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As I travel and meet other steemians, I will try to interview them as well.

Not only will this give @papa-pepper a great opportunity to learn more about them, but it will give you all a chance to either "meet" them or learn more about them.

Since @mobile-joat helps keep me on the road by helping out with my vehicle issues, I thought I'd take a moment to introduce you all to him, and to introduce him to all of you. He was over just the other day making sure an issue that I was having would be properly taken care of, so I pulled him out from under the vehicle for a moment for this interview.

@Papa-Pepper Interviews @Mobile-Joat

For those of you who don't already know, this is the same @mobile-joat who likes to have some fun, enjoys some laughs, and made this post below where he had a little fun at the expense of @papa-pepper.

Yeah, that guy!

If you like what you've seen, please consider thanking @mobile-joat for allowing me to interview him and give him a follow to see what he's up to.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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this is great @papa-pepper,
your friend is a very great person, because people rarely have the science of engineering machines like this.
your friend is very needed by every motorist.
this is cool my friend papa-pepper.
greetings from me to @paradise-found, please say yes my friend @papa-pepper.

great experience, get together with great people in steemit to be a very beautiful experience and be a pride, success for @papa-pepper and @dwells and @xtrodinarypilot and @vcelier and
@jasonhenza And @paradise-found and @truconspiracy and @bluerthangreen.
they are great people who are in steemit and hopefully steemit forward and known to the corners

I glad he explained what joat stood for. So he is a mobile jack of all trades.

One of the most important people in your community, as we have learned, he can even fix things by phone.
The great joy of living in a close community where everybody helps each other.
Are you sure you haven't been to NZ? that's our approach, in the country, I won't comment on the cities.

I'm going to copy what I term your signature move. While reading I was waiting for the proof and this particular proof got me laughing. "Proof of @mobile-joat". 😂😂😂

Keep the great work going sir, you've indeed been inspirational and great in helping the Steem community grow.

I am glad that such a thing still can make people laugh!

Thank you very much @papa-pepper! Nice to know you Jack of All Trades @mobile-joat! :)

And thank you for checking it out!

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Lol jack of all trades.. Thats awesome..
yeah doing things right and loving what you do youre a sure comedian . always laughing.😁😂..
i so love your smile @mobile-joat.. I just followed you. Would be glad to see all you do.
Thanks @papa-pepper

You are welcome! Glad that you enjoyed meeting @mobile-joat!

Good luck good information

Wow that amazing that you are getting to know each other.

It's been good!

Really sincere and great guy with what sounds like an important mission. His heart is in the right place anyway.

Great post as always ! You're awesome ! 😈

You are a genius and always offer the best, I thank you for this

Drawing an experience from this act, will do this soonest.

I am very proud of @papa-pepper, for having interviewed a successful steemit user friend.

I invite you in Asia, here you will welcomed with open heart, wanna meet you
we are famous for hospitality

That sounds nice!

friendship extraordinary I really like

his vidio is very helpful

Excelente post amigo, gracias por compartir esta información con toda esta comunidad saludo desde venezuela...

Nice video @papa pepper

Making friends is the only true currency you can store in the bank of life, my friend. Good job!

It is great to know about other steemians too.I appreciate what you are doing.This helps us to know about others in a good way

Great interview... awesome to have a friend/mechanic! Camera's working well!

I hope that you will start meeting people on ther continents too :D For example Europe, Croatia ? :')

He is a great guy, i just learnt something from him right now..
when you doing something right, it usually pays off .

You really are a lively guy. So, when is my interview coming up? Who wouldn't want to be known and interviewed by @papa-pepper?

I like the interviews, @papa-pepper! You know so many interesting folks who have a lot to share with us.

Watching now :) I keep hearing so much about papa-pepper on steemit lol all good of course.

That joke about the legs was funny... just realized i have a twisted sense of humor xD
I never take my car to a mechanic i don't trust, it's my baby, which i haven't rode since i joined steemit, might take it out for a drive today...

I've heard whispers on the wind you are coming to our lil neck of the woods...formally inviting you to drop on by, and extending an offer of hosting a community meal while you are here. Hope we can all inspire one another!

Wow! Thank you. Either late this week or sometimes next week. Looking forward to it, and thank you!

very nice interview and very informative..

thanks for sharing..we have learned a lot sir, @papa-pepper

The meet is very interesting for talking about something @papa-pepper

have not heard from you for a long time.
how are you friends ... ??

I think its great that you take the time to do this. Very awesome!

@papa-pepper this is a very nice likey. cant wait to have you come to Nigeria and get to know me too, lol.

Just wanted to chime in with all the comments being made... I sincerely appreciate @papa-pepper for doing the work he has done so well. Also I'd like extend my thanks of gratitude to all those who have followed/following my blog and all the nice comments. Means alot to me.
I may not post often but when I do I hope you find it useful in either humour of much needed information. Thank you again for your support and being a fellow steemian!