Save Your Internet - Stop Article 13!

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Save Your Internet - Stop Article 13!

On 20 June, the European Parliament will vote on the Copyright Directive. Members of the parliament are the only ones that can stand in the way of bad copyright legislation.

How is it threatened?

The European Commission and the Council want to destroy the Internet as we know it and allow big companies to control what we see and do online. Should Article 13 of the Copyright Directive proposal be adopted, it will impose widespread censorship of all the content you share online. The European Parliament is the only one that can step in and Save your Internet.

What can I do?

Contact Members of the European Parliament before 20 June and tell them you need copyright laws that protect your Internet, an Internet where you can share news and culture with your friends and family, where you can expect to be treated fairly and where your rights as EU citizens are protected.

Article 13 threatens EVERYTHING you do on the Internet:

  • blogging and discussion platforms
  • gamers that livestream
  • sharing of memes / parodies and remixes
  • code sharing platforms
  • the ability to link

I'm sorry for copy and pasting this article but I want you guys to really unterstand how important it is to do something and I couldn't explain it any better.

The world cup '18 is a good distraction so most people have probably never heard of Article 13 and how threatening it can be. Please share the links below to save our internet!

CopyBuzz Art. 13 Infographic

CopyBuzz Post
CopyBuzz Art. 13 Infographic PDF

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Diggin the content so far... Keep fighting the good fight... New videos up as well ( still not sure how to network well on here haha) Cheers!

First in the US and now looming in the EU.

If that hasn't got you bummed out enough, read this.
I can't decided whether Walther is a

Troll, white hair, pixabay.png

or just obtuse.

(image pixabay)

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