well.

Hi miss tulungan mo naman ako hehe newbie lang ako

Sure where you from? Sali ka team namin para malaman mo kung paano kumita dito at sa mga iba't ibang cryptocurrency. Gusto ko din makatulong sa ibang gusto matuto ukol dito. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012449075439 yan ang facebook ko sabihin mo ang na ikaw yung nasa steemit sali kita team namin.

no problem po saan ko pa kayo pwede tulungan? kung steemit meron tayong team na pwede mo salihan message niyo lang ako kung interesado kayo sa facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012449075439

Good on you! You will go far...keep going.

Thanks for the encouragement. sana mag boses angel po kayo. followed you po.

We are the filipino curation team :)
Personally, people who have your attitude and mentality can do great things, be the person they want to be.
You are very helpful pa. Stay the same.
You are one person that I would like in my team. The world is at ur feet, greatness comes to those who wants it badly an overcome obstacles. You're in the right track.

Welcome to steemit @ankarlie
You choose the right place to write and invest cryptocurrency

Thanks for welcoming me here. A lot of nice people here. The community here feels like more of a family than acquaintances .

I hope so 😊

Hiii dear @ankarlie welcome , very nicely you introduce yourself, and your story and writing style is much inspiring., my support with you and best wishes. FOLLOW.

Thank you for liking my introduction and story about myself. Likewise to you sir and I will follow you also.

Great story. Welcome to Steemit! Wow, raiblocks. You have better hearing than me. Whenever I get the urge to try that out, I can't understand a word of the audio captcha.

I will follow you based on this great post. Plus you have a great cliffhanger to this post. I have to know how you made and lost $900! (I have lost similar amounts in daytrading, as have most investors, I think. It comes with the territory. I've never tried binary trading, tho)

I've just joined Steemit myself. Let's continue to explore this great system together and make crypto!

(If you like Japan, I post photos and haiku from Japan daily Check it out)

Thanks. Welcome here at steemit also! I started Raiblocks when it was still recaptcha. Now it is audio captcha which is a lot harder but manageable. You get used to it after awhile. They also adjust the difficulty once every so often. once you see threshold above 1,300 that means the audio captcha is relatively easy. Still learning how to use steemit and It has been a blast. Great system and great community.

This is a very good post! Welcome to steemit! I'm from the PH too :)

Thanks for your compliment. I see that you are into crypto investments also. It is nice to hang around with other people with the same interest and share information. Where you from in the Philippines ate and what crypto projects are you currently active in?

Thanks. I believe that cryptocurrency will be enable a lot of people to find financial freedom and success. If I'd be an instrument of this movement so be it. It helped me I know it will help a lot of people as well.

Thanks. I am glad i joined steem. It is really fun here. The best part is you get rewarded just by sharing your thoughts and emotions. It's kinda therapeutic.

That's what i said lol it really does feel like family.